Slumber Party From Hell

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**Okay, this one was just alittle torment for Vegeta, with the help of my friend Bubbles...**

Bubbles: So what's up Missy and Cell?
Cell: Watching PerfectCell17 take BORING quizzes! None are even about me!
PerfectCell17: Awwww, I'll make one about you Cellie!
Cell: You better!
Bubbles: Awww taking orders, onna?
PerfectCell17: Hmph, NEVER! MWEHEHEHEHEHE!!
Bubbles: Oh you say that now...
PerfectCell17: Hmphers
Bubbles: Bored.
PerfectCell17: Meepers too!
Bubbles: Oh so I am not good enough, eh? I am boring, eh? Well I say " GOOD DAY"!
Cell: *absorbs Fez*
Bubbles: Awwwwwwww! Fez was my arranged hubby and you took him away!  Bastard!
PerfectCell17: Cellie, how could you?!
Cell: I was hungry!
Bubbles: Pft, then eat PerfectCell17!
Cell: *looks over at PerfectCell17*
Bubbles: No, eat ningen!
PerfectCell17: Yeah, eat ningen!
Cell: He'll give me heart burn!
PerfectCell17: Everyones leaving! You better not! *glares at Bubbles*
Bubbles: Aww, but I wanna! *pouts*
Cell: If she does can I absorb her?
PerfectCell17: *nodds* Go for it!
 Bubbles: NO!
Cell: PerfectCell17 said I could!
Bubbles: You come close to me with your absorber and  you will live to regret it!
PerfectCell17: *giggles*
Bubbles: *glares at Cellie* Got it ?
Cell: *smirks and nodds*
PerfectCell17: You gonna watch Trading Spouses?
Bubbles: I dunno, probably not.
PerfectCell17: Same.
Bubbles: Or maybe I am...hmmmmmm...
PerfectCell17: Hmphers, I feel so unloved!
Bubbles: Awwwww , Cellie say something nice to PerfectCell17! Pronto!
Cell: Hi?
PerfectCell17: Hmphers! *slaps cell*
Bubbles: Cellie, you can't do anything right!
Cell: *rubs cheek* Dammit people!
Bubbles: You deserved that!
Cell: Hmph!
Bubbles: *steps on Cell's tail* Ooo, that was fun ! ^_^
Cell: Owww!
PerfectCell17: Ha ha,  poor Cellie!
Bubbles: *steps on tail again * Yay, I've got a new hobby!
Cell: *grabs tail and starts petting it* It's okay, they're not gonna hurt you anymore!
PerfectCell17: *pets Cell's tail too*
Bubbles: Looks like PerfectCell17 found a new hobby of her own!
PerfectCell17: Hmphers!
Cell: *winks at PerfectCell17*
PerfectCell17: *steps back*
Bubbles: Awwww, Cellie's in love!
Cell: *smriks*
PerfectCell17: *hides behind sarah*
Bubbles: Awwwww, are you blushing, Cellie? *pushes PerfectCell17 close to Cell*
Cell: *blushes*
PerfectCell17: *slaps Bubble's hands* Bad doodle!
Bubbles: What did I do? I am just trying to connect  two love birds... remember I wanna be invited to the wedding!
Cell: Okay!
Bubbles: Yay!
PerfectCell17: Nani?!
Bubbles: Cellie, whens the big day?
Cell: *thinks about it* Not sure.
PerfectCell17: Never!!
Bubbles: Awww! Cellie, me and you can be the wedding planners, leave her out 'til the big day! What do you say?
Cell: Sure! ^_^
PerfectCell17: What!? I'll kick both yer asses! Yee haw!
Bubbles: No, because you would be too busy trying on wedding dresses!
Cell: And I get a tux....I just gotta make sure there's a tail hole!
PerfectCell17: I'm not marrying him dammit!
Cell: *smirks*
Bubbles: Oh you will, all in good time...
PerfectCell17: But I'm Veggies! ^_^
Vegeta: What?!
Bubbles: Girl, he doesn't want you! You will just have to settle for Cell!
PerfectCell17: No!
Bubbles: Yes dammit!
Cell: *hugs PerfectCell17*
PerfectCell17: O.O
Bubbles: And you  WILL be happy!
Vegeta: *snickers*
PerfectCell17: *sarcastically* Yay....
Bubbles: Mean it bitch! Don't ask...I'm bored!
PerfectCell17: Me too!
Cell: I'm not!
Bubbles: And you know what happens when I am bored!
PerfectCell17: Yup!
Bubbles: I get weird!
PerfectCell17: Same here...well I get weirdER!
Cell: Yay ER!
 Bubbles: I know, I just go from normie to a tad weird!
PerfectCell17: Sure ya do....
Bubbles: Oh would you like me to be totally normal?!?!
PerfectCell17 and Cell: NO!
Bubbles: I thought so! Wow man, you need normal friends! Looks like I'll have to be the normal one!
PerfectCell17: No!!!
Bubbles: TOO LATE MISSY!  
Cell: *referring to Bubbles* NOW can I absorb her?
Bubbles: No!
Vegeta and PerfectCell17: *nodds*
Bubbles: Please don't!
Cell: *smirks*
Bubbles: Fine, I see I am not wanted here, I am gonna leave! Good day!
PerfectCell17: Hmphers!
Cell: Awww, but what about planning the wedding!
Bubbles: Plan it yourself!
Cell: But I wasnt being mean!
Bubbles: You wanted to absorb me!
Cell: But, I'm hungry!
Bubbles: Ryan just signed on...I'm am busy...not really, but oh well!
Cell: Hmph, if you dont help with the wedding I'm gonna tell him!
Bubbles: OKAY OKAY! I'LL HELP! What do you wanna discuss first?
PerfectCell17: Veggie has more questions on my site! ^_^
Bubbles: You're messed!
PerfectCell17: *proudly* Well, it's for my fans! Hehehe...
Vegeta and Cell: *rolls eyes*
PerfectCell17: Hyper!
Bubbles: I can tell, so what's new?
PerfectCell17: Nothing, updating my Veggie site! ^_^
Vegeta: Damn fangirls!
Bubbles: Damn horny fan girls! It's your own fault Veggie, you're always wearing that spandex suit!
Vegeta: Hmph, I wear it for training, NOT for attention from females!
Bubbles: Stop stuffin' your suit with socks and they will stop being perverted!
Vegeta: WHAT?!
PerfectCell17: So that's your secret...
Cell: Hehehe...
Bubbles: Yay, I discovered Veggie's dark secret!
Vegeta: That's NOT true, woman!
Bubbles: Oh yea it is, I've been missing three socks ever since you got here!
PerfectCell17: Well, the only way to find out is to see!
Vegeta: O.O
Cell: O.o
Vegeta: Damn, women!
Bubbles: Veggie, can I please have my socks back, I mean after you wash them..
Vegeta: I'm not washing them! Mwahahahahaha!
Bubbles: Ewwwwww! Nevermind...keep 'em...
Vegeta: *smirks at his 3 new socks*
Bubbles: Hey Veggie, are you short? I mean horizontally?
Vegeta: *blushes* What kind of question is that?!
Bubbles: My question!
PerfectCell17: *smirks* Lets find out!
Vegeta: My pants are staying on!
PerfectCell17: Awww!
Cell: O.O
Bubbles: You're wearing pants? Damn that is a thin layer of spandex!
Vegeta: *blushes*
Bubbles: Aww, it's okay! You can buy pills to fix that Veggie!
Vegeta: I do NOT need pills!
Bubbles: You do too!
Vegeta: You want proof I dont?!
PerfectCell17: Yes!!
Bubbles: No... that's okay, keep the spandex on.
PerfectCell17: Awww!
Vegeta: That's what I thought, girl.
Bubbles: Yeah Veggie, noone wants to see your blank spot!
Vegeta: What?!
PerfectCell17: Prove her wrong Veggie!
Cell: O.O
Bubbles: No don't, that's okay!
Vegeta: Then stop mocking my royal hardware!
PerfectCell17 and Cell: *snickers*
Bubbles: Pfft, royal eh? It's two specks and a tooth pick, nothing royal about that!
Cell: *giggles*
Vegeta: *glares* What did I tell you, girl!
Bubbles: Pffft, listen bitch, I have a name and it's Bubbles!
PerfectcCell17: *chanting to Veggie* Show us, show us!
Bubbles: *screaming* For the love of God, DON'T!
Vegeta: *smriks* Who should I listen to, tri-breed, who is on my side, or the girl, who isn't?
Bubbles: Well knowing you have no nuts or a brian, you'd probably listen to tri-breed!
Vegeta and PerfectCell17: WHAT?!
Cell: Go Bubbles!
PerfectCell17: Hmphy, fine be that way, Cell! The marrage is off! Mwahahahaha!
Bubbles: It's back on, for good!
PerfectCell17: No! I told y'all I'm Veggies! *glomps Veggie*
Vegeta: You didn't tell me, tri-breed. Now get off!
Bubbles: Why would you want a no nut Saiyan when you could have a long tailed grasshopper?
Vegeta: What?!
Cell: Yeah, you tell 'em!
PerfectCell17: Hehehe, that was cute!
Vegeta: Who's side are you on, tri-breed?
Bubbles: She's on the fence. She doesn't know!
PerfectCell17: I do to! I'm a Veggie girl!
Bubbles: Oh, so you like smaller things, eh? I see, not me, biggers always better!
Cell: Go Bubbles!
Vegeta: I am NOT small!
Bubbles: If that helps you sleep at night!
PerfectCell17: I'll help ya sleep Veggie!
Vegeta: *backs away*
Bubbles: Damn onna...
Cell: I cant sleep!
Bubbles: Awww Cellie, c'mon over! We will have a pyjama party!
Cell: Yay!
Bubbles: So, you comin' grasshopper?
Cell: *packing his pjs, tooth brush and twister game*
Bubbles: Yay, Twister!
PerfectCell17: Have fun guys!
Bubbles: Oh we will...
Vegeta: *rolls eyes*
Bubbles: Cell's my sleeping buddy!
PerfectCell17 and Vegeta: What KIND of sleeping buddy?!
Bubbles: Pft,  just a friend buddy! Pervs...
Vegeta: Sure...
Bubbles: It's true!
PerfectCell17: And Veggie's MY sleepin' buddy!
Vegeta: What?!
Bubbles: In which way?
PerfectCell17: *smirks*
Vegeta: *blushes* That is NOT true!
Bubbles: Awwww, sure its not...
Vegeta: It's not!
PerfectCell17: It is!
Vegeta: *glares*
Bubbles: Be right back! *leaves*
PerfectCell17: *starts singing Swifer song*
Bubbles: *comes back*
Cell: Hey!
Bubbles: Hey Cellie, ready for the s/o?
Cell: S/O?
PerfectCell17: Yay, Cell's having a blonde moment!
Bubbles: Sleep over!
Cell: Oh yeah, I forgot!
Bubbles: How rude!
Cell: *grabs twister* Wanna play, Bubbles?
Bubbles: Not any more!
Cell: Awww, why not?
Bubbles: Because you're an ass!
Vegeta: Another thing the girl and I agree on.
Cell: Hmphy
Bubbles: Ha ha!
Cell: I'm sorry!
Bubbles: Fine, Cellie I must warn you, my room gets very friggin cold at night! 
Cell: Well I can keep us warm!
PerfectCell17: And Veggie can keep me warm!
Vegeta: Keep yourself warm, tri-breed!
Bubbles: You guys comin' to the sleep over too?
PerfectCell17: Nope, im having a private one...only Veggie's allowed!
Bubbles: Awww! *sniffles*
Vegeta: I'm not going to either! *points to PerfectCell17* Especially not hers!
Bubbles: Aww, but come to mine! We will do whatever you want, well almost whatever you want..
Vegeta: Hmph
PerfectCell17: *snickers*
Bubbles: So Cell, when you comin'?
Cell: Now! *grabs bag and goes to Bubbles'*
Bubbles: Is that you at the door already? *opens door*
Cell: Hiya Bubbles!
Bubbles: Yay Cellie! *gives Cellie a big hug*
Cell: *hugs Bubbles back*
PerfectCell17: *to Veggie* Wanna go to Bubbles' sleep over?
Vegeta: No.
PerfectCell17: Too bad! *grabs Veggie's ear and drags him to Bubbles'*
PerfectCell17: *knocks on door and waits* Awww, no answer!
Vegeta: Well then I'm going.
PerfectCell17: No you're not! *grabs ear again*
Bubbles: *opens door* Welcome, welcome, welcome!
PerfectCell17: Yay!
Vegeta: Dammit, I wanted to go home!
PerfectCell17: *waves* Hi Cellie!
Cell: Hey!
Bubbles: Well don't just stand there, let's go in the basment where we're gonna stay for the night!
Vegeta: *rolls eyes* Yay....
PerfectCell17: Yippee ^_^
Bubbles: Trust me we will hav fun...what would you like to do first?
Cell: Truth or dare!
PerfectCell17: Cell, you have issues!
Vegeta: *nodds*
Bubbles: Yay! Okay PerfectCell17, truth or dare?
PerfectCell17: Truth!
Bubbles: Okay truth, would you rather date ningen or spend the rest of your life as a normie?
PerfectCell17: NORMIE!
Bubbles: *laughs*
Cell: I knew it!
Bubbles: Okay, my turn! My turn!
PerfectCell17: Truth or dare?
Bubbles: Truth.
PerfectCell17: Hmmmm, what would you rather do, date Cell or ningen?
Bubbles: Hmmmmm, Cell.
Cell: Yay.....but why did you hesitate?
Bubbles: I didn't, I had to think if suicide was a possibility!
PerfectCell17: Ha ha!
Bubbles: Cellie, your turn! Truth or dare?
Cell: Dare! ^_^
Bubbles: I dare you to kiss Veggie! When he least expects it, but we all have to be watching ...except Veggie!
PerfectCell17: *giggles*
Cell: WHAT?!
Bubbles: You can't turn down a dare! *starts chanting* Do it, do it!
Cell: Dammit, evil!
PerfectCell17 *chanting with Bubbles*
Cell: *slowly walks over to Veggie*
Vegeta: What do you want?!
Bubbles: *whispers* Do it.
Cell: *quickly kisses Vegeta*
Bubbles: Yay!
Vegeta: What the fuck did you just do?!
Bubbles: *starts clapping*
Cell: *runs by Bubbles*
Bubbles: Wooo hooo!
PerfectCell17: Yay, go Cellie!
Bubbles: Okay now Veggie, it's your turn and you have to do it! Or I will tell people your story about how you asked to borrow socks meanwhile you were already wearing some... so truth or dare?
Vegeta: *smirks proudly* Dare, woman!
Bubbles: Would you ever turn down a dare?
Vegeta: Hmph, what do I look like, a weakling?!
Bubbles: I dare you to be nice, kind and sweet to everybody and anybody you talk to for 1 week and that inculdes us!
Vegeta: *jaw hanging open* A w-week?!
Bubbles: Yes 1 week! No more no less!
Vegeta: *glares* Fine!
Bubbles: Startin' now!
Vegeta: ....
Bubbles: And you can't say nothing!
Cell and Amy: *giggles*
Bubbles: you have to talk! Ooo, boi, I am gonna have you whipped!
Vegeta: I'll talk when someone talks to me.
Bubbles: Okay Veggie, how are you today, will you be my friend?
Vegeta: *clenches fist* I'm fine, girl. And yes, I'll be your friend..for the weeks anyways.
Cell: Hahahahaha!
Bubbles: Vegeta I don't call you man, so could you please call me Bubbles? It'd be soo NICE of you to do so! Well...?
Vegeta: Fine.....Bubbles!
Bubbles: Thank you!
PerfectCell17: Awwww, now that wasn't so hard!
Bubbles: I know!
Vegeta: Shut-- I mean that is REALLY annoying!
Bubbles: Oh, and Veggie the catch is if you break your dare, you have to wear a pink tutu, and say would you like underpants with that every time you go out in public or talk  to us!
Vegeta: Fine.
PerfectCell17: Awww ! *hugs Vegeta*
Bubbles: Awwwww! Group hug!!
Vegeta: *hesitates, but hugs back*
Cell: Yay *joins hug*
Bubbles: You see, this party isn't as bad as you thought it would be now was it.... Veggie?
Vegeta: Nope.
Bubbles: Well then on with the games wud next? Well?
Vegeta: You can choose, Bubbles.
Cell: *shrugs*
Bubbles: Let's play... spin the bottle! *smirks evily* Mwahahahaha!
Vegeta: ....
Cell: Yay!
PerfectCell17: Yayayay!
Bubbles: Oh I forgot to tell you, Kold should be here any time! He said he wants to sleep beside you Veggie, I said that was okay.
Vegeta: Nooo!
Bubbles: Excuse me?! Would you like underpants wth that?
Vegeta: ...
PerfectCell17: Meeeeeeee toooo!
Cell: Me 3!
Vegeta: ....
Bubbles: Veggie, be happy! NOW DAMMIT!
Vegeta: *smiles, well atleast tries to*
Bubbles: Smile like you mean it! Oh Veggie, I just noticed you didn't bring any pjs, so you can have these ones *hands him footie pjs with a button down ass pocket*
Cell and Amy: *giggling insanely*
Vegeta: *grunts and takes pjs*
Bubbles: Aww, oh I forgot the buttons fell off...
PerfectCell17: *smirks*
Bubbles: "Accidentally"
Vegeta: .....
Bubbles: Yay! *yawns* Man am I ever tired ...
Vegeta: *smiles* Does that mean you're going to bed?
Bubbles: Meh, nah not 'til we all go to bed.
Vegeta: Do I have to wear these? *holds up pjs*
Bubbles: Yes you do.
Vegeta: *changes into pjs*
Bubbles: Yay!
Cell: *snickers* You look so cute, Veggie!
Vegeta: ....
Bubbles: Awwwwww! Yay Veggie! So Veggie, who would you like to sleep beside, me or PerfectCell17? Hey, theres always a spot for you and Kold in the corner!
Kold: *winks at Vegeta*
Vegeta: I dont care, just NOT by Kold!
Kold: Awww!
Bubbles: Well then, pick mister, it's gettin' late!
Vegeta: You can pick Bubbles!
Bubbles: Well I wanna sleep beside Cellie if thats okay!
Cell: Yayayayaya! *wags tail*
PerfectCell17: I guess that means you're by me Veggie!
Vegeta: Yay....
Bubbles: Awww!
Kold: Damn!
Bubbles: But it's soooo cold! Kold, you can sleep in between PerfectCell17 and Vegeta!
PerfectCell17 and Vegeta: WHAT?!
Bubbles: Yup my party, my rules! *thunder and lighting appear from no where* Mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! *ahem* Now then where were we?
Kold: *claps hands* Goodie!
PerfectCell17: Kill me now....
Bubbles: Hey now now! It won't be that bad!
PerfectCell17: Hmph, speak for yourself!
Vegeta: *nodds*
Cell: *smirks*
Bubbles: Cellie, you and me can sleep in the corner, there's 2 sleeping bags there!
Cell: Yay!
Kold: *grabs his sleeping bag and bring it by PerfectCell17*
Bubbles: Awww!
PerfectCell17: *glares*
Bubbles: Amy you be nice now!
Vegeta: *glares*
Bubbles: You too, Veggie!
Vegeta: *smiles 'innocently'*
PerfectCell17: *whispers to Veggie* Wanna kill him?
Vegeta: *nodds* But not til the weeks over...
Bubbles: Pffft, enough of that! Kold has feelings too!
Kold: That's right!
Bubbles: Now then, GO TO BED! Lights out! *clap off*
Vegeta: *clap on*
 *clap off* Watch it, boi I am warning you!
PerfectCell17: *claps on* Hehehe
Bubbles: That's it, you wanna wear the tu tu?!?!?!
Vegeta: *smirks*
PerfectCell17: I did it that time! Veggie didn't!
Vegeta: *sticks tongue out at Bubbles*
PerfectCell17: *giggles*
Bubbles: That's it' PerfectCell17,  you're sleepin' alone! Veggie you're sleepin' in the corner with Kold!
PerfectCell17: Awww, can I sleep with Veggie?
Bubbles: NO! And that's that!
Cell: Yayayayayayayayay!
Bubbles: Veggie's sleepin' with Kold! Mwahahahahaha!
Vegeta: WHAT?!
Bubbles: Damn straight and you're gonna like it!
Vegeta: Damn....
PerfectCell17: Poor V-sama!
Bubbles: Now then LIGHTS OUT DAMNIT! *pats ground* Oh Cellie...
Cell: *runs over by Bubbles*
PerfectCell17: *rolls eyes*
Vegeta: *doesn't move* I am not sleeping by Kold!
Kold: Why not, it'll be fun!
Bubbles: You are too, I dare you!
Vegeta: We're not playing that baka game anymore, so I don't have to listen to your dare.
Bubbles: But a dares a dare regardless!
Vegeta: I am NOT doing that!
Bubbles: You have to, or I will call you coward for the rest of your life!
Cell:  Buck buck buck, Veggie's a chicken!
Vegeta: *glares* Dammit!
Bubbles: Yay, mmmmm finger lickin' good! Yay, the cowardly chicken!
Vegeta: Dammit! *grabs sleeping bag and walk over to Kold*
Kold: Yay!
Vegeta: Touch me and I send you to hell!
Cell: *chuckles*
Bubbles: Hehehe *whipsers to Cell, so only he can here* When they're sleepin' I am gonna place Veggie's hand over kold's ass! Hehehehe!
Cell: *giggles*
Bubbles: Be right back, try not to have too much fun with out me ...
PerfectCell17: Okie dokie! *goes up to Cell* What did Bubbly tell you?
Cell: Nothing...
Bubbles: Back, sadly... Cellie don't say a word!
PerfectCell17: What did you tell Cellie?
Bubbles: What's up? How's everyone doin'?
Vegeta: How do you think?!
Bubbles: Oh I asked Cell if  he snores...
Kold: I'm doing very goood!
PerfectCell17: Oh, does he snore?
Bubbles: No.
PerfectCell17: Awww!
Bubbles: Do you missy?
PerfectCell17: Nopperz, but I think Veggie does!
Vegeta: Hmph.
Bubbles: It's probably more of a grunt!
Vegeta: *grunts*
PerfectCell17: *giggles* Doodle, can I PLEASE sleep by Veggie?
Bubbles: NO!! Stay away, missy, he's being punished!
Vegeta: .....
Bubbles: Ugh, I mean... sorry Kold!
PerfectCell17: Awww no fair!
Kold: I love you all!
Vegeta and Cell: O.o
Bubbles: Kold where did that come from?! Yay, he's drunk!
Kold: I am not, I just love you all! You're all very special to me!

***Cell, who was catching on to what Kold meant, decided to join in on the Veggie-torture. "Vegeta, why didn't you tell us that you like Kold?"***

Bubbles: Awww!
Vegeta: *to PerfectCell17* How could you write such a thing?!
PerfectCell17: Hehehe....
Cell: *snickers*
Bubbles: Because it's true! Yay, another wedding to plan!
Vegeta: WHAT?!?!
Kold: Oh, I love weddings!
Bubbles: You're gay, we all knew it!
Kold: Especially if I'm the bride!
Bubbles: Hush hush!
Cell: *laughing*
Bubbles: Awwww but I wanted Veggie to wear the dress! Oh well...
Vegeta: *glares at PerfectCell17* Nice going tri-breed!
Bubbles: Hey we should marry you 2 before the week's over! You know, so Veggie can be friendly on their hunnymoon!
Cell and PerfectCell17: *roll on the floor laughing*
Vegeta: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!
Bubbles: Oh you heard me!
Kold: Yay!
Bubbles: Have fun!
Vegeta: Hmph, damn girl.
Bubbles: No need to thank me!

***"I know you like me, Veggie-kins! Afterall, you did wink at me, so I'd make you the leader of the team!"
Vegeta growled loudly. "My fucking name is Vegeta! V-E-G-E-T-A! Is that so hard for you morons to comprehend!?"
Kold, who don't know when to keep his mouth shut, just had to comment. "But Veggie-kins is sooooo much cuter!"***

Vegeta: Hmph, damn your writing, tri-breed!
Kold: *giggles*
Cell: Hehehehe
Bubbles: Alrighty then...

***Cell blushed slightly. "Actually you just drank a bottle of baby oil..."
"WHAT?!" Vegeta immediately ran outta the room and towards the bathroom.
"Why do you have baby oil, Cell?" Jeice was almost afraid to ask.
The hell mates looked at him suspiciously.
"What? I have dry elbows!" Cell explained, the blush on his face deepening.***

Vegeta: Finally something against the grasshopper.
Cell: *blushes*
Bubbles: Hey so what he gets rough spots, so do you Veggie!
Vegeta: How would you know, girl?:
Bubbles: Umm... lucky guess?
Vegeta: *backs away....but bumps into kold*
Kold: Hey Veggie-kins!
Bubbles: Awww! Veggie you better watch it, those pjs don't have buttons at the back!
Vegeta: Shit!
Cell: Hahahahahaha!
Bubbles: Enjoy Kold...
Vegeta: O.O
Kold: Thanks for telling me, Bubbly! *winks*
Bubbles: No problem!
PerfectCell17: Poor poor Veggie...
Bubbles: You guys wanna be alone, me and the gang can leave you two alone! Actually that's not a bad idea! C'mon everyone, but Veggie and Kold up stairs! NOW!
Cell: Yay! *starts headin upstairs*
Vegeta: Dammit!
Bubbles: *pulls PerfectCell17* Let's go!
PerfectCell17: I don't wanna leave Veggie....
Bubbles: Too damn bad, let's go! NOW!
Vegeta: I'm going too.
Bubbles: No you're stayin' and you're gonna like it, tu tu boi! Cowardly chicken!
Vegeta: *glares*
Kold: *grabs Veggies arm* Stay down here!
Vegeta: .....
Bubbles: *pulls PerfectCell17* C'mon you, let's go!
*The gang marches up stairs as Bubbles locks the door behind her.*
Vegeta: *goes to opposite side of basement as kold*
Kold: *follows* Awww come back!
Bubbles: *goes downstairs woth something behind her back*
PerfectCell17: That better not be protection, onna!
Cell: *snickers*
Bubbles: Just for fun, boi's let's use some hand--ugh buddy cuffs *cuffs Kold and Veggie together*
Vegeta: NOOOO!
Bubbles: There... see ya in the morning! *hides key*
PerfectCell17: *hears Veggies scream* What the hell is she doing to him?!
Bubbles: *goes upstairs*
Cell: *smirks*
Bubbles: Hehehe
PerfectCell17: How could you?!
Bubbles: *turns out light * Well then, my work here is done! BED TIME!
PerfectCell17: I won't be able to sleep, I'll be worrying about Veggie....
Cell: He's probably enjoying it....
Bubbles: Don't worry...
PerfectCell17: *glares* What 'IT'?!
Bubbles: Oh, I just gave them, uh, seperate tents...that's all.
PerfectCell17: *steps on Cell's tail*
Cell: Oww!
Bubbles: Aww! *slaps PerfectCell17*
Vegeta: *goes as far from Kold as the cuffs can*
PerfectCell17: *rubs cheek* Dammit onna!
Cell: *laughs*
Bubbles: Hehehehe
Vegeta: Do NOT touch me! *glares at Kold*
Kold: *winks*
Bubbles: *snikers* I am soo evil...
PerfectCell17: Yes you are!
Cell: Yupperz!
Bubbles: Yay!
Kold: *'accidently' grabs Veggies butt*
Vegeta: *powers up, and punches kold, knocking him out*
Kold: *knocked out*
Vegeta: *lays down, smirking to go to sleep*
Bubbles: I'm going to bed now! *lays down*
Cell: *yawns and lays down*
PerfectCell17: *lays down and prays Veggie survives*

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Hail the Prince of Saiyans