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The Wonderful Whacky Quirky Ask Vegeta Contest!

In celebration of the 100th Ask Vegeta letter, we decided a contest to suit the occasion would only be appropriate. And fun.

Anyway, the contest is simple; We want to hear the craziest, most outrageous, cracked out, make-Veggie-squirm question you can think of!

The rules are simple:

          1. Be whacky.

          2. Be creative.

          3. Be original.

          4. Have fun.

All you have to do is email PerfectCell17 with your question, and let the fun begin! Please also be sure to include in the subject that your question is for the contest.

Winner will be the undisputed Queen/King Veggie-Bugger. Now who doesn't want that title? XD

(And there will probably be something else, too, once it gets thought of!)

Well, what are you waiting for? Get asking!

Winner to be determined... Sometime in the fairly-near future.

Hail the Prince of Saiyans