Vegeta Vs. Kakarot -- Techniques

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For Vegeta:

A pretty wide assortment of techniques, and they're all effective too! He has Galic Gun, Final Flash, Big Bang Attack, Final Shine, and other cool ki attacks, like those ki restraints he used to pin Kakarot to that mountain. He also has the ability to blow himself up! (I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.) Vegeta is very creative when it comes to creating ki attacks! (displayed during his fight with second form Cell) You admit Kakarot's 'Kamehameha' get annoying after a while because it's like his only attack! Oh yeah, he also has the spirit bomb, which he has to use other people's energy to create! Vegeta uses his own energy for the attacks he does! So there! =P

For Goku:

Okay, this is about PerfectCell17's comment about Goku's Spirit Bomb. He may have to borrow other people's energy to do it, but he uses the energy he borrows to save the people who gave it to him! Also it took Goku alot of hard work to learn the Spirit Bomb! And as far as the Kamehameha being Goku's main technique, why mess with a good thing? Vegeta has so many different techniques because he can't find one powerful enough to compete with Goku's Kakahamema! Goku also knows Solar Flare and can turn into a SSJ 3! Let's see Vegeta do that! (in DBZ)

For Vegeta:

Vegeta does reach SSJ4, it may not be during DBZ, but he still does. Besides Vegeta has always been just behind Kakarot, but that doesn't make him any weaker! Vegeta always seems to basically keep up with Kakarot, even though he is behind him! And that's pretty admirable if you ask me! And as far as Solar Flare goes, that technique is used to either run away from an opponent or to get them while they can't see! Vegeta doesn't need to run away from his opponents because he fights with honour! ^o^

For Goku:

Okay, Vegeta is real honorable... He just throws dirt in his opponents eyes! That was a cheap shot if you ask me! Goku has never had to rely on cheap tricks like that! And Vegeta has always been behind Goku, even in strength, so that does make him weaker, and being weaker is not admirable! And as far as Solar Flare goes, it's not just to run away, it helps the fighter to prepare for his next attack!

For Vegeta:

Vegeta is not the only one who's had to use cheap tricks! Kakarot has bitten people! If that's not cheap then I don't know what is! And a real fighter shouldn't need to blind his opponents to 'prepare' for their next move! Sure, Vegeta has used a cheap shot, once! And that was to like save his life!

And the winner is...
You guys voted, and with 4 votes to 1, Vegeta won this section. ^o^

The WINNER!!! Whoot!
Go Veggie King of the Spandex ( lol Cell ^__^)


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