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What should the 100th Ask Vegeta celebration consist of?
A temporary DBZ co-host for Ask Vegeta!
PerfectCell17 should finally spill on how she gets Vegeta to answer all of the letters...
Some sort of art work to suit the occasion
A story to suit the occasion
A new 'I Bugged Vegeta With My Questions' badge should be made
Vegeta and PC17 should high light their favourite of the 100 letters
A 100th letter contest!
It shouldn't be celebrated at all!
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What do you think this site needs?
More updates, duh!
More fanfiction/fanart
Another contest
Maybe some audio clips or something
More pictures
Vegeta Vs. Kakarot updated
It's perfect just the way it is! ^^
An entire make-over.
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What is the Hottest Part of Vegeta's Body?
His Tail ^^
His Ass
The Hair
His Chest/Back
His Arms/Legs ect.
His Eyes/Facial Features
His, um, you know! O.o
Other, If I Forgot Anything.
Everything! ^_^
Nothing! (What?!)
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Who Would Be Vegeta's Perfect Female Mate?
Android 18
Chi Chi
Other (Erasa, Maron ect.)
Me! (The person voting!)
PerfectCell17 (Hehehe, couldn't help it! ^^)
I Don't Like Het Pairings
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Who Do You Think Would Make Vegeta's Perfect Male Mate?
Trunks (Either Mirai or Chibi)
Android 17
Nappa/Raditz/Broly/King Vegeta
Cell/Frieza/Buu Ect.
I Don't Like Yaoi
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Do You Like Vegeta's GT Look?
Nope, Looked So Much Better In DBZ!
I Liked The Hair, Not The Moustache
I Liked The Moustache, Not The Hair
I Loved 'Em Both!
No Opinion, Or Haven't Seen DBGT
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What Did Vegeta Look the Best In?
Badman Shirt
None of 'em... ;)
No Opinion/ Don't Know
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