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A small collection of fanfics, mostly Vegeta based. They're written by me, unless otherwise noted.
(A short fic about Vegeta's life under Frieza's rule. Warnings: Mentioned Rape, Shounen ai.)
(A humourous fic starring Vegeta and Trunks.)
(Vegeta's first encounter with automatic doors... Humour.)
(Vegeta finds a book... And embarassing book. Humour)
(A humour fic starring Vegeta, Kakarot, Gohan, and Trunks.)
(Frieza and Cell win a 24 hour trip back to Earth... Humour.)
(Trunks returns back to his future world... Warning: Suicide. Angst.)
(Vegeta's first encounter with a Ouija Board. Humour.)

Have your own fic that you wanna share? Just send it to me!

Hail the Prince of Saiyans