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About Vegeta
The Basics...

Name: Vegeta

Race: Saiyan/Saiyajin

Home Planet: Vegeta/Vegeta-sei

Title: Prince

Age: 30 (when he first comes to Earth)

Height: 5 feet 3 inches (shorter than I thought)

Weight: 120 (Not sure if it's right, it doesn't seem like it, but on the dub Dr Briefs says that in 300G Vegeta's body would feel like it weighed 18 tons or 36,000 pounds, so I divided 36,000 by 300 and got that! Yes, I got way too much time on my hands...)

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Black

Home: Capsule Corporation

Shoe Size: 9 mens (according to the dub)

Rival: Kakarot

Fears: Death and squirmy things (same as me ^_^)

Job: Martial Artist/Earth's Special Forces

Techniques: Big Bang Attack, Final Flash, Galic Gun, Final Shine (from GT, sucky name for a Veggie attack, ne?), ki blasts, ki restraints, the ability to fly and go Super Saiyan.

Level of Super Saiyan: Super Saiyan 4

Regular Clothes: Navy blue spandex, sometimes accompanied with the armor.

Number of Times Died: 2 (*sniffles*)


Favourite Passtime: Training (obviously)

Favourite Place: Gravity Chamber (another obvious)

Favourite Food: Not sure, but I know he likes eggrolls


Marital Status: Common law married (sorry girls :p)

Lover: Bulma

Children: Trunks and Bra

Parents: King Vegeta (deceased), not sure about his mother, but I'm sure she's deceased.

Miss some information? Get something wrong? Well, email me, and I'll be sure to add/fix it.

Hail the Prince of Saiyans