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Question 76:
I'm hotter than that worthless bitch Bulma, will you marry me, and divorce her?
PerfectCell17: More mail, Veggie-kun!
Vegeta: Great... Damn fangirls.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, this one's only one question... *starts laughing*
Vegeta: *takes printout from PerfectCell17 and sweatdrops*
PerfectCell17: ...Straight to the point, isn't it? XD
Vegeta: Hmph, I have no interest in leaving the woman. If I did, it sure as hell wouldn't be for some pathetic fangirl!
PerfectCell17: It makes some of your other fangirls seem normal, doesn't it?
Vegeta: Whatever. I'm out of here.

Question 77:
hi im jonnie and vageta is the best all the rest of the people your assholes they will all die by vageta and go and get a girlfrend like me all the peple at shcool are afrad of me and i like it that way and goko will die by the hands of vageta go vageta and if cell talks i will kill him cell sukes
PerfectCell17: ...................
Vegeta: Heh. *smirks*
PerfectCell17: Why... That... Bitch!
Vegeta: What happened to not insulting the writers?
PerfectCell17: She started it, not me!
Vegeta: *chuckles*
PerfectCell17: You're enjoying this, aren't you?!
Vegeta: Maybe.
PerfectCell17: Whatever. She wrote in alot of times, so you'll have alot to enjoy... And by the way, I am a GIRL! -_-'

Question 78:
hi vageta you the coolest ever you can take down every one at once if you trid even goko(die goko die)your the best vageta and im more then a fan too well good bye vageta
die goko
Vegeta: It's amazing how many times one fangirl can write in...
PerfectCell17: And in one night!
Vegeta: Heh, well there's really no point to this letter... Only her adoring me. *smirks*
PerfectCell17: *sweatdrops*
Question 79:
hi vageta its me agen and i was looking at pickchers of you *blush* and i saw somethinf that almost made me die they said that vagetas a gay freak that love goko and i e maild them saying VAGETA CAN BEAT ALL YOUR ASSES IN ONE GALIT GUN your the best vageta and shut up perfatcell17 your not in thes club vageta is not you so vageta um what is your faverit color and whats you favrit person to make bleed and would you date me vageta-kun pleases say sure the best *kiss,hug,blush*
Vegeta: You know, this is almost disturbing. Almost.
PerfectCell17: No, this is insulting! If you're going to insult me, please atleast have the respect to spell my name right! P-E-R-F-E-C-T! And using some half decent grammar and spelling wouldn't hurt either.
Vegeta: *smirks* Atleast she doesn't think I would make a good couple with Kakarot... Unlike some people! *glares at PerfectCell17*
PerfectCell17: Heh, I'll get on with the questions 'Vageta'. *snickers*
Vegeta: Hmph.
PerfectCell17: What's your 'favrit' colour?
Vegeta: How many times do I have to answer this one?! I prefer blue!
PerfectCell17: And who's your favourite person to make bleed?
Vegeta: Anyone who dares to oppose me.
PerfectCell17: *sweatdrops* And will you date Jonnie?
Vegeta: Damn fangirls... I do not 'date', therefore I will not date you.
Question 80:
PerfectCell17: O.O
Vegeta: *laughs*
PerfectCell17: Pathetic, aucun bon, chienne humaine!
Vegeta: What the hell was that?
PerfectCell17: Me working on my french skills. ^^ Stupid bitch...
Vegeta: I better answer this before you kill something...
PerfectCell17: Hmphers!
Vegeta: Hmph, I don't like much Earth music. It's nothing but a distraction. However, I don't mind Green Day or Linkin Park.
PerfectCell17: And it's Nickel BACK, not BAKE. -_-
Question 81:
one last thing vageta if your wife was not on the planit then would you marrie me sorry cell i jest went over the top thare but your still no mach to vagetaoh and vageta can you com to my birthday its this week i will be sad if you dont come:-)
PerfectCell17: Alrighty, Veggie-kun, yet another letter from Jonnie. ^o^
Vegeta: That's a good thing? Weren't you ready to kill her yesterday?
PerfectCell17: *nods* I was, but I have learned not to let such... worthless things get to me.
Vegeta: ...Whatever.
PerfectCell17: Anyway, if your wife wasn't on the planet would you marry her?
Vegeta: No! I have no intention of dating, or marrying any fangirls! Ever!
PerfectCell17: And will you go to Jonnie's birthday this week?
Vegeta: No, there is no purpose for me to.
PerfectCell17: Alrighty, that'll all for this one! ^^
Question 82:
ho and vageta can you tern super sayin 4 for me and use finel flash on cell
SO HE WOULD DIE thank you
Vegeta: *smirks* I think it's rather amusing that she apologized in the previous letter, but wants you do die in this one.
PerfectCell17: I guess she took the apology back... O.o
Vegeta: Heh, as much as I'd like to blast the Tri-Breed into oblivion---
PerfectCell17: Hey!!
Vegeta: ---As much as I'd like to, I can't.
PerfectCell17: Ah, the joys of blackmail. ^o^
Vegeta: I will kill you one of these days!
PerfectCell17: Yeah yeah... *sighs* And I'm a female... How many times do I have to say it?
Question 83:
Hey perfectcell17 and veggie head. i'm here to ask the midget(vegeta)questions!1.Are you sure your not a girl i thinks ya are.2.my friend likes you and goku as lovers she says your cute.3.hiei is not a troll you evil chipmunk!!!*slaps veg*4.is it ture you have fantasys about goku5.my dad got my internet back up are ye glad o' short one.Now for perfectcell17!1.do you like to touture veg2.do you own the veg.3.did you watch sailormoon i seen veg dressed up as sailormoon and he had boobs!hehe got 2 go*pulls veggies hair*yup its real*runs away*
PerfectCell17: Yay, welcome back, hieisgerl!
Vegeta: Whatever.
PerfectCell17: Awww, bad mood today, Veg?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Alright, I guess we'd be get started! First, are you sure you're not a girl? XD
Vegeta: What the hell do you think?! Of course I'm not a female!
PerfectCell17: Hieisgerl's friend likes you and Kakarot as lovers, and says you're cute. ^^
Vegeta: What is the fascination with me being that baka's lover?! And I am not 'cute'.
PerfectCell17: Yes you are. =P
Hieisgerl: *slaps Vegeta*
Vegeta: What the hell?!
PerfectCell17: That's what you get! Hehe..
Vegeta: Damn women.
PerfectCell17: *snickers* Is it true that you have fantasies about Kakarot?
Vegeta: Heh, about killing him.
PerfectCell17: Anything else?
Vegeta: No! How many times do I have to say that I have no interest in the baka?!
PerfectCell17: Hieisgerl's dad got the internet back, are ya glad o' short one? XD
Vegeta: I am not short! Hmph, and she doesn't deserve the internet if she's going to use it to annoy me.
PerfectCell17: Now for me! =D
Vegeta: Joy... I already know the answer to this one, do you like to torture me?
PerfectCell17: Of course!
Vegeta: Hmph, do you own me?
PerfectCell17: Sadly, as much as I'd like to, I don't.
Vegeta: That's because nobody owns me!
PerfectCell17: ...Yet. >:)
Vegeta: Whatever.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, and I've seen that picture! XD
Vegeta: It's finally over.
Hieisgerl: *pulls Vegeta's hair*
Vegeta: Damn fangirls. -_-
Question 84:
Hi Vegeta!...and perfectcell17... I don't like you perfectcell17...And i still say your a guy,stupid baka! Anywayz,i luv you Vegeta!*kiss* Sorry, i had to say it. But this bitch said tht you were ugly and i beat her up, she begged for mercy when i was through with her! Why would she insault you?I mean,your the hottest PRINCE tht ive ever seen and lets admit it here, i mean your like drop dead sexy!*giggle*Vegeta, do you like Perfectcell17,HE'S a true baka, right?Ive always wondered wierd things like... How big is your "feet"?And are you a good kisser? oh yeah, and, why don't you just admit tht you like us fangirls kissing you and giving you all the attention?(We know you do...*blush*)How much gel do you use to keep your hair up,or is it all NATURAL? anywayz,i was just wondering if i could help you destroy Goku?I really despise him, i mean he'slike a disgrace to the Saiyan name! Well, talk to ya later, hun! *kisses Vegeta 2 min straight*
Amy: Gee, I couldn't tell she didn't like me... Chienne.
Vegeta: Heh, not going by your screen name this time?
Amy: Nah, I think I'll use my normal, female name for this letter. Only this letter though. ^o^
Vegeta: Whatever.
Jonnie: *kisses Vegeta*
Vegeta: Damned fangirls... Atleast she stood up for me... Not that I need anyone to.
Amy: Hehe, and I can think of alot of reasons for people to want to insult Vegeta... =P
Vegeta: Hmph, damn Tri-Breed. *smirks* And I am very attractive, aren't I?
Amy: *sweatdrops* You don't think I'm a baka, do you, Veggie-sama?
Vegeta: Well--
Amy: *innocent smile*
Vegeta: You're an annoying fangirl, I'll leave it at that.
Amy: Yay!
Vegeta: *sweatdrops* And I am not answering that "feet" question... -_-
Amy: Hehe, are you a good kisser?
Vegeta: Of course I am.
Amy: Ego trip... And why don't you admit you like all of the fangirl attention?
Vegeta: Because I don't! And my hair is natural!
Amy: Will you help the bitch-- I mean Jonnie destroy Kaka-chan?
Vegeta: I alone will be the one to take him out.
Question 85:
Perfect Cell 17,did you really think that i didn't know what that meant?! BAKAMITAI!!!!
Vous chienne motherfucking d'ane stupide!
Anyways...I see u went by your real name... Amy... whts the matter?R u get'n mad tht i keep calling u a BOY?*mimics perfectcell17*I think i'll use my normal female name for ths letter. Only ths letter though.
Oh and about tht little comment of yours *mimics*hehe, and i could think of alot of reasons why for people to insault vegeta *smirks* Well guess what, i can think of alot of reasons people would want to insault you too....*thinks of reasons and gets images of killing perfectcell17* tee,hee!
Oh you are dead sexy! Don't let tht tri-bread convince you otherwise... or i'll kill her! hehe
But whts up with the feet question veggie, embarrased? *whispers*between me and u how big r your feet?
You think your a good kisser then why don't you prove it to me...
Oh and the bitch comment... thnx, i get tht alot! (from stupid ass bitches like yourself!)
*rubs hands through vegeta's hair* Yay! silky! How big r your muscles?*pokes muscles innocently*
Before i go there has always been a question i've wondered... Can you power up down there too?*blushes*
*kisses vegeta* I love you Vegeta! I hate you stupid bitch!*glares at perfectcell17*
Chow! *blows kisses to vegeta*
PerfectCell17: Hehehe... Nice 'french', if you can even call it that. XD Next time don't use a translater, it comes out very improprer.
Vegeta: *chuckles*
PerfectCell17: And yes, I decided to actually be Amy last time! ^^ I like my name, and wanted to show it off.
Vegeta: O.o You're being weird today.
PerfectCell17: Yup! Anyway, I think she's pretty ballsy to insult the person who decide which letters get answered or not, eh?
Vegeta: You mean you's actually let me skip a letter?
PerfectCell17: Meh, maybe, we'll see how things go.
Vegeta: Atleast she thinks that I'm sexy...
PerfectCell17: *snickers* That's good, I wouldn't want her to have to kill me. XD
Vegeta: *smirks* That'd be interesting...
PerfectCell17: Damn straight!
Vegeta: *sweatdrops* I'm not proving my kissing abilities to a fangirl. And I'm not embarassed about my 'feet', I just have nothing to prove to you.
PerfectCell17: No offense, but I can certainly see why you get that comment alot. ^_^;;
Vegeta: Do not touch my hair! Or body! *glares* I don't measure how big my muscles are.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, silky. XD
Vegeta: Damn fangirls...  And why the hell do you even want to know where I can power up?!
PerfectCell17: *snickers* Well, that's all for this one... These are beginning to get rather amusing, don'cha think?
Vegeta: That's one way to put it... -_-
Question 86:
its a letter for Vegeta . hi its me again.but aim not Egle enimour aim ... well aim a sajan girl my name is ssj Lilu .Vegeta i really respect you becouse your my prince.so lets get on with it * i come and set on Vegetas kneas ,i kiss his neck then his cheek and finally his lips first tenderly later with tong .and its happening about 10 min.*well did you licked it ? you probable say you didn't but i know you did ^_^ . tell me Vegeta do you really love that *****woman ? you probable get this a lot but ... i love you ... what is this so charming about you ? ma by because your a bad guy ,hu ? i like bad guys .I'm not a good girl too ^_^. i kick ass for some boys who think that their more powerful than you ,or me.i have this new techniques of fitting i waned to show you.my aura is red .i can move things with my eyes and hands without touching them.*giggle a little when Vegeta touches my ass*why are you soooooo sexy ? and don't say that your not because you are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS * i stand up and stood Vegeta whith me i kiss his lips normaly then in french (with toung) my hand slips lower to his weigt and touthis his member ,the other hand is o his, and slidin throo my boobs .i walk awai sexy and say Vegeta kised me oh my good !!! he kised me, me ,me ,me , me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you Vegeta ^_^ !!!!!
PerfectCell17: O.O ...
Vegeta: ...I feel violated.
PerfectCell17: Wow...
Vegeta: I-I refuse to be subjected to such a... disturbing letter!
PerfectCell17: But you can't refuse a letter!
Vegeta: Well, I'm refusing! This is worse than anything the demon's written me!
PerfectCell17: Alright, if you say so... Sorry about that, Lilu. ^_^;;
Question 87:
Hi! Call me Aqua Umbreon.Oysterjj isn't me,it's more like my dad. First,questions for Vegeta-sama:1)On a website,there is someone named Vegeta Worshiper,Do you,Vegeta-sama,take kindly to that?2)Vegeta-sama,Would you like me to kill my friends since they call your eyes poo?3)Okay,Vegeta-sama,Do you think I could spar with you without being the punching bag?,I'm 1/4 saiyan,2/4 demon,1/4 Lonley:( Hey! I know! Vegeta-sama,Will you please be my friend?Hey, Here's a 9,999ways to torture Kakarot,the Baka book.I'll buy it for you if you be my friend.
Now,Perfect cell 17!:)
1)Do you know the Gorillaz? 2)Do you like Pokemon,if so,We can both get our Pokemon to battle one-on-one and Vegeta-sama can be refere sound fun? 3)What's your favorite band/s?
Bye,Vegeta-sama,and Perfect Cell 17!Remember,
PerfectCell17: Letter time! And it looks like it's gonna be a fun shift too!
Vegeta: More damn questions?!
PerfectCell17: These are the first ones in over two months... You're just out of practice, that's all! ^^
Vegeta: Whatever. Just make this quick.
PerfectCell17: First, on a website there is someone named Vegeta Worshipper, do you take kindly to that?
Vegeta: Heh, why wouldn't I? It's about damned time there's someone to worship my greatness.
PerfectCell17: ... *sweatdrops* Anyway, would you like Aqua to kill their friends since they called your eyes poo?
Vegeta: Yes. Anynone who dares to insult me deserves to die. Painfully.
PerfectCell17: I'll remember that... o.O And do you think Aqua could spar with you without being a punching bag?
Vegeta: Heh, it all depends on her power level.
PerfectCell17: Another tri-bred person!! ^__^ And I think my new hero... XD
Vegeta: Oh Kami...
PerfectCell17: Hehehe, anyway, will you be Aqua's friend?
Vegeta: How many times must I say this?! I have no use for friends.
PerfectCell17: Meanie... Anyway, Aqua will buy you the 9,999 Way to Torture Kakarot, the Baka book for ya if you'll be her friend.
Vegeta: Hmmm... I can think of alot of ways to torture the baka, but I don't think I can think of that many... I guess I'll be your 'friend' if you get me that damned book.
PerfectCell17: O.O Wow... A momentous moment... Vegeta actually having a friend! =D
Vegeta: Just shut up, and get on with this.
PerfectCell17: Alrighty, my turn, so ask away!
Vegeta: Do you know the Gorillaz?
PerfectCell17: Yup! And they're not too shabby either!
Vegeta: Do you like Pokemon?
PerfectCell17: Actually yeah... I never quite grew out of that phase. XD And a one-on-one battle sounds fun... Especially with Veggie being the ref. >:)
Vegeta: I'm not being a referee for anything. -_- And finally, what's your favourite band/s?
PerfectCell17: Hmmm... Since I don't think I have the bandwith to list them all, I'll just go with my all time faves; t.A.T.u., Simple Plan, Linkin Park, and Smile Empty Soul. ^^
Vegeta: That's the last of them.
PerfectCell17: Until the next letter... See ya! ^^
Question 88:
will ya let me fight with you??!
PerfectCell17: Well, I'm certainly going to hope this one's for you, Veg. It just came to my inbox without a subject, and that's all it said. o.O
Vegeta: I see...
PerfectCell17: Yup! So, do you wanna fight the random person?
Vegeta: If I ever find out who the baka is, I'd be more than happy to put him in his place.
Question 89:
Hey, I just happened to come across your Vegeta lovers site and wondered if you were still accepting Ask Vegeta questions... Anyway, if you are, here are mine...
I have some questions for both of you but I'll start with Cell, just to get her over with. 1)If you like Vegeta so much, why are you named after Cell...and 17?! 2)Why does everyone seem to think that Vegeta and Kakarot make a 'cute' *cringes at word* couple? They hate each other with a passion, can't anyone see that? 3)Do you happen to have an account on quizilla? If not, someone stole your name. Anyway...on to Vegeta... 1)First of all, if that weakling Raditz were to ever become SS3(not likely but still...), what do you think he would look like? 2)What would you do if the GR was completely destroyed and Bulma wasn't there to fix it? 3)What will you do when you beat that moron Kakarot? 4)Why does everyone call Bulla Bra? I always heard Bulla in the series but everyone just calls her Bra. What is their problem? 5)Why did you let your son get named after underwear? Not that it's a bad name... 6)Don't you wish you can kill all these damn fangirls? Sheesh! *Is suddenly ambushed by thousands of Cyber Friezas. Pulls out sword and hacks and blasts them into oblivion.* Care to help? It'll release a little frustration... I know I'd be wanting to beat something up after answering these blasted questions all day... *Gets jumped by three Friezas* Damn! Chaosfire Inferno! *Friezas are engulfed in a black fire* Next question... 7)Do you want to help me tie down Kakarot and ambush him with needles until he's scared out of his mind? 8)Did you ever know Bardock? 9)If so, what did you think of him? Well, gotta go! I still got Frieza chasing after me.
Frieza:Hey Monkey Brat! Get over here!
Me:Who are you calling Monkey Brat? *looks at waving saiyan tail* That could be a reason, almost forgot about that. Get over here Lizard Brain! Chaosfire Inferno! *Frieza dies...screaming* Weakling... Gotta go...Wait! One more question! Will you accept my challenge one day, Vegeta? Till next we meet, my prince *bows slightly*, ShadowSamuraiKenshina
PerfectCell17: o_O... You guys know you don't have to ask me questions, right?
Vegeta: Heh, it'd certainly save time if nobody bothered asking the Tri-Breed anything.
PerfectCell17: Just for that, you can ask me mine first! *hands Vegeta printout*
Vegeta: ...They're written first in the letter. -_-
PerfectCell17: Hehehe. ^_^
Vegeta: Whatever. I've been wondering this too... If you 'like me' so much, why are you named after the tin can and the grasshopper?
PerfectCell17: Well, believe it or not, I used to hate Vegeta... *mock gasp* And when I did PerfectCell and 17 were my favourite characters. They still are, but now Vegeta's one of them too, and I like this name too much to change it to something Vegeta related. Besides, I have an alternate vegeta_lover17 name on some other places. ^^
Vegeta: Thank Kami you don't use that one often... I don't need any fangirls advertising their 'love' for me. Anyway, another question I'd like to know as well... Why the hell does everyone think the baka and I would make a 'cute' couple?!
PerfectCell17: Simple. Everyone loves the tension between rivals... They think that it could eventually lead to lust, and then feelings of love. ^^
Vegeta: ...You know too much on this topic.
PerfectCell17: Probably. And actually, their hate for eachother has seemed to disolve into a friendship that neither of them is willing to admit as the end of the series.
Vegeta: Whatever, I'll never be that baka's friend. And I can answer this one... Yes, the Tri-Breed has a Quizilla account, which she uses to write pointless stories about me. *glares*
PerfectCell17: Well... Atleast unlike my sceen name, the quizzes show my adoration of you. XD
Vegeta: ........
PerfectCell17: I see you're ready to get started with your questions... Is Raditz were to ever become a SSJ3, what do you think he would look like?
Vegeta: *snickers* Probably just a mass of blond hair. A weak mass or blond hair.
PerfectCell17: What would you do if the GR was completely destroyed and Bulma wasn't there to fix it?
Vegeta: I'd just go train in space like I used to.
PerfectCell17: What will you do when you beat Kakarot?
Vegeta: Take my rightful place as the strongest warrior in the universe. *smirks*
PerfectCell17: Ego trip... Anyway, why does everyone call Bulla Bra?
Vegeta: How should I know? I don't know what humans think.
PerfectCell17: I do! And Bura is technically her Japanese name, said Bra in english. The American's seem to think that Bulla sound better. Go figure.
Vegeta: Another subject you know too much about... *cocks eyebrow*
PerfectCell17: Heheh... Why did you let your son get named after underwear? Stickin' with the Brief's family tradition? XD
Vegeta: I let the woman name him, so take it up with her.
PerfectCell17: XD Don't you wish you could kill 'all these damn fangirls'?
PerfectCell17: Well, that was... Blunt.
Vegeta: Heh, those 'cyber Friezas' are just as pathetic as the real one. *smirks*
PerfectCell17: Anyway, do you want to help ShadowSamuraiKenshina tie down Kakarot, and ambush him with needles until he's scared out of his mind?
Vegeta: *snickers* Yes, that would be very amusing assist with.
PerfectCell17: Did you ever know Bardock?
Vegeta: I knew more of him, than I actually knew him. I had a few encounters with him when I was a child, but nothing worth while.
PerfectCell17: What'd you think of him?
Vegeta: He seemed worthy of having Saiyan blood in his veins.
PerfectCell17: Poor Frieza... o.O
Vegeta: Heh, and if your strength ever increase enough to rival my own, I will accept your challenge.
Question 90:
Bonjour mes chéries,
I have a few questions for you both.
1) Vegeta, have you ever desired immortality?
2) If yes, would you like me to give it to you? It would only require a few petit sacrifices...sunlight...food...sex...never being able to see your loved ones again. Actually you'd have to watch them grow old and die. You' would also be required to drink blood- would that be a problem? I assure you, it's worth it.
3) If no, then why not? It would make you very powerful. And don't say you are already- you are vaguely powerful. *You can die...I can't...think about it.*
4) Have you ever thought about trying to be a little more civillised? Like a real man? Take up a musical instrument perhaps, engage yourself in some literature?
And to PerfectCell17, aka Amy:
1) Being a demon, are you immortal, like myself?
2) Are you aqquainted with Satan?
3) Have you ever been to England? If not, would you like to?
My Regards,
PerfectCell17: Wow... It's been a while, eh Vegeta?
Vegeta: ....Haven't these people given up on writing to me yet?! It's not like all of the letters ever get answered!
PerfectCell17: They all do get answered! It just takes a bit sometimes. ^_^;;
Vegeta: Whatever.
PerfectCell17: Alrighty, first question, have you ever desired immortality?
Vegeta: Of course. That was the whole reason I searched for the DragonBalls on Earth and Namek.
PerfectCell17: Errr--- Do you want it? It only costs a few sacrifices... XD
Vegeta: *reads next lines* Hmph, I can live without sunlight, but not anything else! Besides, there's no real reason to be immortal any longer.
PerfectCell17: Why not?
Vegeta: There are no real enemies or challenges around anymore, so why be immortal? *smirks* Even if this Sataiya is immortal I still wouldn't lose.
PerfectCell17: But neither would she. ^_^;;
Vegeta: It doesn't matter. -_-
PerfectCell17: *snickers* I like this question... Have you ever thought about trying to be alittle more civilized?
Vegeta: And just what is 'uncivil' about training?!
PerfectCell17: The fact that it's only about fighting and brute strength?
Vegeta: Whatever, I don't need the likes of either of you to decide whether I'm 'civil' or not.
PerfectCell17: My turn now! ^_^
Vegeta: Joy... Heh, I can answer the first one. No, the Tri-Breed is in no way immortal.
PerfectCell17: I wouldn't want to be either!
Vegeta: Are you aqquainted with Satan?
PerfectCell17: o_O... Nope, I'm too Christian to be aqquainted with the likes of him! ^^
Vegeta: Have you ever been to England?
PerfectCell17: I wish... The only other country I've been to was the States. I'd love to go to England!
Vegeta: Okay, that's finally the end f these.
PerfectCell17: On to the next ones! ^_^
Question 91:
PerfectCell17: Another example of one of those random emails that I assume are for you, considering they don't have a subject line and that's all the email says. o_O
Vegeta: *smirks* Apparently my spandex and leather 'tight pants' are quite popular with the fangirls.
Question 92:
hayaaaaaaaaaaaaaay,its videogamerz i just wanted to know are they ever going to make an episode where you beat kakerot FOR GOOOOOOOOD!
[kakerot touches goten]does he realy touch him!
PerfectCell17: This one should be... Interesting. o_O
Vegeta: Just thank Kami it's short.
PerfectCell17: Yup, so are they ever gonna let you beat good ol' Kakarot for good?
Vegeta: Heh, of course, even if I did beat the baka for good they wouldn't be able to show it. Apparently Kakarot's not supposed to be able to lose or something.
PerfectCell17: Ummm... Does Kakarot really touch Goten?
Vegeta: O_o How the hell should I know?!
Question 93:
Hi it's me....uh....CellgetaDBZ but call me Cellgeta for short.My name was inspired by you *points at Veggie* and Perfect Cell as a fusion.Prince Vegeta why do people seem to think you are...gay?Is it because you're obsession with Kakarot?Why do people consider you weaker than him when you always hold back so you don't kill him?Prince Vegeta or Vegeta saiya-jin ouji, what would happen if you and cell fused, I bet it would like exactly like you only with pink eyes and a higher power level?Have you heard of Super DBZ, on the game I have a really high level Chi-Chi and an even higher level Veggie!?Prince Vegeta why are you so cute as a little kid?How does PerfectCell17 get you to awnser questions, even though you are the strongest beighn in all of the universe?Will you train me, I happen to be from an alternate universe in with Frieza+Kakarotto=Friezorotto Yamcha+Tien=Yamhan and the best of al Cell+Vegeta= Cellgeta?Why do the fangirls always chase you, when no fangirls chased this deminsions Vegeta?And PerfectCell17 you get some questions to awnser as well.Will you read some of my fanfiction of http://www.fanfiction.net/ all you have to do is search up 'Gorunks' in the summary, please don't let Vegeta see them?Why doesn't Vegeta ever not hold back in his battles Kakarot is it so his puny heart doesn't get broke?Bye I will send some more question *grabs cup filled with poising and forces the liquid down Veggies throat causing him to think he is Kakarotto* Bye!
Reb: Hiya I'm going to help Cell answer some letters!!! Weeee, as such she has leant me Veggie!
Vegeta: I Am NOT some toy to be shared, Woman!!
Reb: Surrrrrree Veggie-kun what ever you say!
Vegeta: What did you call m-
Reb: We answer questions now! First, why do people seem to think you are gay? Is it because your obsession with Kakarot?
Vegeta: How am I to know what goes in the little Negens minds? And Secondly, I AM NOT obsessed with the Brain Damaged moron!!
Reb: Why do people consider you weaker than him when you always hold back so you don't kill him?
Vegeta: I hold back because even though it pains me to say it, he is still one of my people as for the first part agen am I in your minds? Am I ? No I thought not/
Reb: Now be nice Veggie-kun, these nice people took the time-
Vegeta: Here we go…
Reb: Humf fine be that way NEXT QUESTION!
Vegeta: No need to yell, woman.
Reb: Prince Vegeta or Vegeta saiya-jin ouji, what would happen if you and cell fused, I bet it would like exactly like you only with pink eyes and a higher power level? Have you heard of Super DBZ, on the game I have a really high level Chi-Chi and an even higher level Veggie!?
Vegeta: Firstly I like Vegeta saiya-jin ouji better. Secondly this next one is not a question nither is the next one
Reb: *still mad at veggie* :? Prince Vegeta, why are you so cute as a little kid? How does PerfectCell17 get you to answer questions, even though you are the strongest being in all of the universe? Will you train me, I happen to be from an alternate universe in with Frieza+Kakarotto=Friezorotto Yamcha+Tien=Yamhan and the best of al Cell+Vegeta= Cellgeta? Why do the fangirls always chase you, when no fangirls chased this deminsions Vegeta?
Vegeta: If I knew it was this easy to get them to shut up I would of tried it years ago.*smirk* And as for your questions in order: Because I'm prince, she nags me, no, and because I'm Prince Vegeta.
Reb: *Smiling evilly* Cell heard all you just said you know. She’s going to yell at you Mwhahahahahahahaha last batch of questions. Will you read some of my fanfiction of http://www.fanfiction.net/ all you have to do is search up 'Gorunks' in the summary, please don't let Vegeta see them? Why doesn't Vegeta ever not hold back in his battles Kakarot is it so his puny heart doesn't get broke?
Vegeta: No I will not. * Reb/Cell glare* FI-ne I'll read one and I already answer the last one.
Question 93 continued:
PerfectCell17: Haha, it's quite amusing to see someone doing the tough question-asking-to-the-smartass-Saiyan-Prince work! Even though, there are still questions for me to answer!
Vegeta: Hah, now you  know how it feels.
PerfectCell17: Personally, I love it! It makes me feel... Special! XD
Vegeta: ...Why doesn't that surprise me?
PerfectCell17: Hmphers, just ask my questions!
Vegeta: Whatever... -_- I guess that new Reb answered the one about how you get me to answer these damned things.
PerfectCell17: Ah, the wonders of nagging. She forgot blackmail though! ^_^
Vegeta: ....
PerfectCell17: And sure, I'd love to check out your fics! And rest assured, I won't let Veggie's eyes anywhere near them! ;)
Vegeta: ....
PerfectCell17: Since Veggie isn't up to asking me my damn questions anymore... Yes, I truly believes he just doesn't want to break any hearts.
Vegeta: .......I'm not dealing with this. I'm getting out of here.
PerfectCell17: Oh, and by the way, Cellgeta, your name KICKS ASS! XD
Question 94:
Hello again, Vegeta did you miss me?Can I call you Little emo girl?Will you eat pie with Goku?Is Goku your lover?Are you Goku's lover?Do you like pie?Do you like canada?Wanna come to my cruddy dimension?Wanna help me blow up nega earth?Are you a little pie fairy?Do you like pie?Can I punch you?Oh well *punches Vegeta*.Can you give me 10 dollars?Am I annoying?Did you know I'm part saiya-jin , part canadian, and part human?Do you like answering my questions?Are you crazy?Do you like "A nightmare on Elm street"?Am I crazy?Can I give you uour tampon?Are you Goku's sister?Are you a little emo girl?Will you be my long, long, long, long, long long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long lost brother?Do you love PerfectCell17?Will you kiss PerfectCell17?Is Freddy Krueger awesome, he kills people in there sleep?Are you tired?Are my questions making you tired?Will you want me to come back?Litte Emo girl your questions are done!Time to ask PerfectCell17 a couple of questions.Do you love Vegeta?Does Vegeta love you?Can I call Vegeta Little Emo girl?Can I call you Bride of Vegeta?Are Goku and Vegeta lovers?Am I crazy?Are my questions crazy?Wanna see a trick?FIST OF THE NOSE HAIR *nose hairs grow long out of nose and slap Vegeta and then come back in*Awesome huh?Want me to come back?So long Little Emo Girl, and Bride of Vegeta, see you later!
PerfectCell17: You know something? I really like Cellgeta!
Vegeta: ...Why doesn't that surprise me?
PerfectCell17: Hehe, first off, did ya miss her, Vegeta?
Vegeta: Hmph, hardly. Like I could ever miss a pathetic fangirl.
PerfectCell17: *grins* Can she call you Little Emo Girl? I think we have a new nickname to add to the list...
Vegeta: No, and nobody is adding anything to that damned list, got it?
PerfectCell17: If you say so... Hehe, will you eat pie with Kakarot?
Vegeta: ...Can I have the pie without Kakarot being involved?
PerfectCell17: Nope! Kaka-chan or nothing!
Vegeta: ...Fine, I'll eat with the blasted moron.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, first step to true love...
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Anyway... Is Kakarot your lover? <3
Vegeta: NO! And he never will be.
PerfectCell17: Well, are you Kakarot's lover?
Vegeta: What is with the obsession of pathetic human women wishing for me and the baka to be intimate?!
PerfectCell17: *shrugs* It's fun, and creates a lot of good mental images!
Vegeta: ...Just get on with it.
PerfectCell17: Do you like pie?
Vegeta: I think we have already established that I do.
PerfectCell17: Do you like Canada, Veggie?
Vegeta: It's alright, I suppose. A little too passive for my taste...
PerfectCell17: Heh, I bet. Wanna go to Cellgeta's cruddy dimension?
Vegeta: No.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, are you a little pie fairy?
Vegeta: What the hell? I am no type of fairy!
PerfectCell17: Do you like pie?
Vegeta: Ugh, haven't we already covered this?!
PerfectCell17: Can Cellgeta punch you? ^_^
Vegeta: I'm not letting any fangirl touch me in any way.
Cellgeta: *punches Vegeta anyway*
Vegeta: ...Am I still not allowed to mutiliate the writers?
PerfectCell17: Nope! Can you give Cellgeta ten dollars?
Vegeta: I'm not a bank. She can get her own damned money!
PerfectCell17: Is she annoying?
Vegeta: Beyond belief.
PerfectCell17: Well, I don't think so! ^_^ Yay, did you know Cellgeta's part Canadian, part Saijyjin, and part human?!
Vegeta: ...The Canadian part helps to explain the annoyance.
PerfectCell17: Hmph, I take offence to that, buddy!
Vegeta: Heh, like I care.
PerfectCell17: Bastard... Anyway, do you like answering Cellgeta's questions?
Vegeta: I hate all questions. Period.
PerfectCell17: Are you crazy?
Vegeta: I must be for answering all of these questions for, what is it, four years now?
PerfectCell17: Ah, blackmail... <3 Anyway, do you like 'Nightmare on Elm Street'?
Vegeta: The dream killer, right? He's... admirable, but I prefer the killer with the hockey mask.
PerfectCell17: Woot for Jason! Is Cellgeta crazy?
Vegeta: Yes.
PerfectCell17: XD Can Cellgeta give you your tampon?
Vegeta: ...I'm not even going to bother.
PerfectCell17: Are you Kakarot's sister?
Vegeta: I would have killed myself long ago if I were related to the baka.
PerfectCell17: Are you a little emo girl?
Vegeta: Not female. Not overly-emotional.
PerfectCell17: Haha, will you be Cellgeta's long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long lost brother?
Vegeta: No, I want no relations with my fangirls.
PerfectCell17: But you both have Saiyan blood, so it very well may be true...
Vegeta: Hmph, I doubt it.
PerfectCell17: Awww, do you love me, Veggie?
Vegeta: It's the exact opposite, actually.
PerfectCell17: You hate me?! Bastard...
Vegeta: *smirks*
PerfectCell17: Whatever... Will you kiss me? ^^
Vegeta: She's tried enough times to know what the answer will be...
PerfectCell17: A no?
Vegeta: Damn straight.
PerfectCell17: Is Freddy Kruger awesome?
Vegeta: I suppose he is a little 'awesome.'... For someone who was human, that is.
PerfectCell17: Are you tired?
Vegeta: Of these questions? Yes.
PerfectCell17: Sheesh, you've had like a year off!
Vegeta: So, they'll always be tiring.
PerfectCell17: Will you want Cellgeta to come back?
Vegeta: ...About as much as I want the demon to come back.
PerfectCell17: Awww, that reminds me how long it's been since Mental wrote us. :(
Vegeta: Good riddance.
PerfectCell17: Yay, now for me, Veggie-Doodle! *hands print-out*
Vegeta: V-Veggie-Doodle?! Idiot...
PerfectCell17: Just ask the questions, VEGGIE-DOODLE!
Vegeta: ...Do you love me?
PerfectCell17: Not as much as I did at one point, but I'll always have a place in my heart for the Saiyan Prince. <3
Vegeta: Heh. Do I love you?
PerfectCell17: Probably not... Though I know he doesn't hate me like he claims! =D
Vegeta: I do so... Anyway, grr, can she call me Little Emo Girl?
PerfectCell17: Hehe, feel free to, Cellgeta! >: )
Vegeta: Call me that and die. Hmph, and can she call you Bride of Vegeta?
PerfectCell17: That made me think of Bride of Chucky! XD And err-- *blushes a little* if you wanna, go ahead!
Vegeta: Hn, you should just call her Tri-Breed. Makes more sense.
PerfectCell17: Ah, haven't heard that name for a while...
Vegeta: Anyway... I'm not asking the next one.
PerfectCell17: Fine. *reads print-out* Why yes, Veggie and Kakarot are indeed lovers!
Vegeta: In your polluted dreams. Is Cellgeta crazy?
PerfectCell17: Yes! But, in a good way, like me! =D
Vegeta: There is no good way of being crazy... Are her questions crazy?
PerfectCell17: Nah, they're surprisingly mild compared to some of the ones we've gotten over the years. But, they are among my favourites! ^_^
Vegeta: Wanna see a trick?
PerfectCell17: YES! *eagerly awaits*
Cellgeta: FIST OF THE NOSE HAIR! *nose hairs grow long out of nose, and slap Vegeta, and then come back in*
PerfectCell17: *giggly insanely* Bravo! XD
Vegeta: ... *growls and rips up print-out* If I can't maim these morons, then I'm not dealing with them anymore. *stalks off*
PerfectCell17: *grins* That was great! Hehe, write back soon, Cellgeta!! ^__^ 
Question 95:
Hey vegeta was up!!?? my name is Julianna!! i am 13 years old!! and i love everything about you!! ;) jeje i have some questions for ya!! jaja if u hadany e-mails would u add me? jajaja! no seriously.. and beside training would you play any human sports?! voleybol,soccer and any other sports! and what i dont get is that i heard u hate humans! and u had babies with bulma! O.o wich i dont get it... jeje well answer this questions please! bye vegeta!! love ya!!

PerfectCell17: Wow, it's been way too long since we've done this!
Vegeta: ...I have to admit, it has been a while. It's odd to have not been harassed for so long. I just thought these people stopped sending crazy fan mail.
PerfectCell17: Nope, I still get like 3-5 letters sent to the inbox each week piling up... I think this one is from 2007 still!
Vegeta: Well, don't think we're going to be spending a lot of time catching up.
PerfectCell17: I think that's my decision! Anyway, Julianna wants to know that if you had email, would you add her?
Vegeta: Never. I get enough annoyance just through the Tri-Breed's email.
PerfectCell17: This question oddly amuses me, a lot of odd mental images. Do you play any human sports?
Vegeta: The moron, Kakarot, and I tried baseball once. It didn't work out very well.
PerfectCell17: Not going to eloborate?
Vegeta: That's between myself and the idiot only.
PerfectCell17: Okay... Hehe, if you hate humans, why did you have babies with Bulma?
Vegeta: Anything relating to my relationship with the woman is my business and mine alone. And trust me, I do hate humans.
PerfectCell17: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?
Vegeta: ...What?
PerfectCell17: *shrugs* I don't know, it felt like a moment for that. Anyway, onto the next!

Question 96:
ur not the prince if all saiyans its me ur older brother u my dont know me but i know u and i watch u i didnt want u to c me cuze ur so weak not like me the NO.1 strongest saiyan i send this mail cuze i c that ur escaping from being a weakling by acting that ur the price! be ready cuze if i get engry at u UR DEAD.

Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: The grammar in this letter amuses me to no end. XD
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: *blinks* The grammar bothering you too, Veg?
Vegeta: We're not all obsessive grammar-Nazis like you are, Tri-Breed. -_-
PerfectCell17: Grammar-Nazi? XD Well, then what's bothering you?
Vegeta: The nut job writing in.
PerfectCell17: What about him?
Vegeta: He's nothing but a fool! I have no older bother, and if I did, he would certainly know how to spell basic words!
PerfectCell17: Ha! So the grammar does bother you!
Vegeta: ...What the hell is the matter with you. Anyway, I have nothing more to say to this without getting to insulting to this blasted writer.
Question 97:
Hi, honey, it's me, and I have some questions for you.

1) Why didn't you ever have to guts to ask me to marry you, since everyone knows that you always wanted to?
2) Why don't you tell your readers that the only way to get things going with you (if you know what I mean...) is if I tell you "Oh, my prince, Kakaroth is nothing compared to you?"
3) Do you want me to come up with a new line, since this one isn't really working anymore?
4) Well, number 4 isn't nothing really. I love you.

PerfectCell17: *bursts out laughing* This one is going to be fun!
Vegeta: ...How dare the woman write in such things publicly?!
PerfectCell17: Because she loooves you! XD
Vegeta: ...You're a crack-head.
PerfectCell17: *blinks* Did you just call me a crack-head?! XD I'll have you know I'm just sleep deprived! You can see the clock as well as I can, jackass!
Vegeta: ...This is why we should have a limit of how many letters I am forced to endure in one day.
PerfectCell17: Nah. Anyway, Bulma wants to know why you never asked her to marry you?
Vegeta: Hmph, because we never had the need for such ridiculous ceremonies on Vegeta-sei, and I'm not going through one here.
PerfectCell17: Wow, that was surprisingly... non-ass-ish. o_o
Vegeta: *smirks* A miracle, I know.
PerfectCell17: *reads next question and giggles* Why Veggie, I had no idea... XD
Vegeta: *blushes* T-The woman is lying...!
PerfectCell17: *quotes print out and cocks eyebrow* "Oh, my prince, Kakarot is nothing compared to you." That doesn't sound like something she would just make up on her own... XD
Vegeta: Just move on!
PerfectCell17: Aww, embarassed, Veggie? It takes different things for each of us to... get going, you know... *cracks up*
Vegeta: Move on now, or I'm leaving!
PerfectCell17: Hehe! This next question is even better! Do you want her to come up with a new line, since that one isn't really working anymore? XD
Vegeta: ...! There is no need for any discussion of anything related to my sex life to take place now!
PerfectCell17: ...I'd take that as a yes, Bulma. Think of a new line for him, and be sure to tell us what it is! XD
Vegeta: ... *twitches*
PerfectCell17: Awww, and aren't you going to say you love her too, Veggie?
Vegeta: ...I'm finished here. I'm not answering ANY letter again for a long while after this...
PerfectCell17: Oh, we'll see about that... >: )
Question 98:
just a question... what is Vegeta Lovers site? im not to sure about it...
PerfectCell17: *blinks* I think by stumbling across VLS, you've kind of figured out what it is. Especially if you've sent an email. Anyway, just for the hell of it, Veggie, what is Vegeta Lovers' Site? I want to know your take on it. XD
Vegeta: It's an obsession site for crazy fangirls to come together to further obsess and torture me.
PerfectCell17: That answer works for me. XD Onto the next!
Question 99:
1 was there religon on vegetasei
2 how did the line of kings come about
3 did you know bardock kakarots father
4 what is fusion like
5 what do you drink alchohol wise and yes it does matter
6 why doesnt bulma make you the armor you used to have like when you ran around with nappa
7 what would you say was your greatest battle ever
8 i know you have watched human tv what is your favorite tv channel
9 have you ever used the phrase WE WILL ROCK THEIR WORLD
10 what is your favorite thing about earth
well thats it i will enjoy writng to u in the future
PerfectCell17: A long one! *cracks knuckles* This should be fun!
Vegeta: ...If you say so. Get on with it.
PerfectCell17: First, was there religion on Vegeta-sei?
Vegeta: I'm not sure about the days before Frieza, but I know that he allowed no worship of anything other than himself.
PerfectCell17: How did the line of Kings come about?
Vegeta: You know, I don't actually despise these questions... They actually require brain power, for lack of better words. Anyway, my father once told me that it was an ancestor of my family that took the planet over from the Tuffles, and since he was the one to, he became the King of Vegeta-sei.
PerfectCell17: History, neat. Anyway, did you know Bardock? (Or Ducky, to those of you who know how that nickname came about. XD)
Vegeta: I knew of him and the reputation of his team, though he was third class, and I was first, when never crossed paths. And I will never understand the Ducky thing.
PerfectCell17: That's another story for another day. ^^ Anyway, what's fusion like?
Vegeta: The only person I've ever fused with is the idiot, and that was like my I.Q. getting cut in half.
PerfectCell17: That's not very nice! He may not be the brightest, but he's not as dumb as you make him out to be!
Vegeta: Where's this Kakarot sympathy coming from? Anyway, I stick by my pervious statement.
PerfectCell17: I already know the answer to this one... Hehe, do you drink alcohol?
Vegeta: ...An occasional drink. There's nothing the matter with that.
PerfectCell17: Occasional drink? I'm sure our dear readers/writers have wondered about just how I get you here for these letters... >: )
Vegeta: You wouldn't!
PerfectCell17: Nah, I wouldn't! Next, why doesn't Bulma make the armour that you used to wear with Nappa?
Vegeta: It is the same, essentially. It's just a little more...sleek.
PerfectCell17: What would you say is your greatest battle ever?
Vegeta: I think I would have to say when I finally got to have my rematch with Kakarot, before it got interrupted by Majin Buu.
PerfectCell17: Back when you were all Majin'd up?
Vegeta: ...That's one way to put it.
PerfectCell17: That was a good fight! Anyway, what's your favourite television station? SciFi?
Vegeta: o_O Why SciFi?
PerfectCell17: *shrugs* It just seemed oddly... you, I guess. Space, and aliens, and what not.
Vegeta: Whatever. I would have to say it would be... History.
PerfectCell17: *blinks* Well... I certainly wasn't expecting that.
Vegeta: It's amusing to see how pitiful humans have come to do something actually half decent with this pathetic mud ball.
PerfectCell17: Ha, this next question oddly entertains me in so many ways! XD Have you ever used the phrase, "We will rock their world"?
Vegeta: ...No comment.
PerfectCell17: ...Does that mean you have used it?!
Vegeta: It means, I'm not commenting on such a ridiculous question. And I was actually not hating these questions until now...
PerfectCell17: Aww, poor you. Last question, that should cheer you up! What is your favourite thing about Earth?
Vegeta: The fact that it is now home to all of the remaining Saiyans.
PerfectCell17: Should have figured it would be something like that. ^_^;;
Vegeta: That was the last one, right? Good.
PerfectCell17: Onto the next!

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