Vegeta Vs. Kakarot

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Vegeta Vs. Kakarot: The Ultimate Battle.


Vegeta vs. Kakarot -- Techniques
(Vegeta won. ^^)
Vegeta vs. Kakarot -- Looks
(Coming Soon)
Vegeta vs. Kakarot -- Smarts
(Coming Soon)
Vegeta vs. Kakarot -- Families
(Coming Soon)
Vegeta vs. Kakarot -- Overall
(Coming Soon)

How This Works
Something inspired by me and my cousin's old arguments about who was better between Vegeta and Kakarot.
This time, it's me and SSJ_Girl continuing the debate! However, we need help deciding who is better, and who is the better debater. That's where you guys come in. All you have to do is email me, or something, and tell me who you think is better for each category.
At the end, when all categories are done, we'll have the ultimate winner.

Comments? Votes? Arguments of your own? Email me or SSJ_Girl.

Hail the Prince of Saiyans