About Me

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Welcome, dearest visitors who have kept my site active for the last half-decade or so. Wow, I just realized how incredibly old I am from that. Thank you very much.

Anyway, this is my little slice of the site, with a little information of the girl working feverishly behind the scenes. And if you have actually come to this page and are really reading this you must be pretty damned bored. Don't worry, I know the feeling.

Hmm, what to say?

Well, as I'm sure most of you know by now, my name's Amy. I'm presently two-decades old, and am a recent college graduate. So recent that my ceremony isn't for another month.

I've been working on this site for ages and it makes me feel all nostalgic to look back on my fangirly days. It's really fun and I do try to update as often as I can. When I'm not too busy being lazy or procrastinating, that is.

I am a big fan of all things weird and morbid, and still have a soft spot deep in my heart for DB/Z/GT, and it's lovely characters. Including a certain Saiyan Prince, naturally.

If you have anything you would like to say to me -- questions, comments, concerns, random jibberish -- feel free to email me.

Hail the Prince of Saiyans