Things Vegeta Wouldn't Say

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Things Vegeta Wouldn't Say... Unless he was drunk or something. ^^


"Bra, can we go shopping? Please!"

"Wasn't that boy from the future sooo cool!"

"Goku, you are better than I'll ever be!"

"Isn't Goku's hair soo pretty in Super Saiyan 3!"

"Oooo shiny!"

"I choose you, Pikachu!"

"It's time to d-d-d-d-d-duel!" (just imagine that)

"There's a sale at the Pink and Fluffy store! We gotta go!"

"Why the hell would I wanna be stronger than Kakarot?!"

"I am soooo sick of training!"

"You never solve anything by fighting!"

"Bulma, can I get a pony?" (O_o)

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Hail the Prince of Saiyans