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Question 51:

hoi perfectcell17
my name is shadow
i really like you're site.
could i ask vegeta a few quistions?
i love it when he's inberest *smirk*
do you wear underwear under his spandex??
why did bulma take away your satellite privledges?
was it because you always watch porn??
if you give mee a kiss i will stop writing *smile*
will you marry me??
will you come to my birthday??
its (the 3th month) 28
i'm turning 14 ^_^
*kisses vegeta*
i am going to stop ask questions because i kissed vegeta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kami, i love him

PerfectCell17: Wow, ever more questions! Awesome! ^o^
Vegeta: *dryly* Yes, awesome...
PerfectCell17: C'mon, you think you'd be used to it by now!
Vegeta: Hmph, I'll never get used to the fangirls!
PerfectCell17: Whatever, you know you love the attention! Anyway, first question, do you wear underwear under your spandex?
Vegeta: What kind of question is that?! And what business is that of anyones?!
PerfectCell17: It's our right as your fans to know!
Vegeta: It is not! And if it'll shut you up, I do wear underwear.
PerfectCell17: See, now that wasn't so hard, was it? Anyway, heh, why did Bulma take away your satellitle privledges?
Vegeta: That is of no concern to her.
PerfectCell17: Was it because you always watch porn?
Vegeta: What?! I do no such thing! I hardly even watch earth TV, let alone porn!
PerfectCell17: Then why did your privledges get taken away?!
Vegeta: It's a rather long story...
PerfectCell17: Oh, I bet... If you give Shadow a kiss she'll stop writing.
Vegeta: Hmph, as if! I'm not going to kiss anyone, no matter how much they write me! Just look, I haven't kissed the demon, and she's written me countless times!
PerfectCell17: She also never asked you. Anyway, will you marry Shadow?
Vegeta: If I'm not going to kiss her, then I'm sure as hell not going to marry her!
PerfectCell17: Awww! Will you atleast come to her birthday? She's gonna be 14. ^o^
Vegeta: No, because if I do, then I'll have lots of other fangirls wanting me to do the same!
Shadow: *kisses Vegeta*
Vegeta: .......... *blushes*
PerfectCell17: lmao, Wow, another kiss to Veggie! XD
Vegeta: *jumps back, nervous* What the hell?! Not another one! Damn fangirls!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, you've been attracting alot of.... affection lately.
Vegeta: Lucky me...
PerfectCell17: Well, now that Shadow got to kiss you, she's done asking questions.
Vegeta: *smirks* Atleast something good came out of that fangirl... attack! Now that that's over with, I can go now. *takes off*
PerfectCell17: I swear, I should start a tally of all the times Vegeta's been kissed so far... Anyway, thanks for the letter! ^o^

Question 52:

Okay, I'm finally back. So, on with the questions. Veggie, are you insane? What do you think of insane people? Who is insane? Am I insane? What do you think of GT? Are you glad that your great-grandson was fighting with Goku Jr? Have you ever heard of Eminem? Who is Goku Jr's grandfather? Are you mad that Goku left to go training with Shenlong? Do you wish you could have gone with him? Now, for PerfectCell17. Did you know that my birthday was on Feb. 2? Where does Mental live? She sounds like someone I know. Are you glad that their showing the Lost Episodes of GT? What's your favorite, DragonBall, Z, or GT? Are you happy that Chuquita has hit 100 fics? And that Veggie was kidnapped by Brolli? I think that it's funny that he's obsessing about being the seme while making himself look more and more like an uke, do you? That's all for now! letgo

PerfectCell17: Question time! ^o^
Vegeta: Just what I wanted to do, answer more questions...
PerfectCell17: C'mon, it's been a while, plus I need an update for the site's anniversary! And, I totally forgot about these, and just found them earlier. (Sorry letgo!)
Vegeta: Hmph, whatever.
PerfectCell17: Okay, first, Veggie are you insane? XD
Vegeta: Compared to some of the people who write me, I'm sane.
PerfectCell17: What do you think of insane people?
Vegeta: That alot of them just happen to be fangirls...
PerfectCell17: Nah, they're pretty normal. Anyway, who is insane?
Vegeta: Just about everyone on this planet.
PerfectCell17: Yup yup! Is letgo insane?
Vegeta: Her questions are starting to sound like the demon's... So, yes, that would make her insane.
PerfectCell17: What do you think of GT?
Vegeta: *smirks* I reach the pinacle of the Saiyan race, and finally match Kakarot in strength, what do you think?
PerfectCell17: That you... like it? I do too... Except I can't believe you cut your hair! *glares*
Vegeta: Blame the woman, not me, she wanted me to look more 'human like'. Besides, it's back to normal now.
PerfectCell17: You never did tell me how you did that...
Vegeta: Because that's not of your concern.
PerfectCell17: Hmphers! Are you glad that your great-grandson was fighting with 'Goku' Jr.?
Vegeta: Of course, my great-grandson can prove that our blood line is still superior then Kakarot's.
PerfectCell17: Have you heard of Eminem?
Vegeta: Hmph, the brat used to listen to him.
PerfectCell17: Really? I can't picture Trunks as a rap person... Anyway, who is Goku Jr's grandfather?
Vegeta: How should I know? All I know is it was some pathetic human.
PerfectCell17: Are you mad that Kakarot left to go train with Shenron?
Vegeta: That baka left without finishing our fight... But he still comes around alot now.
PerfectCell17: Yay! Do you wish you could have gone with him?
Vegeta: Yes, I want to know what kind of training he went through.
PerfectCell17: Now for me! ^o^
Vegeta: Isn't this only called 'Ask Vegeta'?
PerfectCell17: So? People like me too! =P
Vegeta: Whatever. Did you know that letgo's birthday was February 2?
PerfectCell17: Nope, but I do now! Happy belated birthday for me and Veggie!
Vegeta: Hmph, why include me?
PerfectCell17: Hehe, why not?
Vegeta: Where does the demon live?
PerfectCell17: Somewhere in the States... I think Nevada.
Vegeta: Are you glad that they're showing the lost episodes of GT?
PerfectCell17: Those 'lost episodes' crack me up! I saw them back in 2003, on a Canadian channel! But, I am glad that I can see the uncut version.
Vegeta: What's your favourite, DB, DBZ, or DBGT?
PerfectCell17: DBZ, hands down! ^o^
Vegeta: Are you happy that Chuquita has hit 100 fics?
PerfectCell17: Yup yup, her fics are always so fun to read! Except, I've only got to read the first chapter of fic 100... :(
Vegeta: And that I am kidnapped by Broly?
PerfectCell17: Hehe, yup! I love her little otokohime thing she has going!
Vegeta: Damn writers... letgo thinks it's funny that I'm obsessing about being the seme while making myself look more and more like an uke, do you?
PerfectCell17: lmao, yes, very much so!
Vegeta: That's all!
PerfectCell17: Awww, so soon? Thanks for the letter!

Question 53:

hmph ::reads vegeta,s responce to her question on the subject of romance::.Well you still refuse my attentions fine!..i,ll just find someone who is more...lets say better and talented in the arts of seduction::hopes cell was catching on to what she was trying to get vegeta to do and say::.Well no sense wasting my efforts with a inexperineced one,heres the question...what is your favorite move as a finisher.Me personally i like your final flash.

ssj jade

PerfectCell17: *holding email printout* Yay, another letter from ssj jade!
Vegeta: *gets on guard* Where?!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, paranoid much? It's just a letter... *quietly* for now.
Vegeta: What was that?
PerfectCell17: Nothing...
Vegeta: Whatever. *grabs printout and begins reading*
PerfectCell17: Baka... -_-'
Vegeta: Of course I still 'refuse your attentions'. I already said I am not looking for another woman.
PerfectCell17: I think you'd better read on... *snickers*
Vegeta: Hmph. *reads* What?! Better in seduction?! There is noone better than me, remember that, woman!
PerfectCell17: Defensive...
Vegeta: *growls* Inexperienced?! I am not! Need I prove it?!
PerfectCell17: lmao
Vegeta: *sees question* For once I think I'm glad that there is a question...
PerfectCell17: *gasp* lol, fangirls gettin' ya on edge?
Vegeta: Not 'on edge'. Anyway, my favourite finisher is the Big Bang Attack. *crumples up printout* Atleast there weren't any 'sneak attacks'.
PerfectCell17: Sadly, not yet... Hehe, thanks for the letter again, ssj jade! ^o^

Question 54:

dear vegeta, its shadow again and i have a question.
why are so many saiyans named after vegetables??
and is nappa a kind of vegetable?
how about bardock??
do you like vegetables??
i do they remind me of you *kisses vegeta*
i love you veggie!!!
even if you dont want to come to my birthday *sniff*
*kisses vegeta* ill write again soon ^_^ (just so i can keep kissing and humiliating you^_~)

Vegeta: Damn never ending questions...
PerfectCell17: Don't worry, they'll eventually end... Unless you can get emails in the OtherWorld! ^o^
Vegeta: Not funny.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, I thought so. ^^ Anyway, first question, why are so many Saiyans named after vegetables?
Vegeta: Hmph, I think it is that vegetables are named after us... to preserve our greatness.
PerfectCell17: O_o Right... Is Nappa a kind of vegetable?
Vegeta: The vegetable that was named after Nappa is a type of lettuce.
PerfectCell17: How about Ducky (My nickname for Bardock)?
Vegeta: That is a japanese root vegetable.
PerfectCell17: Wow, I'm surprised you knew that... Anyway, do you like vegetables?
Vegeta: They are a form of food, are they not? Of course I do.
PerfectCell17: They remind Shadow (and me ^^) of you.
Shadow: *kisses Vegeta*
Vegeta: *blushes and resists alittle*
PerfectCell17: XD
Shadow: I love you Veggie! *kisses Vegeta again*
Vegeta: *still blushing*
Shadow: *leaves*
PerfectCell17: Awww, TWO kisses in ONE letter! Hehehe, it's like a sale! ^o^
Vegeta: *trying to shake of the blush* You're strange, you know that?
PerfectCell17: Yup! And Shadow says she'll write again!
Vegeta: Hmph, I am not taking anymore letters from her!
PerfectCell17: Oh yes you are! You don't have a choice!
Vegeta: Last time I checked, I was the Prince, so I do have a choice.
PerfectCell17: That's what you think... Hehe, thanks for the letter!

Question 55:

Instead of her earth clothing she has reverted back into her spandex and armor suddenly a fighter comes jade disappears and reappears behind the fighter and SNAP goes the neck she watches the fighter crumple.Looks over at cell and vegeta a satisfied smirk in her sultry pink lips.The spandex clings to every female curve she has and her legs.She adopts a arrogant stance and speaks hi agian::looks only briefly at vegeta and hmphs and looks to cell::whats is the matter eh did what i say last time ruffle the prince,s feathers well some people cant accept the truth about themselves.::does,nt bother looking much at vegeta acts like nothing happened in-between them like she never had kissed him::.answers to what vegeta said when he answered::prove it ...prove what that you cant seduce::snorts::.Well anyway enough of this truth telling since this where i ask him::looks at vegeta only briefly::questions i guess i shall ask two.One is how can you prove this claim to be quite apt in the arts of seduction and experience?.Which of your moves can take out a large group of fighters all at once?.Ok now i have ask him my questions i,ll stand over here and listen::picks a place near cell and away from vegeta still testing her new approach towards him and folds her arms and cant wait to hear how he gonna answer.

Ssj jade

PerfectCell17 and Vegeta: *watching ssj jade's fight*
Vegeta: *smirks* Impressive... Atleast she can fight.
PerfectCell17: Does that mean you're actually happy to see her?
Vegeta: Do I have another letter?
PerfectCell17: Yup! *holds printout up proudly*
Vegeta: Then no, I'm not happy.
PerfectCell17: So, you're saying that if there wasn't a letter you would be happy to see her? Awwww! ^o^
Vegeta: What?! I never said that! I just appreciated watching a Saiyan fight. And she's even wearing a combat suit...
PerfectCell17: Awwww! Hehe *reads* I know, eh? Veggie just can't accept the turth about himself!
Vegeta: *glares* There is no truth to anything she said about me not being able to seduce.
PerfectCell17: Okay, well she only has two questions this time.
Vegeta: Only questions? No kissing? The girl seems different... Less like a fangirl. *smirks*
PerfectCell17: *stiffles a laugh* How can you prove this claim that you're apt in the arts of seduction and experience?
Vegeta: *folds arms over chest* I should think my endless swarm of fangirls would be proof enough. And besides, I need not prove this claim to you.
PerfectCell17: Sounds like you have no proof to me... =P
Vegeta: Watch it, tri-breed.
PerfectCell17: Finally, which of your moves can take out a large group of fighters at once?
Vegeta: It depends of the fighters' strength. The most effective would probably be my Final Flash. That always seemed to do more damage to multiple people.
PerfectCell17: Well, that's all, until she writes again. ^^
Vegeta: She still seems different... Just a couple letters ago she was trying to seduce me, and now she couldn't seem to careless... *wonders*

Question 56:
Hello!  First of all, I'm just glad my questions finally got answered, even if they were almost a month later.  Let's see, Veggie, is it true you once performed in the ballet The Swan Lake?  And, whatever happened to the pink Bad-Man shirt?  I liked it.  Though, that might be because of that messed up manga on Temple O Trunks.  Oh, who do you think is the better fighter, your son or your future son?  Have you ever experience PMS?  You seem like you're experiencing it alot.  What else?  Oh, yes, when were you born?  And, how old are you?  In saiya-jin or human years.  And, if memory serves, you're older than Goku, aren't you?
I don't really have any questions for you PerfectCell 17, but happy 1 year anniversary, though really, when you think about, your site won't have it's first birthday until 2008. 

PerfectCell17: Yay, another letter from letgo!
Vegeta: Great, she asks demon-esque questions....
PerfectCell17: Yupper, and here's the first! Hehe, is it true that you performed in the ballet The Swan Lake?
Vegeta: O.O What the hell?! Me perform in an Earth ballet?! Yeah right!
PerfectCell17: Whatever happened to that Bad-Man shirt?
Vegeta: Hmph, that pink cloth is in my closet... Never to be worn again.
PerfectCell17: Awww, but you look so cute in it! >:)
Vegeta: Hmph!
PerfectCell17: Yay, I saw the messed up manga! ^^ Anyway, who do you think is a better fighter, Chibi or Mirai Trunks?
Vegeta: The boy from the future is beyond this timelines boy in power. This brat only wants to go on dates, and 'hang out'.
PerfectCell17: Have you ever experienced PMS? XD
Vegeta: *glares* What?! How the hell is it even possible for me to have PMS?!
PerfectCell17: I don't know, but I'm sure it is... Anyway, when were you born?
Vegeta: Before you. Why does it even matter?
PerfectCell17: 'Cause your fans wanna know! ^o^ How old are you?
Vegeta: Older than you.
PerfectCell17: How much older?
Vegeta: Older than I'd like to be.
PerfectCell17: Awww, it's okay, Veggie! You're still young to your fans!
Vegeta: *smirks*
PerfectCell17: You're older than Kakarrotto, correct?
Vegeta: Yes, only by a few years.
PerfectCell17: That was the last question. And thanks, even though you're right, this site won't be a year old for another three years.
Vegeta:*smirks* I'm the smartest Prince who ever lived.
PerfectCell17: *sweatdrops* Sure ya are... If you were then you would have left by now, I already said last question.
Vegeta: Oh... Hmph, I was going to do that! *takes off*

Question 57:

Hello vegeta. my name is yasha and i hate goku. my friends love him i say there just damn bakas. did you know trunks got my sister pregnent. so welcome to grandpasvill old man. my daddy sesshomaru says he could kick your ass any time any place. do you think you can beat him. i doutb it.
well places to go peole to blow up. like you

Vegeta: *scanning over printout* Atleast she doesn't sound like a fangirl...
PerfectCell17: Nope! *takes printout back* So you should be happy.
Vegeta: I'll never be happy over a letter.
PerfectCell17: Okay, did you know that Trunks got Yahsa's sister pregnant?
Vegeta: What?! That brat actually got someone pregnant?!
PerfectCell17: Apparently so... Awww, Veggie's gonna be a grandpa! ^o^
Vegeta: Hmph, I'll believe it when I see it!
PerfectCell17: And Yasha's dad Sesshomaru say he could kick you ass, any time, any place.
Vegeta: *starts laughing* Another thing that I'll believe when I see!
PerfectCell17: So, you think you could beat him then?
Vegeta: You even have to ask? Of course I could. *smirks*
PerfectCell17: Ego trip... Anyway, that's it! ^o^
Vegeta: Hmph, atleast this letter was fangirl-less. *takes off*
PerfectCell17: Heh, thanks for the letter!

Question 58:

Is back agian she wear her spandex and armor still her face without emotion a ice princess-like features.::dont even glance in vegeta,s direction as she speaks::i have come here ONLY to ask
HIM questions and nothing more::does spare a glance at cell and gives her a faint smirk::.
Here are my questions how did you feel when you learned your father was dead did it effect you in any way...and the next is if our home planet was,nt destroyed what exactly would your plans would have been other than destroying freiza?.::She then having asked her questions stands there waiting on his answers::.
Ssj jade

PerfectCell17: Yay! Ssj jade! ^o^
Vegeta: Yay... Just what I need...
PerfectCell17: Hmph, she's only here to ask you questions! Nothing more!
Vegeta: *looks over at jade* It's odd seeing her, and her not trying to kiss me. *smirks* I like her better like this. More like a real Saiyan.
PerfectCell17: Okay, first question, how did you feel when you learned your father was dead? Did it effect you in anyway?
Vegeta: Hmph, I never had a chance to get close to father, due to that bastard Frieza. I doubt if affected me.
PerfectCell17: If Vegeta-sei was't destroyed what would you plans have been other than destorying Frieza?
Vegeta: Probably just lead that Saiyans, give them a true King. I've never given it any real thought.
PerfectCell17: Well, that's all for this one!
Vegeta: Well, that was easy...
PerfectCell17: Well, thanks for the letter!

Question 59:

Hey. I was going around DB/Z/GT sites today and I found out what year Veggie was born in the DB universe. He was born in 732 A.D. And, he is either 54 or 64 at the end of GT. I know he's at least 45 years old since Bulla has been born and she was born in 777 A.D.
So, just how old are you, Veggie? And PerfectCell17, do you happen to know how old either Trunsk or Bulla is at the moment.

PerfectCell17: *glares at Vegeta* It's about damned time I found you?! Do you know how long it's been since letgo sent in these questions?!
Vegeta: Hmph, like I care.
PerfectCell17: *pinches Vegeta* Ass... ^o^ Anyway, just tell her how old you are!
Vegeta: Since when do I take orders?! And, it is none of her, or anyones concern how old I am.
PerfectCell17: That old, eh?
Vegeta: *glares* I am not old!
PerfectCell17: Whatever. And sorry, letgo, I don't know how old either of Veggie's kids are... They're pretty old, I know that much. Well, thanks for the questions.

Question 60:

::Comes striding in wearing a blood-spattlered combat outfit::Sorry cell its been a while but i,m back::she does not spare a glance at vegeta::you two are never gonna believe this one some other sayian female approached me warning me away from HIM::If i want to ask him questions i will and i am NOT going to let this jealous female tell me whom i made converse with .She said this crap about how vegeta here was not gonna fall for me and i was a flirt and a pervert HA the  woman is obvliously loony.::chuckles some::She seems to think that vegeta here dont like what i am doing to him but hell i cant think of anything i,ve done that would make her think i am head over heels for the prince here.::cross her arms and hmphs::as if i was on bended knee spouting  my undying love for HIM HA!.::smirks:: i guess the question to HIM would be how crazy would he belive this crazed sayian is for assuming that i was flirting i come here to ask him questions not to leap in his bed and go at it the nerve of the woman::she moves over to cell to listen to what he had to say about this::.
Ssj jade

PerfectCell17: Yayayay! Jade's back! And as bloody as ever too! ^_^
Vegeta: That's a good thing?
PerfectCell17: Yuppers! Hehe, I know what you mean, I know the 'other female' too!
Vegeta: And I have heard about her as well... She is very protective of me, even though I have no need for protection.
PerfectCell17: *snickers*
Vegeta: *reads next few lines and smirks* It's good to know you're not a fangirl, like some people. *glances at PerfectCell17*
PerfectCell17: Hehe.... ^o^
Vegeta: Why am I always a 'him' though? Hmph, she should be calling me Prince Vegeta.
PerfectCell17: *sweatdrops* In case you haven't noticed, I don't think there's a Saiyan alive who calls you that...
Vegeta: *glares* Watch it.
PerfectCell17: *sticks out tongue*
Vegeta: *rolls eyes and reads* I agree, this 'Saiyan' must be crazy. From what I have seen, you have not hit on me since you're first couple letters. *smirks* Maybe she's learned.
PerfectCell17: Yup yup! Thanks for the letter!

Question 61:

dear veggie-chan lord off all saiyans and my heart.
when is your birth day?
i would like to know becouls i druged bulma and stole her dragonball-find-thingie when you where passed out in the grafitie chamber (you looked so cute^_^ so i turned the grafitie down so you wont get hurt and then gave you a smal kus on the cheeks^_~) and i was planing on wishing freeza back but 1 milion times weaker and give him inmortalitie so you trunks and all your hars can kick his ass for al eturnatie!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH *cough* anyway...now a quistion for Amy...WASSUP!!!??? sorry couldent resist^___^ and veggie how did your mom died?? by the hands of freeza or your dad?? is it treu that you play vidoi games with kakarot but you both realy suck?? (not hentai!! you sick perv's!!)     oh!! almost forgot *kisses veggie pasionetly on the lips* *sigh* *smiles and walks away dreamy*

PerfectCell17: Hola Shadow, long time no letter! ^o^
Vegeta: Not long enough...
PerfectCell17: Whatever, I say it's been too long! Anyway, when's your birthday?
Vegeta: As I've said before, my birthday is on a month that only existed on Vegeta-sei.
PerfectCell17: You sure you just didn't forget it? =P
Vegeta: Hmph. *looks at printout* So that's how the gravity returned to normal... What?! Kissed me?! But I do like the sound of the wish... You wouldn't have to wish the bastard weaker though, both myself and the brat are stronger than him.
PerfectCell17: Heheh, WASSUP! XD
Vegeta: Uh huh...
PerfectCell17: So... How did your mother die, Veggie?
Vegeta: ...What does it matter?
PerfectCell17: Awwww, don't wanna talk about it, I take it?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Well, did she die by the hands of Frieza of King Vegeta?
Vegeta: What? My father? He didn't kill her... The damned lizard did.
PerfectCell17: Awww, sorry to hear that. :(
Vegeta: I don't need your sympathy.
PerfectCell17: Hehehe, is it true that you play video games with Kakarrotto, but you both really suck?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: You mean that's true?! XD
Vegeta: ...Only when we're unable to spar...
PerfectCell17: *snickers* I never pictured you as the video game type...
Vegeta: Hmph!
Shadow: *kissed Veggie passionately on the lips*
Vegeta: O.O .............................
Shadow: *sigh, smiles, and walks away dreamily*
PerfectCell17: XD That's always amusing, eh Veggie?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Earth to Veggie-kun... *waves hand infront of Vegeta's face*
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: O.o I guess that really caught him off guard... Well, thanks for the letter, girl! =D

Question 62:

Okay I hav questions for Vegeta-sama(my hero...) *daydreams for a while*
oh right,kay here we go:
What was with that pink shirt and mastach?were you CRAZY? Do u still have the pink shirt?
How can bulma hav blue hair?How much hair gel do u use?Or is your hair just REALY GREASY? just kiddin. ^_^ All sayans are named after vegetables: Veggie-vegatable,Radits-Radish,Nappa-cabbage,
Kakarot-Carrot,Broli-Broccoli,Turlis-Turnip etc. But what vegetables were Bardock and Seripa named after?
Whyd u kill nappa?I loved that chrome dome!!
he was revived by myuu and gero and u killed him again?!
im sure u couldve used another sayan on your team!
even though he was weak at first,but that kakarot couldn't even beat raditz at first
and now he's CRAZY strong and may even match up to you one day!
anyhow here's a question for amy\fruitcake\perfectcell17
(can I call u fruitcake?or what about BEEFCAKE?)
how do u think vegeta will look like if he fused with bulma ^_^
or fused with chioutzou!! :-D
Road Kill.

PerfectCell17: Mwahahaha! Letter time! >:)
Vegeta: From a new fangirl this time?
PerfectCell17: Yuppers! What was with the pink shirt and moustache?
Vegeta: Don't remind me... The woman was the one who gave me that damned shirt... And I liked the moustache.
PerfectCell17: I think you're the only one, I'm glad Bra set ya straight on that! ^o^
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Hehe, do you still have the pink shirt?
Vegeta: ...It's in my closet.
PerfectCell17: How can Bulma have blue hair?
Vegeta: How the hell should I know? I don't know anything about human genetics!
PerfectCell17: *snickers* How much hair gel do you use?
Vegeta: What?! My hair is naturally like this! I have no need for human hair products!
PerfectCell17: Or is your hair just REALLY GREASY?
Vegeta: What?! *glares*
PerfectCell17: Sheesh, she was just kidding...
Vegeta: Hmph!
PerfectCell17: What vegetables are Bardock and Seripa?
Vegeta: Saiyans were not named after vegetables...
PerfectCell17: Yeah, yeah, whatever. Bardock is named after the Japanese root Burdock... And somehow Seripa is parsley. O.o
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Why'd you kill Nappa?
Vegeta: Hmph, we wasn't fit to be a Saiyan warrior!
PerfectCell17: What about when Myuu and Gero revived him... You killed him again!
Vegeta: He was just as pitiful then!
PerfectCell17: Well, you could have kept him around...
Vegeta: For what purpose? I have no need for weaklings...
PerfectCell17: My turn... lol Yay, beefcake! ^o^
Vegeta: Hmph, how do you think the woman and I would look if we fused?
PerfectCell17: O.o Weird... Very weird.
Vegeta: Yes, weird. What about if I fused with Chaotzu?
PerfectCell17: lmao! That was be hilarious! Hmm... I wonder if Kibito would lend me his potaras...
Vegeta: Don't even think about it.
PerfectCell17: Heh, I won't... Anyway, thanks for the letter! ^o^

Question 63:

hello, my name is Danny. (bows infront of vegeta) i am a fellow sayian, and i have come to ask the no-ouji some questions.....unlike other's, mine will be actual INTELAGENT questions. ok, my first question is.....why in kami's name are you even letting a human, take control of your activities? question two, are you needing of transportation of leaving the planet, or do you have further plans on this.....(looks down) dirt claud of a planet...if you wish to call it that........... and my final question is........(glances over at perfectcell 17) who..........WHAT.......the hell is that? (piontsat perfectcell 17) if you are need of anything, i will be in my coriidors (walks over to space pod)

Vegeta: *reading letter* I like this one... She actually has respect for the Saiyan Prince. And she is a Saiyan as well.
PerfectCell17: Yeah... Let's get started. Why the hell are you letting a human take control of your activities?
Vegeta: Hmph, nobody 'takes control' of any aspect of my life... Even though I do get stuck doing things I do not wish to do.
PerfectCell17: Well, it's your own fault! ^o^
Vegeta: *glares* Watch it.
PerfectCell17: Next, are you in need of transportation of leaving this planet? Or do you have further plans here?
Vegeta: While I would like to get off this planet, I have too many things here now.
PerfectCell17: And finally... *snickers* Who... WHAT the hell am I?
Vegeta: *smirks* Well ---
PerfectCell17: May I answer this one for you?
Vegeta: Go for it... It's only one less I don't have to.
PerfectCell17: Okie dokie! *points to self* I am the one known as PerfectCell17, a tri-breed, and the one who decides which questions Vegeta answers. >:) (lol)
Vegeta: You've made me answer every question I've recieved...
PerfectCell17: Naturellement! Merci beaucoup pour les questions! ^o^

Question 64:

(next day) *yawn* (looks over at vegeta) (bows) thank you no ouji, i am quite honored for you to give your time from your hard training to answer my questions. (gets up) (glances over at perfectcell 17) well............(walks over) (looks up/down perfectcell 17) so, vegeta no-ouji, is she your new slacky? she has lack of armor, and......no.....nevermind. (turns around) and, this kakkorot, you speak of, another human i suppose? but, he has the name of a sayian. (senses large ki) (loks over at person standiing next to vegeta) (he had spiky black har, orange gi, with blue shirt under neath. and black boots) what is your bisinuss, human?

PerfectCell17: That was a quick reply...
Vegeta: Yes, it was.
PerfectCell17: ...Am I your new slacky?
Vegeta: *smirks*
PerfectCell17: Answer that and die. -_-'
Vegeta: Ha, like you could hurt me.
PerfectCell17: I never said I'd be the one killing you. ^o^ Anyway, yeah I'm lacking armour because I'm only part Saiyan... Besides, I don't like it.
Vegeta: What's wrong with it?
PerfectCell17: Nothing. Anyway, who is this Kakarot you speak of? A human?
Vegeta: While the idiot does act like a human, he is a Saiyan.
Kakarot: *appears beside Vegeta, two fingers against his forehead* Hey Vegeta, hey Amy!
Vegeta: Hmph, Kakarot...
Kakarot: *looks over at Danny* Huh? I'm not a human, I'm a Saiyan!
PerfectCell17: That's all for now...

Question 65:

hey veggie-kun
*stares at vegetas ass* *drool* *kacarot walks in* ahhhhh pervert, i hate you *blasts kacarot* ahhh it didn't do anything, help me please kacarot's dumbness might rub off on me and i ain't dumb i do a lot of quizzes on quizilla about you but none of tehm have yaoi so dun worry, ok questios heheheheh *kisses veggie-kun* i always wanted to do that ok onwards....
1) what is trunks natural hair colour did he dye it?
2)i am part saiyan cool it's so fun did y ou know?
3) can i kill trunks well mirai trunks i have an amv of him and he is crazy 0.0 please let me?
4) why r u sooo hott?
5) why does everyone ask you for money?
6) i was sooo sad when yo killed yourself to destroy buu why exactly did you do it?
7) when goku, trunks *laughs at stupid gt shorts* and pan where in space after they faced teh mooma and did the para boogie, my friend well she aint no more said that hey remind her of you so i blasted her was that good?
8) u probobly hate this question but will you be my friend? i'll let you use me as a punching abg i'm teh strongest where i live but i cant compare to you
9) i hate kacarot but my mum says hes 'cute' *shudder* can you kill her?
10) *kisses veggie-kun again* sorry but i could resist, is it true that frieza and zarbon were *cough cough*?
11) do u have any siblings?
12) why did you let trunks have long hair?
13) are you sick of these questions?
14) if yes then you can escape to my house i wont make you answer questions but you have to let me kill trunks and bulma man i hat eher
15) you said in one ep that a true saiyans hair doesn't change from birth, yeah, if thats so then did radtiz have long hair as a baby?
16) please destroy kacarot otherwise his dumbness will rule the world
17) veggie-kun can i give you anothe rkiss?*gives kiss regardless*
18) i hate bulma can i kill her a million times?
19) why did the others use the db's to kill cell or buu?
20) the supreme kai was scared of buu why?
21) please let me marry you
22) iof no then can i have a hug?
23) am i crazy?
24) will u read my quizilla quizzes?
25) what do you think of perfectcell17's brothers?
26) do u hate mental i think she is wiked but veggie-kun can u speak welsh? thats my naitive lingo coolz huh?
27) can i train with you? kacarot is toooooooooo *67 yrs l8r* oooooo weak?
28) i could go on 4eva i dream of you is that bad?
29) did trunks have a tail?
30) can u tell that crome-dome krillin to get a nose job, please?
31) trainin is sooo much fun but i ra out of walls or people what can i use now apart from kacarots head not that it'd do anything?
32) whats your fave chocolate?
33) *kisses veggie-kun yet again* i'm all giddy as you can tell i'm obbssed with you, but that is a good thing and i am proud of it this is the last question till i tourture kacarot and that gorrila hercule i hat him, anyway please let m ehave your badman shirt it rocks?
heheheh i'll c yall soon ,y quizillla and alias is dragonballzlover and kaisfireangel2 and my e-mails are vegetalover36338@aol.com and dranzer7@hotmail.co.uk *kisses veggie-kun again* bb i louve u xxxxxxx oh right last thing perfectcell17 can i ,eet ur bros u said on quizilla they and you are like the para para brothers tahy are so funny can you do the para boogie please and this time ttfn for real xxxxxxxx

Vegeta: *looking at printout* That's alot of questions...
PerfectCell17: Nah, only 33! ^o^
Vegeta: Only... Oh well, let's get this over with!
PerfectCell17: Okie dokie, what is Trunks' natural hair colour? Did he dye it?
Vegeta: That brat's natural hair colour is purple... Don't ask how it is, it just is.
PerfectCell17: Did ya know it's fun being part Saiyan? dragonballzlover is. ^o^
Vegeta: Another one with Saiyan blood? That's good to know. And yes, it is fun being a Saiyan.
PerfectCell17: Yuppers! Can dbzlover kill Mirai Trunks?
Vegeta: Hmph, I doubt that she could even kill him. The boy was very powerful.
PerfectCell17: Plus, I like Mirai... I don't wanna see him die. *sniffles* *perks up* Anyway, why are you so hot?
Vegeta: *smirks* I, being the Saiyan Prince, am naturally attractive.
PerfectCell17: Yeah... Why does everyone ask you for money?
Vegeta: You mean like the demon? How the hell should I know?
PerfectCell17: Because you're the 'great Saiyan Prince' and are supposed to know everything?
Vegeta: Hmph!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, next, why did you kill yourself against Buu?
Vegeta: Why do you think?! I was planning on killing myself... And taking that bastard with me.
PerfectCell17: Awww, it was so sad. :'( When Kakarot, Trunks, and Pan did the Para Boogie dbzlover's 'friend' said that reminded her of you, so dbzlover blasted her. Was that good?
Vegeta: Yes. Nobody is worthy enough to have myself compared to them.
PerfectCell17: *sweatdrops* Ego trip much? Anyway, will you be dbzlover's friend? She'll let ya use her as a punching bag and she's very strong!
Vegeta: Hmph, how many times do I have to say that I do not need 'friends'... Regardless if they'll be my punching bag or not.
PerfectCell17: Dbzlover hates Kakarot, but her mom says he's cute... can you kill her?
Vegeta: If you want someone to die, then kill them yourself.
Dbzlover: *kisses Vegeta*
Vegeta: Ack! No more kissing, dammit!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, anyway, is it true that Frieza and Zarbon were...?
Vegeta: *smirks* While they did deny it, myself along with pretty much the rest of Frieza's crew think they were.
PerfectCell17: O.o Interesting... Do you have any siblings?
Vegeta: No, once the heir to Vegeta-sei was born, my parents had no reason to produce anymore children.
PerfectCell17: Why did you let Trunks have long hair?
Vegeta: I didn't 'let' the boy do anything... That is the way he chose to have his hair.
PerfectCell17: I like his long hair better. ^o^ Are you sick of these questions?
Vegeta: Need you even ask?
PerfectCell17: Well, you never know... You could be having fun!
Vegeta: Not likely.
PerfectCell17: Hmphers! Well, you can hide out at dbzlover's house! She won't make you answer questions, but you have to let her kill Trunks and Bulma.
Vegeta: I am not going to live with some random fangirl, and nobody is to lay a finger on either the woman or the boy.
PerfectCell17: You've said before that a Saiyan's hair does not change from the day he is born, if that's true, then did Raditz have long hair when he was a baby?
Vegeta: Considering that Raditz was born before I was, I did not see him as a baby. But he has always had long hair since I have been born.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, please destroy Kakarot or his dumbness will rule the world.
Vegeta: Well, most of the human population already seems 'dumb', so I don't think Kakarot will do much harm to it.
PerfectCell17: Can dbzlover have another kiss?
Vegeta: NO!
Dbzlover: *kisses again*
Vegeta: *jumps back* Where the hell do these fangirls come from, anyway?!
PerfectCell17: The random fangirl portal? ^o^
Vegeta: Not funny.
PerfectCell17: Dbzlover hates Bulma, can she kill her a million times?
Vegeta: Hmph, as I've said before, nobody better lay a finger on the woman.
PerfectCell17: Why didn't the others use the DragonBalls to kill Cell or Buu?
Vegeta: Something about the dragon not being able to grant wishes more powerful than the one who created them.
PerfectCell17: Why was the Supreme Kai so scared of Buu?
Vegeta: Because the Kai is weak, especially to someone such as Buu.
PerfectCell17: Please let dbzlover marry you! ^o^
Vegeta: No! I am with the woman, and if I wasn't, I don't think I would want a mate.
PerfectCell17: Well, can she have a hug?
Vegeta: Hmph, like her little kisses weren't enough?!
PerfectCell17: Is dbzlover crazy?
Vegeta: Yes, just like the rest of my fangirls.
PerfectCell17: Will you read her Quizilla quizzes?
Vegeta: I have more important things to do.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, what do you think of my brothers?
Vegeta: They are some of the strangest people I have come across.
PerfectCell17: Hehe. Do you hate Mental?
Vegeta: While the demon does annoy me with her questions, I do not 'hate' her. Especially since she has been leaving me alone lately.
PerfectCell17: Don't worry, she should be back sometime soon! Anyway, can you speak welsh? (Yay, I'm part welsh! My second last name is welsh. ^o^)
Vegeta: No, I can only speak Saiyago, english and japanese.
PerfectCell17: Can dbzlover train with you? Kakarot's too weak.
Vegeta: No, I do not have any need for a training partner.
PerfectCell17: She could go on forever dreaming of you, is that bad?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Not going to answer that one?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: I'll take that as a no... Did Trunks have a tail?
Vegeta: Yes, the boy was born with one.
PerfectCell17: Can you please tell Krillin to get a nose job?
Vegeta: Hmph, I tell cue-ball that all the time.
PerfectCell17: dbzlover ran out of walls and people to use for training, what else can she use apart from Kakarot's head?
Vegeta: Either find more, stronger people, or get a gravity chamber.
PerfectCell17: What's your favourite chocolate?
Vegeta: What kind of question is that? And I like plain chocolate the best...
Dbzlover: *kisses Vegeta*
Vegeta: O.O Get the hell off of me!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, can she have your BadMan shirt?
Vegeta: No, I do not trust any fangirls with it.
Dbzlover: *kisses Vegeta... again*
Vegeta: *floats up* Let's see you do that now!
PerfectCell17: Wow.. four times in one letter. Impressive. And my brothers are Don-Para and Bon-Para on Quizilla... you can talk to them if you want, even though they're like never on. Yup, we are like the Para Brothers, and well all know the Boogie! *starts doing Para Boogie* Care to join me Veggie?
Vegeta: Hmph, no.
PerfectCell17: Fine, suit yourself... Thanks for the letter! Bon para para para, bon pa pa! ^o^

Question 66:

(nearly falls backwards) y-your a sayian?!?!? but you....you.................(glances at vegeta in confusion) ................what ever.........i am not going to disrespect a prince. (walks over to kakkorot) ......................(stares at kakkorot's face)...................................he looks as if he has a brain of a complete moron. (back off) i would think, even if you were stupid, you would more intelligant if you are a sayian............(looks behind kakkarot) HOLY HELL!!!!!! (jumps backwards) w-what hapened to your tail? surely your not a sayian without a tail......(looks over at vegeta) OMK!!!!! WHAT IN KAMI'S SAKE IS GOING ON HERE? IM I GOING MAD? WHERE ARE YOUR BLOODY TAILS??!?!? (grabbs her tail to make sre it was still there) (shakes her head, and calms down) im sorry no-ouji, i seemed to....(thinking of the right words)......had lost my train of thought.............but......(glances at kakkorot) so,vegeta no-ouji, would it be too much to ask what happened....to.....your t-tails? (twitching in the thought of the pain if her tail got chopped off) (sat dwon, and stared at vegeta, waiting for a response)

Kakarot: Yup, I'm a Saiyan! I was raised here on Earth though!
Vegeta: *smirks* And Danny's right, Kakarot does have the brain on a complete moron... It's not just the looks.
Kakarot and PerfectCell17: That's not very nice!
Vegeta: Hmph, whatever. And yes, we have lost our tails.
Kakarot: Yep, mine was cut off for good when I was a kid!
Vegeta: And that baka, Yajirobe, cut my tail off when I frist arrived on Earth.

Question 67:

Ok I know you hate me already for even doing this but there’s something that that I just got to know about you. This is just a few questions for both the guys. All right here we go:
What are your middle names?
Why do you hate me?
Is there a way that I can be friends with either one of you and if there is please tell me?
What are your favorite books?
Who is stronger?
Who is more likely to go insane?
How many fingers dose it take to flip some one off?
Why does every one I know call Vegeta, Veggie? (It pisses me off)
Why does cell have no cloths?
Whose kin will rule the world?
Why does 'Dragonball' come after 'Dragonball Z'?
Why does no one respect both of you?
If you do not like this job (answering fan mail) then why don't you just quit?
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
How old are you planning to live for?
Why must you hate?
Why not share the love man. Share the love… well why not?
Are you a democrat or republican?
Do you hate your government?
Well that all I wanted to ask you so if you could as be so kind to answer them I will be in your debt for all of eternity.

PerfectCell17: Whew... These letters are coming in quicker than I can get ya to answer them, Veg!
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Well, we might as well get started, and since Kakarot's still here, he can answer them too!
Kakarot: Alright! *Son smile*
Vegeta: Hmph, I thought this was a place for only me to answer questions... not the baka too!
PerfectCell17: Awww, don't tell me you're jealous! XD
Vegeta: I'm not... And if the baka wants to answer them as well, he can.
PerfectCell17: Okay, let's get started, what are your guys' middle names?
Vegeta: Hmph, Saiyans have no need for such trivial things as 'middle' and 'last' names.
Kakarot: And I don't think my grandpa gave me one..
PerfectCell17: Why do you hate... *looks on printout for name* Um... Crimsonmoon?
Vegeta: She sent in these questions, didn't she?
Kakarot: Awww, I don't hate her! :)
PerfectCell17: Hehe, is there a way that either of you guys will be her friend?
Vegeta: How many times do I have to say that I do not desire 'friends'?
Kakarot: Okay! I'll be your friend!
PerfectCell17: What are your favourite books?
Vegeta: Heh, like I would waste my time reading Earth literature.
Kakarot: I don't have one... I have favourite foods though! *smiles*
PerfectCell17: *sweatdrops* Why am I not surprised? Anyway, who is stronger?
Vegeta and Kakarot: I am!
Vegeta: Hmph, I am!
Kakarot: *puts hand behind head* But last time we sparred...
Vegeta: Shut up, baka!
PerfectCell17: Umm... You're both equally strong, so zip it!
Vegeta: *glares*
PerfectCell17: Much better! ^o^ Who is more likely to go insane?
Vegeta: Me from answering all of these questions... -_-
Kakarot: I have to agree...
PerfectCell17: Heh, poor Veggie... >:) How many fingers does it take to flip someone off?
Kakarot: Hmmm... *starts counting fingers*
Vegeta: It only take one you baka... *flips Kakarot off*
Kakarot: Oh... That's not very nice!
PerfectCell17: Not this again... Why does everyone call Vegeta Veggie?
Vegeta: Because they love to annoy me...
Kakarot: Yup, I have to agree with Veg!
PerfectCell17: Why does Cell have no clothes? O.o
Kakarot: Gee, I've never really thought about it...
Vegeta: Hmph, why the hell would I know something like that?!
PerfectCell17: Really want me to answer that? Hehe..
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Whose kin will rule the world?
Vegeta and Kakarot: Huh?
PerfectCell17: I think they're both confused... O.o I guess I'll just move on... Why does DragonBall come after DragonBall Z?
Vegeta: 'DragonBall' came before 'DragonBall Z'...
Kakarot: Yup, since I was a kid then!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, why does no one respect either of you?
Vegeta: Hmph, well there are some people who do show me respect... Just nobody from around here... *glares at PerfectCell17*
PerfectCell17: *innocent whistle*
Kakarot: And people respect me! :)
PerfectCell17: If you don't like this job, Veg-kun, then why don't you just quit?
Vegeta: If it were only that easy...
PerfectCell17: Hehehe! ^o^
Vegeta: Besides, this makes a good place to hide out when I piss off the woman...
PerfectCell17: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
Vegeta: What the hell kind of question is that?!
Kakarot: A good one... I tried that once, but ended up biting it!
PerfectCell17: There's a surprise... *sweatdrops* Anyway, how old are you planning on living for?
Vegeta and Kakarot: Until I die.
PerfectCell17: Good answer... Why must you hate?
Kakarot: Huh? I don't hate. :)
Vegeta: Hmph, why shouldn't I?
PerfectCell17: Wow, you guys are so alike, and yet you're so different.
Kakarot and Vegeta: We're not alike.
PerfectCell17: Right... Why not share the love?
Vegeta: O.o... I'm not even going to bother!
Kakarot: Love over war! *holds up peace sign*
PerfectCell17: Are you Democrat or Republican?
Kakarot: *blinks* What?
Vegeta: I don't bother with Earth politics.
PerfectCell17: Well, do you hate the government?
Kakarot: Govern-what?
PerfectCell17: *sweatdrops* Nevermind...
Vegeta: And as I have said, politics are of no interest to me.
PerfectCell17: Okay, that was the last of 'em!
Vegeta: About time!
Kakarot: Awwww, so soon?
PerfectCell17: Yup! Thanks for the questions!

Question 68:

I dont watn yr letters to pile up too high,so I'll keep this one short.
Ask Vegeta How a bald sayan like Nappa would look like if he was super-sayan? or super-sayan3?! He would probably just trip over his moustache ^_^ if a sayan cuts his hair does it even grow back? wouldnt u ever want to go supersayan 3? it would look so cool!! u would have twice as many fangirls huggging and kissing u! and i've got an idea for u:why dont u let bulma build u a time machine like future trunks's and go back in time and potora with yourself there and go further back and do it again,and again until u are strong enough to nail-flick omega shenron into a zillion pieces!!and why dont u make a wish for planet vegeta to return and rule over your people?(Make sure u dont invite the carrot!!!) and beefcake,u should use the potora earings while vegie-kun is asleep on him and chaotzu!!mwhaahahaha!
(just kiddin,he would't be as Huggable and kissable then! :'-< )

Vegeta: *sighs* There's never going to be an end to these letters, is there?
PerfectCell17: Not unless you can stop being so... you.
Vegeta: Great...
PerfectCell17: Okay, well, let's get started! First, how would a bald Saiyan like Nappa look as a Super Saiyan?
Vegeta: Hmph, well it's not possible anymore for a bald Saiyan to achieve Super Saiyan status, so there's no point to this question.
PerfectCell17: What about Super Saiyan 3?
Vegeta: What did I just say?
PerfectCell17: Heh, if a Saiyan cuts his hair, does it grow back?
Vegeta: No, a pure Saiyan's hair does not change from the day he is born. 
PerfectCell17: And yet you were stupid enough to cut it...
Vegeta: Watch it, Tri-Breed.
PerfectCell17: Wouldn't you ever want to go Super Saiyan 3?
Vegeta: I can go Super Saiyan 4, so why would I even bother with something weaker? ... And I don't need anymore fangirls drooling over me.
PerfectCell17: lol Why don't you let Bulma build you a time machine like Mirai's, and go back in time, and potora with yourself there, and go further back and do it again, and again until you are strong enough to nail-flick Omega Shenron into a zillion pieces? *takes deep breath*
Vegeta: Hmph, what would be the point of doing that now? Kakarot and I already killed that bastard.
PerfectCell17: Technically Kakarot killed him... you just helped. ^o^
Vegeta: Watch it.
PerfectCell17: Hehe... Why don't you wish for Vegeta-sei to return and rule over your people?
Vegeta: What people do I have left to rule over? The Saiyan race consists of only a handful now.
PerfectCell17: Awww, poor Veggie... =P
Vegeta: Hmph.
PerfectCell17: Heh, and one of these days I really will Potara him with someone! >:)
Vegeta: *steps back* You'll never get one of those damned earrings on me again!
PerfectCell17: Just you wait... lol Thanks for the letter! >:)

Question 69:
Hi master look I dont have much time so it wont be to many questions.1st Veggie-chan.Did you miss me? Will you be my mommy? Will you be masters mommy?Will yoube my husband? Will you be masters husband? do I make any sence?Can I kill kakarot? do you love your spandex? Are you costipated? Can I call you angry midget? Does master rule the world? Why did you start a tampon bussiness? Why not toilet paper instead? Are you insane? I got a video of you tattoing your face on your ass, what the hell? I saw you at Wall Mart trying on womens clothing, what the hell? Can I have that cookie your eating? do you cosplay as a japanese school girl durring conventions?Ok im running out of time so I gotta end it now.master ill ask you your questions next time bye bye ^^.
PerfectCell17: Mwahahahaha! Mental finally got the chance to write you more questions!
Vegeta: *eating cookies* You mean the demon's still around?
PerfectCell17: Of course! ^o^
Vegeta: Great... Let's just get this over with.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, first, did ya miss Mental?
Vegeta: Haven't we covered this before? What is there to miss about her?
PerfectCell17: Everything!
Vegeta: Ha, hardly.
PerfectCell17: Whatever, we know the truth! Will you be her mommy?
Vegeta: *growls* Will she never get the answer to this through her head?! I'm not going to be her mother!
PerfectCell17: What about my mommy? *snickers*
Vegeta: No! Why in the hell would I want be be either of your 'mother's?!
PerfectCell17: Because you love us so much! =P
Vegeta: Yeah...
PerfectCell17: Will you be Mental's husband?
Vegeta: No, dammit! Does she already have that troll Hiei with her?!
PerfectCell17: Yup, but they're not married... Yet. >:)
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Well, will you be my husband?
Vegeta: No! I already have the woman to deal with... I don't need anyone else!
PerfectCell17: Does Mental make any sense?
Vegeta: She never does.
PerfectCell17: Can she kill Kakarot?
Vegeta: Hmph, like that demon could come anywhere close to matching Kakarot's power!
PerfectCell17: Is that a no?
Vegeta: She'd be the one getting killed.
PerfectCell17: Kakarot doesn't kill. ^o^ Anyway, hehe, do you love your spandex?
Vegeta: I don't 'love' it... It's just the best clothing to train in.
PerfectCell17: Are you constipated?
Vegeta: What the hell kind of question is that?!
PerfectCell17: One of Mental's!
Vegeta: Yeah, I guess only a question that messed up could only come from the demon...
PerfectCell17: Can Mental call you 'angry midget'?
Vegeta: I'm not a midget, dammit! That troll Hiei is shorter than me!
PerfectCell17: Another no, I take it?
Vegeta: Of course. Besides, that's what the demon should be calling her troll mate, not me.
PerfectCell17: Do I rule the world? ^__^
Vegeta: Heh, that'd be the day...
PerfectCell17: What's that supposed to mean?!
Vegeta: You would never be able to rule any planet, including this mud ball.
PerfectCell17: Just you wait... Me and Mental will rule it together one day! >:)
Vegeta: Great...
PerfectCell17: Yup! *giggles* Hehe, why did you start a tampon business?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: ...Well?
Vegeta: Blame those bakas Marik, Bakura and Naraku!
PerfectCell17: You actually listened to one of their ideas? -_-'
Vegeta: Next question!
PerfectCell17: Why not a toilet paper business?
Vegeta: I'm not answering anything us on the subject.
PerfectCell17: Whatever... Are you insane?
Vegeta: I must be if I put up with these damned questions...
PerfectCell17: Hehe, Mental's got a video of you tattooing your face on your ass... What the hell?
Vegeta: *glares at PerfectCell17*
PerfectCell17: Hey! I wasn't the one who gave her the tape!
Vegeta: Hmph... I was drunk.
PerfectCell17: Mental saw you at Wal-Mart trying on women's clothing, what the hell?
Vegeta: I did no such thing!
PerfectCell17: Just admit it...
Vegeta: I'm not admitting to something I didn't do, so drop it!
PerfectCell17: Sheesh... Can Mental have the cookie that you're eating?
Vegeta: *looks at cookies* How did she--? *puts cookies down* I don't feel like eating anymore...
PerfectCell17: Then I guess she can have them, eh? =P
Vegeta: Whatever.
PerfectCell17: Do you cosplay as a Japanese school girl during conventions?
Vegeta: I don't go to such trivial things as conventions.
PerfectCell17: Uh huh... What about Anime North?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Heh, forgot about that, did ya?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Whatever, but that was the last question... for now. >:)
Vegeta: It's about time!
Question 70:
hey perfectcell17 i'm here to torture..i mean ask veggie questions. okay here it goes. 1. do you wish you were a girl?you'll look funnie in a dress! 2. why are you so mean to mental shes funnie 3.will you be my mommie mine sucks!!>.< if you won't i won't stop bugging you 4.how much do you hate goku(aka the idoit) 5.how does ur hiar stand up like that 6.whats ur fave color 7.is it true that secretly you and goku are lovers 8.Why are you so short trunks is taller than you do you need elevator shoes 9.am i annoy 10.do you love perfectcell17 okay i'm done and i'm not a fan girl either i'm in love with the great HIEI. Cya *hugs veggie good bye*MWHAHAHAHA
PerfectCell17: Okay, we're way behind on letters, so you're just gonna sit there, shut up, and answer 'em! Okay, Veggie-chan?
Vegeta: *crosses arms* I don't have to take orders from you!
PerfectCell17: Fine... Then please just answer these...
Vegeta: Whatever.
PerfectCell17: Good. ^o^ First, do you wish you were a girl?
Vegeta: What?! Why the hell would I want to be a female?! Then I would have fanboys drooling over me... *shudders*
PerfectCell17: Hehe, why are ya so mean to Mental? She's funny! ^o^
Vegeta: Because that demon insists on annoying me with pointless questions... Much like these.
PerfectCell17: lol Will you be hieisgerl's mommy?
Vegeta: What the hell is with all of these people wanting me to be their 'mommys'?! I'm a male, therefore I couldn't even be a mother. -_-
PerfectCell17: If you won't she won't stop bugging you... Hehehe...
Vegeta: She will if I kill her...
PerfectCell17: No threatening, remember? -_-' Anyway, how much do you hate Kakarot?
Vegeta: I'll put it this way... The only person I hate more than Kakarot is that bastard Frieza.
PerfectCell17: I know you like Kakarot, even if you won't admit it! ^^
Vegeta: Hmph!
PerfectCell17: How does your hair stand up like that? A true mystery...
Vegeta: It's in our genetics.. Saiyans often had hair that 'stood up', as you put it.
PerfectCell17: What's your favourite colour?
Vegeta: I don't have a 'favourite', but I do prefer blue.
PerfectCell17: Is it true that you and Kakarot are secretly lovers?
Vegeta: What the fuck?! Why would I ever want to be that moron's lover?!
PerfectCell17: ...'Cause you love him? ^^
Vegeta: I will kill you, you know that?
PerfectCell17: Just try it! *sticks out tongue* Hehe, why are you so short?
Vegeta: I am not short --
PerfectCell17: Just vertically challenged? =P
Vegeta: Hmph, I may not be the tallest, but I am not short.
PerfectCell17: Do ya need elevator shoes?
Vegeta: Heh, very funny...
PerfectCell17: Is hieisgerl annoying?
Vegeta: All of the people who send in these pointless letters are annoying.
PerfectCell17: And finally... Do you love me? ^o^
Vegeta: Why the hell would I love you?! You're one of the worst fangirls!
PerfectCell17: And yet, you're still here answering these letters!
Vegeta: Whatever. I don't 'love' anyone, especially obsessive fangirls.
PerfectCell17: Hehehe...
Hieisgerl: *hugs Vegeta*
Vegeta: *sweatdrops* Why me...?
Question 71:
Oh Veggie, guess who's back~!!!!! Yup, it's me, letgo, here to annoy you once more. Is it true that you once dressed up in a bunny suit for Easter? Who are your parents? Are you really a prince?
Why were you named after your home planet? Do I annoy you? Are you allergic to chocolate? If you were in a yaoi relationship, who would it be with? And who would you be? I think you'd make a great uke for Goku.
Are you insane? Who is insane? How many planets have you visited? Do you know that CN is showing the first 63 DBZ episodes? I can't wait for your battle. It's one of my favorites and you get to really beat on Goku.
Well, that's it for now. Until next time!!!!!!!
P.S. I hope you're having a good summer PerfectCell17.
PerfectCell17: Yay, long time no talk, letgo!
Vegeta: Heh, not long enough.
PerfectCell17: Whatever. First, is it true that you dressed up in a bunny suit for Easter?
Vegeta: .... *looks away*
PerfectCell17: Oh, Kami... It is?
Vegeta: Well... It's not like a had a choice! The damned woman made me! She thought I would look 'cute'!
PerfectCell17: Awww, and I bet you did... *giggles*
Vegeta: Shut up, dammit!!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, alright, I'm sorry. So, who are your parents?
Vegeta: My father was King Vegeta, and my mother was his mate.
PerfectCell17: Are you really a Prince?
Vegeta: I was born of a king and a queen, wasn't I?
PerfectCell17: Good point. ^o^ Why were you named after your home planet?
Vegeta: To show that I'm the leader of it. All of it's kings were named Vegeta.
PerfectCell17: Does letgo annoy you?
Vegeta: All of the fangirls who send in these pointless questions do.
PerfectCell17: You love the attention... Are you allergic to chocolate?
Vegeta: I'm not allergic to anything.
PerfectCell17: If you were in a yaoi relationship, who would it be with?
Vegeta: Why the hell would I be in a 'yaoi' relationship with anyone?! I'm not interested in men!
PerfectCell17: I think you'd make a cute couple with--
Vegeta: I'll kill you if you finish that.
PerfectCell17: Hmphers! Okay, who would you be, seme or uke?
Vegeta: Heh, in any relationship, with male or female, I would be seme, of course.
PerfectCell17: Yay! You'd scare me being anyone's uke... Especially Kakarot's.
Vegeta: Well, you don't have to worry, nothing like that will ever happen. Never.
PerfectCell17: Are you insane? ^^
Vegeta: Probably from asnwering all of these damned letters.
PerfectCell17: Who is insane?
Vegeta: My fangirls and Kakarot.
PerfectCell17: And you! How many planets have you visited?
Vegeta: The majority of the planets in the universe.
PerfectCell17: Do you know that CN is showing the first 63 episodes of DBZ?
Vegeta: I couldn't even watch them if I wanted to.
PerfectCell17: Don'cha just love Canada, Veggie? =P Oh well, YTV shows DBZ... Even if it is only one episode a week, with our messed up voice actors.
Vegeta: Very 'messed up'.
PerfectCell17: Yup, and speaking of that... *looks at clock* DBZ starts in a few minutes! Talk ta ya soon, letgo! ^o^
Vegeta: Whatever.
Question 72:
Hey wassup Veggie-kun?! I missed ya and I'm bored. I got questions so 1st Vegeta. Did you miss me? Will you be my mommy? Will you be Master's mommy? Will you be my husband? Will you be Masters husband? Will you be Hiei's best man?He won't choose one. Do you got diareah? How come Kagome's boobs are huge beonde belife?Are you in love with yourself? Are you the pink power ranger? I got a cupon for boob implants but me Serenity, and Sango don't need em, do you want it? I got a shirt with Hiei on it yay! Are you happy for me? Don't call Hiei a troll! He's a demon! Are you a man? Will you spank yourself/ Remeber that erotic e-mail that miroku send ya? Why'd you respond to it in an erotic manor? How badly do you wanna eat your hair? Why do you think that your pregnant? And twins o.O? and Kurama's the father? What the hell? Are you Insane? Do you make love to monkeys? do you make love to yourself? What do ya want for Christmass? I gotta know so that I won't get you anything. Is it true that when you were 12 you worked as a pimp and you whored Inuyasha, but the police found you out and know you long to eat your own spandex? *feasts upon Vegeta's spandex* want some? Can I have that cookie your eating? How about the brownies? How about the chocolate? Damn I'm hungry! Can I call you Spanky the evil crossdresser?Ok now for Master.Master, did you miss me? When do I send Bakura back? Are you an Gaia yet? Remember go to gaiaonline.com ^^. Can wego to Japan after my senior year? I'm gonna work hard this year so that I can be a senior before my 20's. Can I kill kuwabara? Can I call my brother Menchi? I found out that Bakura can drive, did you know this? Oh crap he stole a car! Do I shoot him? Are you comming in October? Message from Seto:Grab your dick and double click for porn porn porn! O.o he is no longer allowed to speak. Is the internet for porn? Is Vegeta my mommy? Sango is wondering when your sending Miroku back. Is Kagome still mad at me? I gave that ungratefull bitch a wig! Oh crap she left it here! How do you get your dad to let your bishies live here? Are Naraku and Miroku back from jail? Ask Miroku why he was in jail. Go ahead its funny^^.Tell miroku that some girl named Elizabeth called to say that she's pregnat and that she sants him to pay child support. Don't worry, he'll know what it's about ^^. o.O oh crap Piccolo got arrested for selling booze to minors. I gotta go bail him out. Bye bye ^^. Talk to ya soon!
Vegeta: *eating assorted baked goods* Didn't I just answer letters from the demon? Why do I have more already?!
PerfectCell17: Because she loves ya! =P
Vegeta: Great...
PerfectCell17: Okay, let's get started! First, did you miss Mental?
Vegeta: I never miss her.
PerfectCell17: Awwww, I know you do. ^^ Will you be her mommy?
Vegeta: Why do I even bother...? No! I'll never be her mother!
PerfectCell17: Will you be my mommy?
Vegeta: *sighs* I give up!
PerfectCell17: Does that mean you'll be our mommy's?
Vegeta: I don't give a damn!
PerfectCell17: Yay! *glomps Vegeta*
Vegeta: Get the hell off of me!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, sorry. Will you be Mental's husband?
Vegeta: No!
PerfectCell17: Will you be my husband?
Vegeta: That is something I would never agree to. No matter how many times she asks!
PerfectCell17: Will you be Hiei's best man?
Vegeta: Hmph, why would I want to do anything for that troll?
PerfectCell17: Because you're really nice deep down?
Vegeta: Ha!
PerfectCell17: Do you got diareah?
Vegeta: Her questions get weirder everytime she writes to me.
PerfectCell17: That doesn't answer the question! =P
Vegeta: No, I don't have diareah.
PerfectCell17: How come Kagome's boobs are huge beyond belief?
Vegeta: How the hell should I know!?
PerfectCell17: Sheesh... Are you in love with yourself? Hehe..
Vegeta: While I am better than anyone else on this planet, I am not 'in love' with myself.
PerfectCell17: *giggles* Are you the pink Power Ranger?
Vegeta: What the hell?! Do I look like a female?!
PerfectCell17: Really want me to answer that? =P
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Mental's got a coupon for boob implants, but her, Serenity, and Sango don't need 'em... Do you want it?
Vegeta: Why the hell would I want boobs?! *sighs*
PerfectCell17: Heh, Mental got a shirt with Hiei on it, are you happy for her?
Vegeta: Hmph, why would anyone want a shirt with that troll on it?
PerfectCell17: Don't call him a troll! He's a demon!
Vegeta: That's even worse... Another demon...
PerfectCell17: Are you a man?
Vegeta: Yes, I'm a man! -_-'
PerfectCell17: Will you spank yourself?
Vegeta: O.o What the hell? She should be asking that freak Naraku, not me.
PerfectCell17: Yeah... Naraku-chan is weird, isn't he? Hehe, remember that erotic email Miroku sent you?
Vegeta: ...Yes.
PerfectCell17: Why'd you respond to it in an erotic manor?
Vegeta: I was, uh... drunk.
PerfectCell17: We didn't have any alcohol left in the house...
Vegeta: ...Just drop it, dammit!
PerfectCell17: Okay... How badly do you wanna eat your hair?
Vegeta: I don't...
PerfectCell17: Why do you think that you're pregnant?
Vegeta: ... *blushes*
PerfectCell17: It's not possible. -_-' ...And twins?
Vegeta: I don't want to talk about it anymore.
PerfectCell17: And Kurama's the father?
Vegeta: I said I don't want to talk about it!
PerfectCell17: Are you insane?
Vegeta: After answering all of the letters, and dealing with all of those damned bishies, yes.
PerfectCell17: Do you make love to monkeys?
Vegeta: There is something seriously wrong with the demon...
PerfectCell17: That's a no?
Vegeta: Of course it is!
PerfectCell17: Do you make love to yourself?
Vegeta: O.o No.
PerfectCell17: Are ya sure? ^^
Vegeta: Yes, I'm sure!
PerfectCell17: What do you want for Christmas?
Vegeta: To be left alone.
PerfectCell17: Is it true that when you were 12 you worked as a pimp, and whored Inuyasha, but the police found you out, and now you long to eat your own spandex?
Vegeta: I'm not even going to bother.... -_-
Mental: *feats upon spandex* Want some?
Vegeta: ...Why the hell is she eating my spandex?! Forget it, I don't even want to know...
PerfectCell17: Can Mental have that cookie you're eating?
Vegeta: *about to bite cookie, but puts it down* How the hell can she know...?
PerfectCell17: Didn't we go through this before? Mental knows all!
Vegeta: Hmph, like I believe that. *grabs brownie*
PerfectCell17: How about that brownies?
Vegeta: *puts down brownie and grabs chocolate* That proves nothing!
PerfectCell17: Hehe, what about the chocolate?
Vegeta: *eyes widen and reads printout* How the hell?!
PerfectCell17: Mwahahaha! Can Mental call you Spanky the Evil Crossdresser?
Vegeta: No! I'm never going to agree to any of her ridiculous nicknames!
PerfectCell17: Yayay! My turn! *gives Veggie printout*
Vegeta: Whatever. Did you miss the demon?
PerfectCell17: Yup yup! Nobody asks questions quite like hers! ^o^
Vegeta: That white haired freak is back, so I can skip the next one. Are you on Gaia yet?
PerfectCell17: That 'freak' is Bakura-kun. And yup, I'm on it. I sent you a friend request thingy. ^^
Vegeta: Can you go to Japan after the demon's senior year?
PerfectCell17: Sure, sounds like fun! Mwahahaha!
Vegeta: Can she kill Kuwabara?
PerfectCell17: Please, he's so annoying!
Vegeta: Not as annoying as some people...
PerfectCell17: *pulls Vegeta's hair* That was mean!
Vegeta: *growls* Can the demon call her brother 'Menchi'.
PerfectCell17: Go for it. ^^
Vegeta: The demon found out that the white haired freak can drive, did you know that?
PerfectCell17: He came home driving a stolen car, so I figured it out.
Vegeta: Are you going in October?
PerfectCell17: I want to! I've been saving my money (I have a total of about $50 Canadian), and annoying the hell out of my dad! And Seto is weird... O.o
Vegeta: Is the internet for porn?
PerfectCell17: Some people seem to think it is... Like our messed up bishies.
Vegeta: Hmph, am I the demon's mother?
PerfectCell17: Yup, you're both of your mommies, remember?
Vegeta: Whatever. Is Kagome still mad at the demon?
PerfectCell17: Yup... Even though Naraki tried to make her a replacement wig... Out of newspaper. -_-
Vegeta: How do you get your father to let your bishies live here?
PerfectCell17: He doesn't even know that like half of 'em are here... And the ones that he does know, he says they have to live in my room. Joy...
Vegeta: I know the feeling.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, and yup, I found out why they were in jail... XD
Vegeta: *chuckles* They're such morons... I'm glad that monk's gone.
PerfectCell17: Dammit... Sesshoumaru's trying to eat his boa thing... We better go stop him, Veggie.
Vegeta: Whatever.
PerfectCell17: See ya! *waves* Say hi to the bishies for me!
Question 73:
bonjour veggie-chan and cellie, it's shadow again
i just came back from disneyland paris
and i realy missd you veggie! *gives vegeta a french kiss for about 2 minets (a french kiss is with tong)*
did you mis me?*big puppydog eye's*
my brother sayed he dident like dbz so we got in a fight :(
is it true that one's with haloween you dresed up (sorry for the frace(?)) as a mad sientist and chased kakarot around with a needel all night
you do know kakarot is afaid of needels right?
is it true you speek a lot of alian languages? (0.0 i cant beleve i speld that word right!)
and amy do you play the sims? if jes one or two?
and did you mis me?
i have found the cutist picture of vegeta being blessed by an angel.
and veggie dont say youre not cute becouls you are. *kisses vegeta on the cheek*
i have been lurning a it japenees (witch is wierd becouls i was in frence)
bejita saiayan no oui
it means vegeta the saiyan prince
and if you get a realy big box with holes dilivered to youre house that would be freeza (i whished him back but dident have the time to go to japan)
is it true freeza is gay??
is his father gay??
is trunk's gay??
i once found a picture of trunk's and goten walking in on you and bulma *with discousted face* love making *makes puke sign* and you told them it was training and that tried to copie you *snikkers*
did one (freeza or cold) of them ever make a move on you??
i once red a story where freeza raped you*sniff*
hay wait a minute *poin's at perfectcell17* she wrote it!
but i have to go now and kill yamcha's (only) fan.
you have no problem with that, write?
oh almost forgot *kisses vegeta and run's hand throw his silk like hair* 0____________________________________________0
*runes awaiy and screem's* I LOVE VEGETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PerfectCell17: Bonjour, Shadow! Comment ca va?
Vegeta: Great... You babbling in a language I can understand is bad enough, but now you're babbling in gibberish.
PerfectCell17: *sweatdrops* It's french! My native language... Even though I don't know as much as I do english. Anyway, welcome back from Disneyland Paris! How was your trip?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Getting impatient over there, Veg? Okay, let's get things started. ^^
Shadow: *Frenches Vegeta for about two minutes*
Vegeta: ........ *dazed*
PerfectCell17: Ummm... Earth to Veggie! *waves hand infront of Vegeta's face*
Vegeta: .......
PerfectCell17: Fine! *slaps Vegeta*
Vegeta: Huh? What the hell was that for?!
PerfectCell17: You were zoned out...
Vegeta: Oh... Damned fangirls. -_-'
PerfectCell17: Hehehe... Is it true that one Halloween you dressed up as a mad scientist and chased Kakarot around with a needle all night?
Vegeta: *smirks* Yes, that is true. And I think it was two years ago, I believe.
PerfectCell17: Uh huh... You do know that Kakarot is afraid of needles, right?
Vegeta: Of course! Any baka does!
PerfectCell17: Is it true that you speak alot of alien languages?
Vegeta: Fluently I can only speak english, Japanese, and Saiyago. But, I did learn bits of other languages while under Frieza's control.
PerfectCell17: *reads next question* I used to play the Sims, but not anymore. I'm not sure which one it was though. O.o
Vegeta: Ahem. Isn't this 'Ask Vegeta', not 'Ask the Tri-Breed'?
PerfectCell17: *sweatdrops* You'd think you would be used to me getting questions by now... Anyway, did you miss Shadow? I did! ^^
Vegeta: You miss everyone... And no, I do not miss the fangirls.
PerfectCell17: Yay, you go girl! Japanese is fun! Bejita, Saiyajin no Ouji!
Vegeta: *smirks* The Saiyan Prince.
PerfectCell17: *eyes sparkle* A cute Veggie picture? Kawaii! I wanna see!
Vegeta: I'm not 'cute'. I am manly attractive.
PerfectCell17: Riiight... O.o
Shadow: *kisses Vegeta on the cheek*
Vegeta: *glares* Do not kiss me!
PerfectCell17: Oh... So Frieza's what's in that box... We haven't opened it yet.
Vegeta: Heh, I'll make that bastard pay for everything he did to the Saiyan race.
PerfectCell17: Great... Another bishie. -_- Is it true that Frieza's gay?
Vegeta: While he would never admit it, we suspected it.
PerfectCell17: I don't think he is... Is King Kold gay?
Vegeta: Yes.
PerfectCell17: Yay! Is Trunks gay?
Vegeta: The brat better not be... If he is, I blame the purple hair.
PerfectCell17: Gee, you're nice...
Vegeta: *reads next part* Heh, sounds like an interesting picture...
PerfectCell17: O.o... Did either Frieza or Kold ever make a move on you?
Vegeta: I'm not answering anymore questions about my past.
PerfectCell17: Awww, poor Veggie...
Vegeta: Hmph! *tries to read next part*
PerfectCell17: *laughs nervously, and tries to hide printout*
Vegeta: What are you hiding?
PerfectCell17: Nothing...
Vegeta: *powers up and grabs printout* What the hell?! *turns to PerfectCell17*
PerfectCell17: Something the matter, Vegeta no Ouji?
Vegeta: Why the hell would you write something like that?!
PerfectCell17: ...
Vegeta: Answer me, dammit!
Shadow: *kisses Vegeta, and runs hands through his hair*
PerfectCell17: *sighs of relief* Thank Kami... That distracted Vegeta. ^^
Vegeta: Damned fangirls! No more kissing! No more hugging! No more touching! Period!
Shadow: *runs away and screams* I LOVE VEGETA!
PerfectCell17 and Vegeta: *sweatdrops*
Question 74:
Hehehe anyway I bet your glad to know... I got my veggie fangirl-ness back... that means more tourtue for you. I must say.. I was suprised when Perfectcell17 said that you and Goku would make a gerat couple... Goku agreeed the other day to go out with you how great is that ? ^o^.
Well onwards with the questions I must warn you... I had caffine... and a lot of it
How do yuo get your hair to stand up liek that? Do you use super glue?
Goku ate my chocolate T_T so I took away his food privilages... do yuo think I should punish him more?
I have a pet marble named Freddie... would you like to meet him *holds up marble* say hello to Vegeta Freddie
Freddie: .....
me: O.o err ok do you think I am a physocit nutacse...
Does running into a wall hurt.. Goku stood in my way when I was going to do that.. damn him
I put Raddy-Chans hair in lots of little braids.... do yuo think he is going to be mad?
Did you know you look so Kawaii as a kid i the Bardock film? ^^
What do yuo smell of? Me and my friend sat there for ages trying to figure it out... Goku smells fruity
Can yuo kill chichi for me? She is sooooooo annoying
hmmmm one more shuold do it...
Can I call yuo veggie veg veg head?
bube *hugs vegeta* byeeeeeee say bye freddie
Freddie: ..
me: -_-# he's just shy ^^. byeee but I'll be back.. beware
PerfectCell17: Yay! Mimi got some of her Veggie obsession back... Even if it's only a little.
Vegeta: Hmph, she should just stick with being a Kakarot fangirl. I don't need anymore.
PerfectCell17: I'm sure she will. ^^ Anyway, first, ummm.. *reads next line and sweatdrops*
Vegeta: What's taking so long? *grabs printout and reads* Me and the baka?! A great couple?! *turn to PerfectCell17*
PerfectCell17: Ummm... Hehe... It's true...
Vegeta: WHAT?! And why is he agreeing to go out with me?! I never said I wanted to in the first place!
PerfectCell17: Actually, Kakarot thinks you did...
Vegeta: *glares* WHAT?! Let me guess, you were responsible for this!
PerfectCell17: Well... I was bored... Gomen nasai, Vegeta-sama. ^_^;;
Vegeta: Hmph, you're lucky I don't kill you right now!
PerfectCell17: *trying to change the subject* Let's just start the questions, shall we?
Vegeta: ...Whatever.
PerfectCell17: Hehe, how do you get your hair to stand up like that? Do you use super glue?
Vegeta: Why in the hell does everyone ask this?! I have no need for glue, my hair is naturally 'stands up like that.'
PerfectCell17: Kakarot ate Mimi's chocolate, so she took away his food privilages...Should she punish him more?
Vegeta: Of course, she should punish that baka as much as possible.
PerfectCell17: Would you like to see Mimi's pet marble Freddie?
Vegeta: Heh, a pet marble? Whatever.
PerfectCell17: Awwww, don't be like that, Veggie! Just say hi!
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Do it... Or I'll sick Mental on you! =P
Vegeta: Fine! Hi Freddie.
PerfectCell17: That wasn't so hard, now was it? ^^
Vegeta: Whatever.
PerfectCell17: Does running into walls hurt? Kakarot stood in Mimi-chan's way.
Vegeta: How would I know?! Ask the tri-breed... She does that sort of thing.
PerfectCell17: Yup. ^^ Do you think Mimi's a psychotic nutcase?
Vegeta: Yes, you seem almost as bad as the Tri-Breed... And she tried to wax Cell.
PerfectCell17: That's what he gets! >:)
Vegeta: Just don't ever come near me with that stuff again!
PerfectCell17: I won't... Hehe. *snickers* Mimi put Raddy-chan's hair in alot of braids... Do you think he is going to be mad?
Vegeta: *smirks* Probably, but it doesn't matter. Raditz is too weak to do anything about it.
PerfectCell17: Awwww, that's not true! Raddy-chan is strong... And awesome! Anyway, did you know you look so kawaii as a kid in the Bardock movie?
Vegeta: I am not, nor was I ever 'kawaii'.
PerfectCell17: What do you smell of? Kakarot smells fruity!
Vegeta: *chuckles* Kakarot IS fruity.
PerfectCell17: *sneaks up to Vegeta and sniffs him* He smells like rubber... O.o
Vegeta: I do not!
PerfectCell17: Yes you do! XD Hehe, can you kill Chi Chi for Mimi-chan?
Vegeta: As much as I'd like to kill Kakarot's harpy of a wife, the woman would never let me hear the end of it. Not to mention it would probably depress the baka, and take away his fighting spirit. Then I would have nobody to rival my power.
PerfectCell17: Given this some thought before, have you? O.o
Vegeta: Every time she pisses me off.
PerfectCell17: *giggles* Last one... Can she call you Veggie Veg Veg Head?
Vegeta: What the hell? No, I refuse to be subjected to any pathetic nickname!
Mimi: *hugs Veggie*
Vegeta: *glares* Do not touch me again, woman!
PerfectCell17: Moody today... Well, that's all for now! Be sure to write back, Mimi-chan!
Vegeta: Whatever. I'm going to train.

Question 75:
Moshi Moshi Veggie veg veg head :P
This time I have goku with me and I am SUPER ULTRA MEGA high so be afraid... very affrid mwahaahahahah ok lets start. Bardock smashed a wall the other day so I replaces it... then he did it again how can I punish him? Goku asks if yuo ca bear his chidren *covers gokus moputh so he doesn tprotest* hehe Perfectcell17 asked goku if he was one of the long lost spice girls I didnlt knoiw if he was then it hit me.. you are your *laughs* bebi spice thats funny *laughing* please kill chichi goku wont let me boil her in hot oil i think thats mean. Goku and theothers wont tell me or perfcetcell17 something so ur gonna have to or... I'll think of something really really really mean Mwahahah yeah anywa ywhen yuo go super Saiyan does ALL of your hair turn golden? *smirk* u have to tell us. DO u lke my pe tname for goku its 'wittwe fuzzy wuzzums' cute inst it *Goku turns blue* oh sorry goku *un-covers mouth* goku: *gasps for air*
Me: sorry fuzzy
Goku: hmm
Me: I scared him earlier Gohan is still hiding. Di dyuo know your son is Gay? nods* honestly.. I bet your plotting aren't you.. for him to turn the world gay so you wont have any fan0girls... though you'd end up with fan-boyz lmao. I cut my toe can u kiss it better? Please *watery eeys* i'll tell everyone what you were singing in the shower earlier heheh
Goku: Hey vegeta!!!
Me: goku go and find something to eat
goku: *rushes off*
Me: why does he have ears? he hears perfectly wel lwith his stomach.. do u like linkin park veggie veg veg head? what abuot MCR? did you know gerard from MCR gave me a hug *fangirl squeal* Thansk for saying I am insane thats great hehehehe oh yeah and because you called Chich a harupie yuo get a kiss *kisses vegeta* hehe ^.^
bube I'll be back though so beware and dont have nightmares xxx
PerfectCell17: Mwahahaha! Veggie Veg Veg Head, more questions from Mimi!
Vegeta: Great... *glares* You didn't tell the baka I wanted to date him again, did you?!
PerfectCell17: Not this time. ^^
Vegeta: Good.
PerfectCell17: Okay, first, Bardock smashed a wall the other day and Mimi replaced it... Then he did it again. How can she punish him?
Vegeta: Make him spend a whole day with Kakarot. *smirks*
PerfectCell17: Awww, that's mean! Anyway, hehe, Kakarot wants to know if you'll bear his children? XD
Vegeta: O.O What the hell is wrong with that baka?! Why would I want to bear his children?!
PerfectCell17: That's a no?
Vegeta: What the hell do you think?!
PerfectCell17: You don't have to yell at me... I haven't asked to bear your children yet. Hehe, I asked Kakarot if he was one of the long lost Spice Girls, and then it hit Mimi... You're Bebi Spice! XD
Vegeta: Hmph, that's not funny!
PerfectCell17: We think so. =P
Vegeta: Whatever.
PerfectCell17: Please kill Chi Chi! Kakarot won't let Mimi boil her in hot oil.
Vegeta: If that woman wants someone dead, then she should kill them herself! Who cares what Kakarot says!
PerfectCell17: *snickers* You better answer this next one or Mimi will do something really really mean! And I will to!
Vegeta: *rolls eyes* What's the question?
PerfectCell17: Does ALL of your hair turn gold when you go Super Saiyan?
Vegeta: *blushes lightly* What the hell?! Why do you want to know that?!
PerfectCell17: Awww, come on, Veggie! What's the big deal?
Vegeta: That's personal information that my fangirls do not need to know!
PerfectCell17: Please, Vegeta-sama?
Vegeta: No! Now drop it!
PerfectCell17: Fine... *pouts* Anyway, do you like Mimi's nickname for Kakarot, it's 'wittwe fuzzy wuzzums'?
Vegeta: Heh, it suits the baka well. *smirks*
PerfectCell17: Hehe, did you know that your son is gay?
Vegeta: Hmph, it wouldn't surprise me. Damn purple hair...
PerfectCell17: *starts laughing*
Vegeta: *cocks eyebrow and takes printout* What?! Why the hell would I want to turn the world gay?! I'd rather deal with fangirls than fanboys!
PerfectCell17: Awww, I think that's the nicest thing you've said about your fangirls. =P
Vegeta: Hmph.
PerfectCell17: Mimi cut her toe, can you kiss it better?
Vegeta: No, I refuse to do something so... Pathetic!
PerfectCell17: Hehe... She'll tell everyone what you were singing in the shower earlier... XD
Vegeta: *blushes* And how the hell would she know?! *glares at PerfectCell17*
PerfectCell17: *snickers* I couldn't help it...
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Kakarot says 'hey'! ^^
Vegeta: Like I care.
PerfectCell17: How mean! Do you like Linkin Park?
Vegeta: I mostly hear them when the Tri-Breed plays them... They're alright.
PerfectCell17: They're awesome! Do you like MCR?
Vegeta: Not really.
PerfectCell17: *reads about hug* Lucky! =P
Vegeta: Hmph, figures she would take being called insane as a compliment...
PerfectCell17: Of course, who wouldn't?
Vegeta: Anyone with a brain. And it's true, Kakarot's woman is a harpy.
Son-Mimi: *kisses Vegeta*
Vegeta: I thought I told her not to tuch me! Damn woman!
PerfectCell17: Awwww, but you're just so... kiss-able!
Vegeta: Lucky me...
PerfectCell17: If it makes you feel any better, the letters done... For now.
Vegeta: It's about time!
PerfectCell17: Bye Mimi and Kakarot!

Hail the Prince of Saiyans