Ways to Piss Vegeta Off

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Ways to Piss off the Prince
Tell him that Kakarot's better than him.

Hit on Bulma.

Hit on Bra.

Kill one of his kids.

Glomp him!

-Challenge him to a fight and then say that he's not worth your time.

Kiss him.

Hit on him.

Stalk him.

Pull his hair.

Steal his spandex.

Break his gravity chamber.

Hide in his gravity chamber and when he goes in it yell 'boo'.

Say you're related to Frieza.

Say that you are Frieza... Only in disguise.

Try to get him to wear a tutu. (Sounds familiar...)

Call him 'Susie Princess of all BBQ'.

Call him 'Veggie-kun'.

Or better yet, call him 'Veggie-kun the enchanted mermaid.'

Poke him over and over and over....

Dye his hair when he's sleeping.

Pinch his ass. O_o

Ask if you can bear his children...

Ask if he'll bear your children... A la Miroku.

Lick him.

Try to sniff him.

Heh, send him an 'Ask Vegeta' letter. XD

Know something else that would piss Vegeta off? Email me!

Hail the Prince of Saiyans