3 Days With the Brat, By Cauli

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3 Days With the Brat
One day Vegeta was coming in the house from training. He happily hummed "I love you" from barney as he walked. Once he got to the door he stopped humming and put a scowl on his face.

"WOMAN FOOD NOW!!" he yelled and got no answer. He started to walk around the house looking for Bulma but couldn't find her. 'Now where could she be' he thought. He walked out side to the lab and on the way tripped over a rock. Quickly he got up and checked to see if anyone had seen him. Once he was sure no one had, he picked up the rock and crushed it.

Vegeta went in the lab and looked around, but still no Bulma. He walked in further and noticed a dollhouse in the far corner. 'Now why would this be here' he thought. 'Maybe its one of Bulma's experiments' Vegeta looked around to make sure no one was watching then he opened the doll house and sat down.

He took out a boy doll and a girl doll. He held up the girl and in a girly voice said "Oh Vegeta you are the strongest man in the whole universe. No one can challenge your power, not even Kakkarot. You are the best and a prince at that." Then he picked up the boy doll. "Yes I know all bow before me and..."

"Vegeta" a perky voice said from behind him.

Vegeta turned slowly as heat rushed to his face and he blushed. Looking back at him was Mrs. Briefs who was holding a plate of cookies and a piece of paper "What do you want?" Vegeta said as he hid the dolls behind his back.

Mrs. Briefs walked over to Vegeta through the clutter and surprisingly never hit a thing. 'Note to self:' Vegeta thought 'I have to figure out how she does that’ When she got to him she gave him the plate of cookies.

"Bulma had to go on a little business meeting for 3 days and Mr. Briefs and I are going on a cruise for a week so you'll be left here with Trunks she handed the paper to Vegeta. "This is a list of baby stuff to help you."

Vegeta's mouth fell wide open "She can't leave me here with the brat for 3 days. You cant!! When did she leave? Grrr... Besides what kind of meeting last 3 days and this is like your 7th vacation this year. Its only May!!!"

Still smiling she said, "Yes but if you can't do it Bulma says the Sons would be happy to take care of him."

Vegeta scowled "I can take care of my own brat."

"Ok Vegeta, and Mr. Briefs and I will be leaving right away. Take good care of Trunks and follow the instructions too” While she was talking Vegeta ate a cookie and felt instantly sick. ‘Is she trying to kill me?’ he thought "Oh I almost forgot Vegeta, those cookies were made especially by Bulma with all her love I'm guessing. Bye now" Mrs. Briefs turned around and walked quickly out the door.

Vegeta’s eyes widened in shock as he realized his fate.

"Wa..water..I must have water." He flew out of the lab at super speed and knocked some things down 'I'll fix that' he thought as he neared the house. Then out of nowhere a ki blast nailed him and pushed him into the ground.

"Hey Vegeta lets spar " said a way too happy voice that Vegeta instantly knew belonged to Kakkarot

"Ka..karrot..water now spar later." Goku flew down by Vegeta "What happened Vegeta ? You don't look so good."

Vegeta struggled to get out of the small crater, and struggled even harder to talk" Stupid woman, went and cooked" Then he fainted.

Goku who had gone into his own world after cooking was mentioned didn't notice. "I wonder, did she cook rice, or maybe chicken, or sushi mmmm... Bulma always used to cook good food for me. Maybe we could have a party and she could cook instead of Ch-chi. And all that food" Goku drooled at the thought"


Some time later Vegeta regained consciousness and picked himself up. Then he continued to walk to the house still wanting water to get rid of the nasty aftertaste. On the way he noticed Goku sitting in a puddle of his own drool looking off at nothing.

"Dumb Kakkarot" Vegeta grinned evilly and ran in the house he came back out with a box of paper and some glue. Written on all the sheets of paper is 'I will serve my prince the almighty Vegeta forever and he is the strongest Saiyan in the universe. I tremble before his great power' he put glue all over Goku and then placed the papers on him.

"If you can’t kill em’, make them feed your ego." he walked back into the house and went to the kitchen to get something to eat when he opened the fridge the only thing in it was bottles of baby formula

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" he pushed away the bottles looking for anything edible but found nothing then he wet to the cabinet to find something but there was only baby food. He held hit head and sunk to the floor "Why !!! WHY!!!!!"

"Vegeta, Vegeta wake up" Goku pushed Vegeta gently trying to wake him up "Vegeta u passed out on the lawn."

Vegeta opened his eyes and saw Goku looking down at hi "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

"Hey Vegeta it’s just me"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Goku backed away from Vegeta and Vegeta sat up then stood “Kakkarot just, just go somewhere”

"You mean you don’t want to spar?"

"Oh sparring. Of course I’ll spar Kakkarot I never back down on a challenge." Vegeta got ready to attack, but stopped as a loud scream came through the air


"What's that Vegeta?"

"It's the brat,” he said as he flew up to a window.

"Oh Trunks, I haven't seen him for a while." Goku followed Vegeta

"I have to watch him."

"Father son bonding?"

Vegeta scowled "No, Father, brat forced togetherness." Goku just laughed

"Well soon I'll have father son bonding time with another son"

'What!!!? Vegeta exclaimed 'If this dimwit has another brat then...then. I can’t even imagine the chaos. All the calls The woman will get from his psycho wife coupled with the screams of this brat could be enough to drive a man crazy.’

"Hopefully chi-chi will let me train this one." Goku continued

Vegeta scowled and opened the window then he went over to the crib and saw Trunks squirming and screaming.

"Kakkarot I can’t spar now, just go back home.”

"Well ok Vegeta but if you ever need any help.." Goku jumped out the window and flew back to his house.

Vegeta checked to make sure he was gone then he lifted trunks up and observed him. Trunks looked at his fathers face and started screaming more.

"Gr. look brat shut up now or you go out the window." Trunks stopped squirming and grabbed Vegeta's hair then he pulled hard. Vegeta scowled and pulled trunks away then he turned him upside down and carried him by one foot down the stairs. Trunks screamed the whole time.

When they got in the kitchen Vegeta put Trunks in his high chair and opened the fridge. It had some bottles on the top shelf and food on the other shelves "Thank you Kami." Vegeta grabbed a bottle and gave it to trunks. Trunks grabbed the bottle and squirted it at Vegeta.

"LOOK BRAT YOU REALLY DONT WANTR TO MESS WITH ME RIGHT NOW." Trunks laughed and clapped his hands together.

"Grrrr...." Vegeta took out the piece of paper that he had got from Mrs.Briefs and looked at it.

Trunks eats baby food. NOTHING ELSE. There’s plenty in the cabinets. He drinks baby formula. Warm the formula a little before he drinks it and remember to burp him after. He needs sleep so don’t play with him too much. And you will play with him.

"........." Vegeta sighed then he went to a cabinet and took out cans of baby food at random he got a small spoon and walked back over to Trunks. He lifted up one of the cans. It said peas.

"WHAT!!!" then he lifted up a can that said beets. After that he lifted up one that said carrots “Well carrots are fine, but everything else has to go. You will not have to endure these cannibalistic eating habits anymore.” Vegeta went in the cabinet and got all the baby food that was made out of vegetables except the carrots and threw them in the yard and destroyed them. Once he came back he grabbed whatever baby food was left opened it and tried to get Trunks to eat it. The only things left were applesauce and bananas and of course carrots.

"Ok look brat eat the nice mush"


"I command you to eat it and you will listen to your Prince..er King and father"






"I refuse to argue with a 2 year old. How bout a cookie?"

"Yes" Vegeta grinned evilly and gave trunks a small piece of Bulma's cookie. It might have been against the note, but it wouldn’t kill him. Well actually it would, but they could have other children. Trunks ate it and nothing happened

"But..how?!!!" Vegeta exclaimed. "It’s not possible!!!” Vegeta watched as trunks wolfed down the rest of the cookie and still he lived. ”Oh well,” Vegeta said and gave Trunks another bottle. The bottle he had before was long gone.. Trunks drank the whole bottle in 10 seconds.

"Oops forgot to warm it, too bad. Now to burp you" Vegeta picked up Trunks and patted his back but instead of burping Trunks tossed his cookie. "Look what you did brat!!!" Vegeta took trunks back to his room, put him in his crib and went to change his shirt. When he came back Trunks was asleep.

"Finally." Vegeta went in a corner and stood there with his arms crossed 10 minutes later he fell asleep


The next morning Vegeta woke up to see Trunks still asleep. He looked out the window and saw that the sun was high in the sky. He guessed it was about noon.

"Human life is making me sleep in." When he looked back at Trunks he saw that he was starting to get up. Vegeta walked closer to the crib and a smell From it almost killed him.

"You need to be changed brat, and you need a bath why couldn't you just be potty trained." Vegeta sighed and lifted trunks up out of the crib. He went to the bathroom and ran some warm water in the tub. Then he undressed trunks and put him in.

"No bath"

"Shut up"

"No" Trunks jumped out of the tub and ran out the door.

"Brat, come back!!!" Vegeta chased after him and Trunks ran into a table and broke it. 'That was the woman's favorite table she's going to kill me" Trunks continued to run as though the table hadn't even hurt him. Soon after that he hit an end table with a vase on it that broke and he also ran into a bookshelf. Almost all of the books fell off. Vegeta kept chasing him and missing and Trunks kept running into stuff and breaking it. Fifteen minutes later Vegeta finally caught him.

"Got ya" Trunks squirmed to try to get away but Vegeta wouldn't let go. Vegeta looked around and saw all the damage they had done. "I'm so dead." Trunks just laughed

"This is all your fault brat." Vegeta took Trunks back in the bathroom, closed the door and locked it. After a half an hour trunks was finally clean and dressed. He carried Trunks to Bulma's room and put him down on the bed. Then Vegeta looked around for something

"I know she put it here somewhere" 5 minutes later he found it. It was a box that said use in case of emergency. He opened it and took out a child leash "Found it" He looked at Trunks who was busy trying to put his foot in his mouth. "Were going, outside brat"

"Park!! Want go park"

"That's exactly where were going" Vegeta grabbed Trunks and hooked him up to the leash. He connected the 2 straps around his shoulders and the one strap around his waist. Then Vegeta took the handle and put it on his hand. He carried Trunks downstairs and stopped at the phone. Then he called the 'Maids and stuff cleaning service.'

"Hello this is Maids and stuff cleaning service"

"Good I need..."

"We are not in at the time because it is Sunday and the shop is closed. Please leave a message and we'll arrange for your service tomorrow thank you. BEEP"

'The woman's coming back tomorrow’ he thought, " Ok I need a cleanup at Capsule Corp. tomorrow as soon as possible and it better be soon or I will.." Vegeta just then remembered something the woman had said about threats.


"On Earth if you threaten someone you can be arrested, now you might not care much about that but I do because it would bring bad name to Capsule Corp. and to me"

~End Flashback~

".. It better be soon or I will not tip." Vegeta hung up the phone and walked outside with Trunks climbing on his back.

"Brat stop!!!" Vegeta yelled and Trunks started to scream.

(A/N:I just put a picture of what this looked like)

"Why don't you have an off button? All you do is scream and break things. You're a menace"

Vegeta flew to the park and the whole time Trunks was screaming in his ear. Once they got close to the park he landed and walked in. Trunks climbed off his back and ran but the leash caught him and he couldn't go to far.

"It works" Vegeta walked over to a tree and leaned against it.

"I see your having trouble with your son" a figure appeared from behind the tree "I can help"

"I can take care of my own brat"

"But do you really want to?"

"No business of yours."

"Why don't you give him to me? Call it a trade. You give me your son and I give you some information on... " He looked at a piece of paper "Kakkarot"

At hearing Kakkarot's name Vegeta suddenly got interested "What kind of information?"

"The kind that will tell you how to beat him."

"Well even if I did say yes, shouldn't I know who I'm making a deal with?"

"Oh yes how rude of me, my name is Mol Ester from the I.C.U.P.P.

"The what!!!!"

"The I.C.U.P.P." Mol handed him a card "I-International, C-Children's, U- Underaged, P-Professionality, P-Place"

"Mines says pornography place" Vegeta raised an eyebrow and Mol snatched it out of his hand "Uh, typo" Mol handed him a different card "Right.." Vegeta said cautiously.

Mol Ester looked around nervously "Really it was a typo." He handed Vegeta a paper. "This just says that you have a 3 hour guarantee to get your son back. The 3 hours begin the instant you sign this paper. To get your son back with the guarantee you have to talk to me personally, no telephone, no email, no messenger, no person to tell me for you, no smoke signals, no telegram, no letter or any kind of mail, and no carrier pigeons. Basically you have to tell me face to face

"But why should I give you my son just to get info about Kakkarot?"

"I'll throw in 500 doughnuts."

"Deal!” Vegeta handed Mol Ester Trunk's leash and took the pen that Mol was offering him. He read the paper just to make sure that Mol wasn't lying, filled out the short form, and then he signed it. "Ok now what can I do to beat Kakkarot?"

"The information will be at your house when you get there."

"But I have a better idea, you tell me now. "

"I would, but I'm only a messenger and trader. I don't know the info."

"You lie."

" I Mol Ester do not lie."

Vegeta floated above the ground "I will find you if your lying. Just watch."

"HAHAHA. I say again, I don't lie....much, besides no one knows the super secret location of the I.C.U.P.P. headquarters in a cave close to Mount Fuji. No one but the members. Oh I shouldn't have said that.”

Vegeta grinned, "Thanks for the tip." Then he flew away at top speed to Capsule Corp. Half an hour later Vegeta landed in front of Capsule Corp. Goku was there waiting for him.

"Hi Vegeta wanna spar?"

"In a minute Kakkarot."

"Ok" Vegeta walked into the house and there was a piece of paper on the floor. He picked it up and read it.

"To find the next clue to your info, go to the place where you eat."

"EAT!!" Goku walked in behind Vegeta "Are we eating?"

"No Kakkarot, but follow me I have a surprise for you' Vegeta walked into his bedroom and looked for the next clue. "Hey its not here!!"

"What isn't?"

"The next clue. I'm supposed to go to the place where I eat" Vegeta handed the paper to Goku.

"Maybe they mean the place where normal people eat Vegeta." Goku went into the kitchen and looked around till he found a piece of paper "Is this it Vegeta?" he handed the paper to Vegeta and Vegeta took it and looked at it.

"Yeah this is it.”

' “What's this about anyway Vegeta? Are they clues to the manual on cleaning? '

"Shut up Kakkarot. The house will be clean soon. Now we have to go to the place where you sleep. "

"Oh that's easy the bedrooms"

"Its not as easy as you think Kakkarot. We have close to 30 guest bedrooms in each wing and the main bedrooms too."

"Ok then how bout I take the north and south wings and you take the east, west, and main bedrooms."

"Ok fine" The 2 split up and checked in all the bedrooms, an hour later they met back in the living room

"You find anything Kakkarot?"

"No did you?"

"If I had found something would I have asked you?" Vegeta scowled. 'I bet he lied to me' Vegeta thought as he started to sit down on the couch.

"Hey Vegeta look out!" Goku yelled.

Vegeta stopped "What is it?" Goku pulled a box from under where Vegeta was about to sit. "You almost sat on this" Vegeta took it from Goku and looked at it "Hey this is it! You also sleep on the couch”

"I'm sure you do Vegeta a lot"

"Shut up Kakkarot." Vegeta opened the box and took out a needle.

"NEEDLE!!! GET IT AWAY!!!!" Goku started running around in circles and Vegeta sweatdropped.

"This is all it was!! I could have thought of this" He crushed the needle and waited for Goku to calm down. 5 minutes later Goku was calm. Well calm if you think looking around like your suffering from paranoia is normal

"Needles scare me"

"You don't say..."

"So Vegeta where's Trunks." Goku said automatically changing the subject.

"Not here."

"What do you mean?"

"I traded him."

"WHAT!! How could you trade your own son??!!!"

"That's easy, the trader gave me that needle and I gave him Trunks"

"You traded your son for a needle!!!!"

"A needle and 500 doughnuts”

"Oh, can't beat that. You got any doughnuts left?"

"No I was hungry."

"Oh" they sat there in silence for a few minutes



"We have to go get him back!"

"You know what Kakkarot that's actually a good idea." They walked outside and floated into the air.

"Which way Vegeta"

"A cave near Mount Fuji!!!"

“Right” Goku said and they flew at full speed towards Mount Fuji. ***

After flying for like 5 minutes Vegeta finally spoke "So where is Mount Fuji?"

" I don't know" Goku replied, "I thought you knew"

"Well I don't." Vegeta sighed and turned around " We're gonna have to go back and get a map " They both flew back to Capsule Corp. together and Vegeta went inside to look for a map he found one on the floor in front of the bookshelf. He then turned back around and started to walk out the house then the phone rang. Vegeta answered it.

"What do you want?"

"That's no way to answer the phone" a woman's voice said

"Woman...?" Vegeta asked nervously

"Bulma can you say Bulma? B-U-L-M-A."

"Woman I'm busy right now, make it quick"

"Fine but I wont forget this. I'm coming home early tomorrow. Be there around 3:00"


"Don't you miss me?"

"Yeah but enjoy your vacation, stay until..until I call you."


"Woman1! That was my ear."

"So what you don't call me Bulma I scream. Anyway I'm still coming back tomorrow early. Where's Trunks? I want to say hi to him"


"At this hour?! I doubt it"

"Srttcchhh" Vegeta made noises that sound like static "Woman, scrrthchc, your breaking up and I have to go now. Scrtchchchc." Vegeta hung up and ran outside quickly then he started to fly towards Goku

"You got it Vegeta?"

"Yeah" he looked at the map and sighed "We were going the right way the whole time"


"No time to waste!! On to Mount Fuji!!" Vegeta started to fly to Mount Fuji again


"Come on Trunks just pose for me show of your nice new blue undies"


"Come on this is an excellent opportunity" Mol Ester raised his hands in the air and looked off into space " 'Trunk's Trunks' a new line in clothes or even 'Babies with muscles to hot for you to handle' "


"Is that the only word you know?"


"So what other words do you know/"

"Daddy" At hearing this Mol Ester got up in Trunk's face ' You called me daddy"

"No" Trunks pushed' Mol's face away

"Rejected by a baby"


"Who would have thought there were so many caves near Mount Fuji?" Said Vegeta

"Well I guess you'd have to find a person who thinks if you want that answer."

"Kakkarot exactly how hard did you hit your head?" Vegeta said "Anyway we better start looking." Vegeta flew around and picked a cave. He went inside and looked around. He found nothing so he came back out. They looked for a couple more hours, then the sun started to set.

"Vegeta, we should go and come back tomorrow"

"There's only a about 300 more caves left Kakkarot. Lets finish now."

"I really want to help you Vegeta, but I promised Chi-chi that I'd be home for dinner."

"Kakkarot your always home for dinner"

"I can't stay Vegeta. Chi-chi can't exactly take care of herself right now. She needs me. You can camp here if you want and I could meet you at around 1:00 tomorrow."

"Fine Kakkarot " Vegeta looked at the sky as it started to get darker. "But you'll have to meet me at Capsule Corp."

"Ok then" Goku flew towards his house and Vegeta flew towards Capsule Corp.


Once he got home Vegeta went to the gravity room and trained. The whole time he was in there he thought about Trunks "Why did I trade him" Vegeta thought "Why!! For a little info on Kakkarot?!! That's one of the dumbest things I've ever done. He was my only son!! You go all out on cell for killing Mirai but then you trade your son for a needle. Baka!!'

Vegeta trained until 11:00 then he went inside, took a shower, ate something and went to sleep. His dreams were haunted by images of Trunks wearing dresses and lipstick like a drag queen.

At 5:00 he woke up in a cold sweat. He went directly to the gravity room and trained until 12:00. Then he went back in the house and took a shower. After that he leaned against a wall and thought about what he would do if anyone had harmed his son, or put him in girly clothes. He did this until 1:00 when Goku knocked on the door.

"Hi Vegeta."


"Ready to go?"

"Been ready." Goku and Vegeta walked out the house and jumped into the air, then Vegeta's super good hearing heard the telephone ring.

"It might be the woman. I have to get that." Vegeta flew back down to Capsule Corp., went inside, and answered the phone. Goku followed him.


"Moshi Moshi. This is the maids and stuff cleaning service. We'll be over by about 1:30 and we just want you to know that we are honored to be cleaning up Capsule Corps.’ dirt."

"Whatever. Can I put you on account?"

"Sorry but we need to be paid directly at the end of service because we base our price on the time and work put into the cleaning.

"Fine. Someone will be waiting" Vegeta slammed the phone down on the hook so hard that the phone broke. He then thought about leaving Goku in the house to pay the maids

"Are you mad at the phone Vegeta"

'Scratch that' thought Vegeta 'He probably doesn't even know how to use a credit card. It’s amazing he can dress himself. Does he even dress himself? '

"I have to stay here for a while. Go ahead and get Trunks. I'll join you when I can."

"Ok Vegeta" Goku walked out the house and flew towards Mount Fuji. Vegeta went in the living room and turned on the TV. It was a fighting channel. Then after a while a commercial came on

        "Have you seen this child? If so call 1-800-find the kids"

"Stupid commercial.” He changed the channel and a soap opera came on

        "Jamie how could you go do that!! He was my son too.

        How Jamie how!!!!"

"Someone hates me." Vegeta changed back to the other channel and the fighting show was on again.20 minutes later the doorbell rang. Vegeta went to go answer it.

"Hello sir "A woman said and at the same time looked him up and down "..Uh what would you have us clean?" Vegeta pointed in back of himself

All the maids looked, saw the damage and their mouths fell wide open.

"What happened here?"

"That's for me to know and you to clean. How long will this take?"

"About a day"

"Get it clean in an hour and I'll tip big."

"Deal" the maid turned around "Tracy we need backup"

"Yes sir maa'm sir" Tracy picked up a cell phone and called for more maids. Meanwhile all the other maids steeped in and began working. Vegeta went out the door.

"I'll be back in an hour," he said. He then flew all over town buying things to replace the broken stuff from capsule corp. When he returned home everything sparkled.

"We're done sir the price is 30,000,000 yen not including tips."

Vegeta put all of the stuff on the sofa then he gave a credit card to the lead maid.

"That's 50 million yen should cover everything"

"Thank you sir" all the maids bowed and left. Then Vegeta put everything he had bought where it should be. Then he walked to the door to get ready to leave.

The door flew open and Bulma stepped through it. "I'm home!!!"

"o.O. Hi woman"

"Hi Vegeta. Miss me?"

"I'll miss you more if you leave now and come back tomorrow."

"Well I'm here now. Where's Trunks?"

"Uh.. Babysitter" Vegeta said nervously

"Ok I just want to hear his voice." Bulma picked up the phone and called the Son's house. While she did this Vegeta edged towards the door.

"Hi Chi-Chi is trunks there? Oh Goku's looking for him. Thanks call you later"

'Blasted Kakkarot, he must tell that woman everything' Vegeta thought

"Vegeta" Bulma said calmly as she turned around to look at him "Where's Trunks?"

"He's uh.. he's..." Just then the TV burst out in static then it changed to show a man in shadow.

"Is this thing on? Yes? Ok good" the man deepened his voice then "Mr. Briefs you should give up. We have your friend... or whatever he is to you here and he's under our control. You should have remembered before you sent him that we know his weakness."

"Vegeta what are they talking about?"

" Commercial I guess. Some humans are crazy"

"Also Mr. Briefs you signed the paper. Trunks belongs to us now and if you take him back by force we will be able to sue you for everything you have under the charge of kidnapping."

"Did they say Trunks? Answer me Vegeta!!!"

"You traded him to us fair and circle Mr. Briefs. Say what? Oh, I mean fair and square Mr. Briefs. Just give up." A screen popped up that said "This has been a paid presentation from the I.C.U.P. P where kids shine." Then the television changed back to static and went on with its original program



"Maybe my ass Vegeta and what did you trade him for Vegeta? I'm just curious."

"For info on how to beat Kakkarot. It was a needle" Bulma's eyes went wide in shock. Then her hand tightened around her bag. Vegeta took a step back and Bulma started swinging her briefcase back and forth at him.

"Vegeta how could you trade my son? Our son!! And only for info on Son-kun. Even Yamcha wouldn't have done this. I could have told you Goku was afraid of needles!! Anyone could have!! But you had to go and trade our son. 16 hours Vegeta!! 16 hours in labor with our son and you trade him."

Vegeta stopped moving and let Bulma hit him it didn't really hurt much. Bulma soon got tired and started crying.

"Woman look on the bright side. Maybe one day you might see him in a porn movie or catch a glimpse of him at a strip club" Bulma glared at him and his eye twitched "... And it won’t even come to that I'll go get him right now


Vegeta flew out the house and headed to Mount Fuji .He had to check in 20 more caves before he found the right one. The guards were already knocked out so he just walked in. The instant he stepped in a bunch of guns pointed his way. They were aimed at him by a bunch of people wearing multicolored spandex with little fluffy letters on their shirts that said I.C.U.P.P. A man stepped forward, handed him a paper and took a picture.

"You have just been served for kidnapping, we'll see you in court"

"Just between you and me I didn't do anything yet" Vegeta said then knocked out the man in front of him. Used his super speed he did the same to the others.

Just as he knocked the last person out an alarm went off. Vegeta turned and saw a person who had got away. They were mumbling please don't kill me over and over again. Vegeta neared the person.

"Please don't kill me Mr. very, very muscular man sir. I can get you free doughnuts and I know a store where the high heels are always on sale. Please don't kill me please don't kill me."

"There was a boy brought in sometime yesterday. Lavender hair; still a baby. Where is he?

"Uh you mean the new one? Trunks? We call him buttercup now. He’s on the 5th floor somewhere please don't kill me"

Vegeta scowled. How could they call his son Buttercup. It just wasn't normal. Vegeta knocked out the person and took the stairs to the 5th floor. Along the way he met a few obstacles, but they were quickly dealt with. The one thing that disturbed him was when one asked if he wanted his muscles waxed. Vegeta shuddered just remembering it.

People with guns surrounded when he reached the 5th floor Vegeta again. He could have easily shaken them off but 1 thing stopped him. Trunks was there and a gun was pointed at his head.

Then a red chair appeared out of nowhere. The chairs back was towards him.

"Mr. Briefs I am pleased that you came to visit us." The chair turned around slowly to show a man wearing a pink tank top with a purple frilly boa scarf, yellow spandex and green boots. The man was stroking a cat that had been tie dyed and had a few bald spots.

"Good Kami hide my eyes from this evil" Vegeta said

"Heheheh" said the man as a screen appeared over his head. The screen showed Goku screaming because he was surrounded by men with needles.

"Now Mr. Briefs you have 2 choices. Save your son or the one above you. The one who you do not save will be turned into a mindless zombie and will be forced to do our bidding Mwahahah. Chose wisely. Just know that if you choose your son, I can sue

"That's a hard one..." Vegeta said sarcastically. For all intensive purposes Kakkarot was already a mindless zombie. Besides, if he went home without Trunks he’d be killed by the one and only.

I’ll take, the brat.”

“What!!” said the man “Ok, Your choice. This Kakkarot will be turned into a mindless zombie and you will be sued. Mwahahahah.”

“Whatever.” Vegeta quickly knocked everyone in the room out and gave an exceptionally painful experience to the guy who had been holding the gun to his son’s head and to the man in the chair.

Then he walked out of the cave and flew towards Capsule Corp. Leaving Kakkarot to fend for himself. Everyone said he was the strongest man in the world so he could handle it.

Once Vegeta got home, he instantly handed Trunks to Bulma. She all, but forgot he existed once she had her son back. In a sense it was better that way. Vegeta sneaked his way out of the room and headed for one of the spare bedrooms. Hopefully the woman wouldn’t come looking for him


Vegeta walked out of the courthouse with Bulma by his side. Vegeta had been charged and sued with kidnapping. It didn’t work for two reasons. One, Vegeta didn’t legally own much of anything. Two, Trunks was his son and since trading of people or in more common terms, slavery, was illegal, Trunk’s had never belonged to Mol Ester or any of the I.C.U.P.P. Vegeta had been fined 5 thousand yen for trading him in the first place though.

Back at Capsule Corp. Vegeta was surprised to see that everybody was there. The he remembered that Bulma had talked about holding some sort of party for Kakkarot’s mate. Usually he wouldn’t stay, but there was food so he changed his mind.

Bulma talked to Chi-Chi for a few moments then smiled and headed for the lab. At first Vegeta didn’t really notice the danger to him, but as she opened the door and the look of shock spread on her face, Vegeta remembered the stuff that he had broken previously.

‘Oh crap, my solo vacation just got extended’ Vegeta thought as he started to leave.


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Hail the Prince of Saiyans