Obsessed List

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You Know You're Obsessed With Vegeta When...
'*' indicates that good ol' PerfectCell17 is guilty! =P

You have Saiyan pride. *

You will only call 'Goku' Kakarot. *

You buy countless bottles of glue to try and spike your hair up like Veggie.* (I did do this, but it was for Halloween, and trust me, it doesn't work!)

You start to love spandex.

You try to make your won Saiyan armour.

You begin to crave vegetables.

Actually not vegetables, vegeta-bles.

Except for the fact that you refuse to consume carrots.

You cried your eyes out when that damned lizard killed Vegeta.*

You once again cried when he sacrificed himself to try to kill Buu. *

You begin to pick up his personality traits. *

You start to hate your freezer .

...And your cooler.

Vegeta makes wearing a pink shirt and yellow pants look good. *

You've dreamt about meeting Vegeta. *

About hugging Vegeta.

About kissing him.

About marrying Vegeta.

You've even dreamt about the honeymoon... O.o

You will ONLY read a fanfic if our Ouji is the main character.

You will only write a fic if Veggie is the star of it.

You constantly draw (or atleast try to draw) Vegeta fanart.

You give up on the fanart idea because you could never draw Vegeta perfect enough.

You try to find the dragonballs so you can wish for your very own Veggie.

You get upset when you can't find the dragonballs.

The Saiyajin no Ouji is the last thing you see before you go to bed.

And the first thing you see when you get up.

Damn Kakarot... * (lol)

Chibi Vegeta was the cutest kid EVER!*

When asked who your hero is your immediate response is Vegeta.

Your walls are completly cover in Vegeta wall scrolls, print outs, and posters. *

Your binder is covered with Vegeta's name, doodles, and pics,

You know every one of his dubbed lines. *

You even know all of his Japanese lines.

You can 'sense' his presence of the TV without even looking.

You have a CD full of Vegeta quotes/themes and listen to it constantly.

You beat people up who make fun of our Prince.

You've gotten arrested several times for the above reason.

You name your pet after him.

You plan to name your children after him.

You hit people when they say that Vegeta is just a 'stupid cartoon character'.

When asked your religion you reply 'Vegeta'.

You cancel a date to catch the episode when Vegeta goes Super Saiyan, even though you already have it on tape.

A smirk is more attractive than a smile any day.*

You learn to smirk a la Veggie.

You've convinced yourself that you're the long lost Saiyan princess.

You make a web site dedicated to the Saiyan Prince. *

You stay up until early in the morning writing things for this list. *

You have a very kawaii picture of Vegeta in your binder and look at it when you get bored. (which is the whole day!) *

You watch the shower scene over and over and over... O.o

You get caught watching said shower scene by your mom...

Now she thinks you're nuts...

Then when you finally get her to not think you're nuts you get caught yelling at the TV and Vegeta just happened to be on it. (I was cheering on Vegeta in Budokai...) *

Now she wants to take you to a shrink. O.o

You keep saying "Vegeta" and then giggle insanely. (Cause you like him too much) ~From Dasha

Everytime someone says 'anime', Vegeta pops into your mind. ~From Dasha *

You can't wait to meet his voice actor.* ~From Dasha

You try to act like Vegeta. ~From Dasha *

You find yourself wanting to kill all your enemies. ~From Dasha

You buy anything that is Vegeta related. *

You call you boyfriend Vegeta on 'accident'.

You imagine your boyfriend being Veggie-kun.

You suddenly become obsessed with training.

You go around mocking humans. *

You've actually drooled over an Ouji picture. (Does laughing so hard I drooled count? XD)

You try to get NASA to build you a gravity chamber.

You cry when they refuse...

You kiss all of your Vegeta posters before going to bed.. O.o

You dress like Vegeta on halloween.

You dress like Vegeta just for the hell of it.

You watch Veggie based episodes so many times that your parents can receit his lines.

Your goal is to become stronger than Kakarot...

Your hard drive is loaded with kawaii Ouji pictures. *

You've tried doing a Big Bang Attack on your teacher.

And all that happened was you got detentions.

You write your name as Vegeta on all your school work.

Your teachers now know that work that has the name Vegeta belongs to you.

When going camping the first thing you pack is your Vegeta pictures.

You start looking for your future son.

You mainly wear navy blue.

Except for a certain pink shirt.

You have a diary dedicated to your feeling about Veggie-kun. (If you ever do this... Get help.)

You're updating your site and you hear Babid yell "Look, it's Vegeta!" and turn around so fast that you almost fall out of your chair. * (lol, I was hyper ^^)

You order a Vegeta action figure from the States and end up paying more for the shipping than you did on the figure, because they don't sell them near where you live. *

You're in grade 9 and own a Vegeta shirt. * (Now grade 12! XD)

You think that one can never be 'obsessed' with Vegeta.

You push yourself beyond your limits to try and turn Super Saiyan.

You yell at people for trying to talk to you when your watching Vegeta.

Your math teacher asks you a question and you accidently answer 'Vegeta'.

You can curse in Japanese.*

You can never be bored as long as you have Vegeta in your mind.*

You constantly tell your friends that you're that Sayian Princess.

They actually start to believe you.

You carry a Vegeta picture in your wallet. (Sounds a little like Rebby...)

In geography, when studying about vegetation you underline the vegeta part of the word every time you see it. * (I also did the same thing in science with cells!)

Even your text book. *

You don't call it vegetation, rather vegeta-tion.

You get pissed at your best friend for laughing when you told her that Vegeta died.

When you finally forgive her, you get mad at her again for calling the prince gay.

You hate Yajirobe for cutting off Vegeta's tail. *

You actually marry a picture of Veggie...

You even get the rings O_o

You're in grade 10 and still wear a Vegeta shirt with pride. *

You write a quiz series dedicated to Vegeta. *

And that series has a lemon. *

Your teacher takes any notes/doodles left in class and hangs them on the wall, so you purposely leave one that says 'Vegeta Lover For Life'. *

You're in a bad mood and people know the only thing to cheer you up in something to do with the Saiyan. *

In vacation bible school, your step brothers alter random lyrics to 'Vegeta pleasures' (dont ask...) to make you laugh. *

They now greet you by saying 'Vegeta pleasures'. * (I have a weird family!)

You love the way the prince says 'woman'. *

Your step brothers find out and start calling you 'woman' in their most Veggie-like voices. *

You change your MSN name to 'I think I like Vegeta more than my boyfriend'. * (lol, it was a joke... ^^)

You seriously consider if that names true or not....

Getting your school stuff ready is mainly consisted of seeing how many Veggie pics you can stuff in your binder.

You're going into grade 11, and still plan of wearing your Vegeta shirt to school. *

You stand in line for over an hour just to get Vegeta's Canadian voice actors autograph. *

You watch french DBZ, even though you don't know much french, just to see Vegeta. (Or to laugh at his french voice... Your call) *

You imitate his voice atleast once a day. ~From DBZAngelX

While playing video games, Vegeta is the ONLY character you will pick, even if it means not being able to beat the game... ~From DBZAngelX

Whenever you see the word vegetable, you think of Vegeta.* ~From DBZAngelX

When the background picture om your computer is a collage of Vegeta pictures. ~From Darthvader877035

When on your computer your password for everything is something Vegeta-like. ~From Darthvader877035

Am I missing something that makes you obsessed with Vegeta? Well, be sure to email me, and let me know!

Hail the Prince of Saiyans