Drinking Game

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Just a weird idea to add some more fun to this site! Enjoy! ^_^

Okay, well incase you don't know what a drinking game is, you take a beverage, usually alcohol, if you're old enough, and each time one of the events listed below happen you take a drink, unless otherwise indicated.

This will work for both DBZ and DBGT, and for both dubbed and subbed, as long as Vegeta's in them. (obviously!)

Take a Drink When...

- Vegeta blushes

- Vegeta goes Oozaru

- Vegeta disagrees with/mocks fusing

- Vegeta actually does fuse (2 Drinks)

- We see Vegeta in the shower

- Vegeta gets killed (Drink the whole damn bottle if you want for this one! =P)

- We see chibi Vegeta

- Vegeta kills someone

- Vegeta toys with his opponent

- When Vegeta calls himself a 'Super Saiyan', before he actually turns one

- Vegeta trains in enhanced gravity

- He's training in enhanced gravity, with Trunks, either Chibi or Mirai (Take 2 drinks)

- Vegeta talks about his 'royal bloodline'

- Vegeta isn't wearing spandex

- He isn't wearing spandex and Kakarot is (Take 2 drinks)

- Vegeta calls Kakarot by his Earth name (Goku, duh!)

- Vegeta talks about surpassing Kakarot

- Vegeta insults Kakarot

- Vegeta talks about gaining immortality

- Vegeta has a dragonball in his possession

- Bulma yells at Vegeta

- Vegeta cries (You can cry too, if ya want... :P)

- Vegeta sweatdrops/face faults

- Vegeta grabs somebody by the front of their gi/shirt

- Vegeta is seen with his moustache (I think you gotta be drunk to actually like the damned thing!)

- Vegeta is seen with Bra

- One of his children calls him 'dad'

- Vegeta actually admits that someone is superior to him

Have more ideas for the drinking game? Just email me with them!

Hail the Prince of Saiyans