Weirdest Nicknames

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Here's a place for some of the weirdest nicknames and strangest things things I've heard Vegeta called, and where it came from. Enjoy!

Vegeta the Lubrication Monkey ~Tama (My personal fave. ^^)
Susie Princess of All BBQ ~Mental
Mommy ~Quite a few people, surprisingly... O.o
Daddy ~Mental
PerfectCell17's Slave ~Mental (Hehehe...)
Bulma's Slave ~Mental
Veggie-kun the Enchanted Mermaid ~Mental
Vicky ~Nia
Simion ~Nia and Hiei
Fuzzy ~Mental
Osnem ~Mental
Fairy ~Mental
Veggie Veg Veg Head ~Son-Mimi
Hot-Headed Saiyan Monkey ~Trish
Fluffy, the Destroyer of Worldz ~Dragon Servant Kida
Veggie Baby ~Doreme38
Junior McShort ~Doreme38
Peaches ~M.Rod

Have your own weird nickname for Veggie? Email me and tell me it. ^^

Hail the Prince of Saiyans